Friday, August 28, 2015

Capitalism, Communism, and Fascism: All Born of Corruption

"It's all bullshit, and it's bad for you..." - Rickey Wilson        

         Now, if you would please, let us open our history texts to the truth. Capitalism, Communism, and Fascism are all Corrupt! Each of these systems has been responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent men, women, and children, each in their own right. The first mistake that most everyone makes is to believe that these systems are actually three different systems. They most definitely are not. They are actually the bastard children of a bastard child much older than any one of them could imagine. This was a system born of a Roman mother and a German father. In 476 A.D., the Western Roman Empire fell to a mixed invasion force of Germanic tribes that coordinated their attacks between different parts of the empire. Germanic incursions had been going on for years, and Rome had been sacked multiple times.
         With the final Emperor in exile, new kingdoms were established amongst the ruins and remains of the Western Roman Empire. The mixture of the former bounty and imperialism of the Roman Empire and the Germanic tribal/clan system created a hybrid form of government, Feudalism. Rome was a carefully administered empire, at least at its best, and the Germanic tribes were clannish and reliant on champions. The Roman Catholic Church also played a big role in post-Rome, Western Europe. The end result was that Feudalism ultimately upheld the wealth disparities that had helped to bring down Rome, but now it was less likely to break down because the Catholic Church used its monopoly on salvation, and for some time, the written word, to manipulate king and peasant alike into maintaining whichever system they preferred. Just look at the Crusades! Murder, blackmail, extortion, writs of salvation, war, excommunication, taxation, and many other criminal acts are all signs that the system that was established was corrupt. Capitalism, Communism, and Fascism were ultimately born from this corruption.
         To move on to the next step in their evolution, fast forward to the middle of the fifteenth century. Around 1450, towns throughout Europe were beginning earn their economic independence from their noble lords. The towns were founded by free peasants, merchants, and lesser nobles, who sought to build their own wealth in a system that worked to stifle economic exchange amongst the lower classes of society. These towns and people pooled their wealth, and created so much revenue that many towns became their own little territories, which many even expanded. There were people that were wealthy enough to buy in the nobility, and some simply married into the nobility. Not too long after, a one hundred year long religious war between the Church and catholic kings, and protestants and protestant kings broke out. Many of these newly wealthy people saw this an opportunity to gain even greater wealth, and many of the world's most famous can trace their origins to this era. It became a money making business because kings and princes continued to need more and more money to maintain the massive armies that they were to build for war.
          This created some of the most wealthy people in Europe, and got these pseudo-capitalists to the point that many governments were beholden to them for such large sums of money that they were able to begin wielding political power. This era also saw the rise of Nationalism and the Divine Right of Kings philosophy. These pseudo-capitalists came together with the nationalists and divine righters and created a system that could develop great amounts of wealth but was directed by the state or the king. This was Mercantilism, and it both put limits like tariffs and other taxes on the men that wanted to keep expanding. It also did not fail to contribute to the ever increasing wealth disparity in Europe, as people were freed from bondage to their lords, in order to make them available for low wage jobs in factories. The corruption continued.
         Eventually, these men came together, sometimes from across international borderlines and pooled their wealth to create the basis for what, after 1776 and the publication of Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations, was to be known as Capitalism. Around the early part of the nineteenth century scholars and even some industrialists began to notice that capitalism was exponentially increasing the wealth disparity. Revolutions across Europe were signs of this. Most of these scholars, attribute the French Revolution, as the first of the  proletariat revolutions against the wealth gap, which would then give rise to Marx, Engels, and others and the publication of The Communist Manifesto in 1848. The argument in the Manifesto was, ultimately that the capitalists in each country were not going to give in without a fight. They called for workers and farmers to strike, take up arms, and destroy the privately owned interests controlling their economies. They were then to place the means of production under the ownership of the state until society could be rearranged to eliminate the wealth disparity. The government would then be dissolved, as people would be able govern themselves.
        First, the Revolutions of 1848 were not what Marx had hoped they would be, and only minor reforms were obtained at the time. Further, in practice, Communism was found to be impossible to maintain in its pure form. The governments that took over after the few successful revolutions, Tzarist Russia, or the USSR, the Republic of China, or the PRC, North Korea, or the DPRK, Vietnam, Cuba, and a few others, never devolved; in fact, most of them turned into dictatorships that maintained the wealth gap and used many of the same tactics mentioned earlier, like murder, starvation, propaganda, war, and the like, to keep it that way. The Soviet Union has collapsed, while Vietnam, Cuba, China, and the DPRK remain as the strongest surviving communist regimes. China is, by far, the strongest, but even they still have a wide wealth gap, social discrimination, and civil rights violations that bring them criticism daily. The DPRK is by far the most dictatorial and anti-American, and the most aggressive of the survivors. Corruption continues to run rampant.
         Fascism also arose out of frustrations towards Capitalism. World War I did not end well for some of the combatants. Germany and Austria took a great deal damage, physically, politically, socially, geographically, and economically. Italy also suffered from these issues, as the post-Versailles economic system did not leave them with very much to work with. It also arose as a response to Communism. Germany faced the USSR in the east, and to their west, and in the far east, the Japanese faced China. To their east, they targeted the United States. Fascist regimes also tended to be militaristic in nature, which led to the use of murder, propaganda, war, and other common means to keep the common people down and maintain the wealth gap. The economic arrangement in Fascism was a little unique, though, in that most of the companies in these countries remained in private ownership. This, however, was not necessarily good for them either. They had to produce what the government told them to produce. Men like Hitler, Mussolini, and Hideki Tojo played on the fears of the common working people and built states that were both nationalist and militaristic. However, they still propped up the wealth disparities. Their main concerns were war and the maintenance of social order. They had the social order down pretty harshly. As for war, they lost.
        These few examples of Fascism all definitely failed. Corruption and the cult of personality brought down one of the biggest threats to Capitalism ever seen. Communism has never been the deadly threat that fascism was and is. Interestingly enough, it is fascism that has a better chance of surviving the day. The United States, since the end of World War II, has become a virtual police state, where the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. Worse, there is so much propaganda pushing the message that most people think nothing of it, other than to accept the disparity as a natural way of life. Furthermore, anyone that speaks out against it is under the threat of being socially ostracized, or worse, being imprisoned or silenced as an enemy of the state. The Patriot Act has made sure of that. As of recently, the US Government has been dumping surplus military equipment on federal, state, county, and municipal law enforcement agencies across the country. The police are supposed to be here to protect us from crime, not face us in the streets as combatants. Yet, police departments have AR-15 assault rifles, armored personnel carriers, high powered mountable machine guns, armed helicopters, grenades, and drones, among a bounty of other nifty hi-tech trinkets. This all, of course, compliments the many rights taking laws and policies that have been enacted at every level of government in the United States.
        This government and the corporations that run it are doing this on purpose to control us, keep our minds off the crappy jobs we work, and keep our eyes and our vengeance away from the corruption that they are committing on a daily basis, right under most people's eyes. They need an ignorant, divided, and compliant workforce to do their bidding, and they have the most efficient propaganda machine in the world making it happen.  Anyone who resists or does business outside of their control is considered a criminal and a deviant, good for nothing but to lock away as an example to the rest of the people that might get some sort of bright idea about attempting to take control away from the present Capitalist/pseudo-Fascist regime, which stinks just as much of religious manipulation as Feudalism did in the Middle Ages. Thus, the point stands, Capitalism, Communism, and Fascism are all corrupt and have done very little to help and much more to damage the position of the working classes in different nations throughout the world.
         This really does have to go. I, for one, am tired of seeing people starve death, not just in third world countries, but also in the streets of the United States. It is monumentally worse that many of the people starving in American streets are children. What can we do to change this? First of all, if it is anything, if it is going to work, it has to find a way to break the cycle of corruption. Perhaps, a more centrally planned world economy, a Resource based economy, would be the best bet for creating equitable and stable resource exchanges with no worries about violence, as everyone has equal access to all goods and services. However, even this can be corrupted, because it is yet again a response to the disparities of Capitalism, along with, now, a slightly modified, and honestly, expertly hidden form of Fascism.
         Some people argue that a complete reset is needed. They say that humanity has failed itself and needs to completely abandon modern technology and return to a life more closely connected to nature. I only hope that the situation never comes to that. The loss to the human civilization would be incomprehensible, if human civilization even managed to survive at all because such a drastic change will not come about peacefully. What this should ultimately illuminate, fairly clearly, is the fact that all three systems have maintained the same thing over time, the gap between the rich and the poor, and they have all actually made it progressively worse. All they are, then, is a series of bullshit lies designed by the wealthy to dupe the poor, and are all thus, one in the same. They are nothing more than intellectual tools designed to justify the subjugation of the poor by the wealthy. The same goes for the economic philosophies that gave birth to them. To use the tool symbol one more time, and to end rather bluntly, tools break.....

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