Thursday, August 27, 2015

From Bloodbath to Genocidal Bloodbath

"There's Nothing Like a Good Ole' War!" - Theodore Roosevelt

        Here is one topic that I sincerely hope will ignite a healthy little debate. Most people will see that I am making play on the line, "...From sea to shining see..." Rest assured that is exactly what I am doing, and I am in no way sorry about it. This phrase recalls another similar phrase, "...The sun never sets on the British Empire..." I will say it plainly, these are the things that Empires say to justify the subjugation and conquest of entire peoples and civilizations. They follow it up with a debasing of the indigenous populations, placing them at the bottom of a rigid social strata that either enslaves them or pays them a pauper's wages. They finish their conquest by doing all that is possible to destroy all indigenous cultural practices and then replace them with their own Cliff Note version of the way things have always been, the way things are, in that the subjects are where they belong, and the way that the ruling elite will expect it to remain, well into the future, to the point of erasing 'deviant' cultural practices all together.
         There is not one single acre of land in the whole of the United States that was obtained from its original owner that is anywhere near to being legal. Every single land deal that is ever made in this country is instantly invalidated. What exactly am I saying? Well, in nearly two-hundred and forty years, the United States has been responsible for so many conquests and genocidal acts against the original owners that they rank among the top in innocent deaths. From the Revolutionary War, to the Pontiac Rebellion, to Wounded Knee, to the slaughter of innocent workers simply asking for enough money to eat, to the unlawful sterilization of Native American men, the United States has routinely shown that the depths of depravity to which their ruling elite is willing to go knows very few boundaries.
          The British touted that they were bringing real Civilization to the world. In the United States, the term 'Manifest Destiny,' was coined to justify conquest after conquest as the Untied States sought to stretch the breadth of North America, not to mention the acquisition of overseas territories, like Puerto Rico, Hawaii, the Philippines, and many others. They have an especially bad spot on their record in the Philippines. They spent fourteen plus years fighting to subdue an insurgent that had helped them to defeat the Spanish at Manila Bay. The tribes of old New England were just about subdued when the United States approved the present Constitution, but United States' damage to the tribes was far from over. Pontiac's Rebellion was put down with deadly force. The Southern tribes were broken by Andrew Jackson. He is responsible for one of the most written about genocides in American history. It's watered down name is the 'Trail of Tears.' This was triggered by a presidential order. Andrew Jackson was ordering everyone left after his rampage during, 'The Creek Wars,' out of US territory. They were sent to what is now Oklahoma, but was formerly Indian Territory. 
         On, goes the story. The late 19th century saw another deplorable sight. After the Civil War, the United States, with the help of William Tecumseh Sherman, systematically eliminated the primary food supply of the plains tribes, the American Bison. They watched as people were starved, once enormous herds were killed in a matter of years, entire villages were razed to the ground as the whole population was shot down in cold blood, and natives were pushed out of their ancestral homelands and put onto reservations. They were, then, intentionally held in poverty by the United States government. There were many tribes that fought bravely for a very long the time, the Comanche and the Apache; for example, but even they were eventually subdued by the US military. Natives faced a federal raid for a protest in the Dakotas in the mid seventies, and they are still facing trouble when it comes to simply attempting to practice their native way of life to this very day.
         African Americans are still struggling to be treated fairly in this country. Their ancestors were taken from Africa in chains. They were then sold on public blocks as chattel, and their children were born into slavery. Hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children born, raised, and passed on in bondage, in a cycle of generational genocide. It took the Civil War for them to be released from bondage, but they still did not live as equal citizens. Jim Crow laws and domestic terrorism, i.e., the KKK, kept African Americans in second class status until the passage of Civil Rights legislation in the 1960s. Now we are watching as police brutality against African Americans has hit the international news. The video phone is an amazing thing. The crap that the US government and conservative groups have been trying to peddle since the 1980s, 'Racism is Dead!', is completely ridiculous. Many Americans have known all along, but now the entire world knows, and they have been watching this country screwing up for the past seventy years. What can one imagine that they think of the United States? Rest assured, the words that they sometimes use would make your ears hurt.
         The American Revolution was not fought for the freedom of the American people. It was fought under criminal pretenses. The social elites of the American colonies did not enjoy paying taxes to the crown, they did not appreciate the Proclamation of 1763, and they did not believe that they should have to pay higher fares on shipping goods just because they were unfortunate enough to have settled some three thousand  miles from their homeland, across an entire ocean. The 'Founding Fathers' are guilty of Tax Evasion, Real Estate Fraud, and Treason. They took the land by force, the refused to pay due taxes for the maintenance of the territories, and they fired on the King's soldiers, which in English Common Law makes them as guilty as if they had shot down King George III himself. The Louisiana Purchase is another case of Real Estate Fraud. The French got the land from the Spanish, and they then sold it to the United States in 1803, for a price equivalent to fifteen million dollars in their day. The land never belonged to the Spanish to begin with. Native American tribes were the original owners. They never got a dime. The Mexican American War was another massive land grab. Americans were intentionally sent into the Mexican state of Tejas to start a war with Mexico. When it was all over the Mexican government was forced to sign over an entire half of their country. The Civil War was ultimately fought over slavery, no matter what anyone says, but not for the reason that most people will give. Slavery was stifling the northern capitalists invested in the textile industry because slaves were not paid for their labor, and many textiles producers were considering moving south. The Civil War proletarianized African Americans.
         World War II began the slow proletarianization of women, and proved to be the only point in human history when a country, the United States of America, dropped a nuclear grade explosive on a civilian population. They flattened Hiroshima and Nagasaki to the ground and ensured that any survivors would suffer long lives of pain, from sever radiation burns and cancer. Korea and Vietnam were live, in theater, field tests for the latest in American military technology, as they went from bolt action rifles to automatic assault rifles, from raw diesel tanks to the MI-AI Abrams Assault Tank, and from diesel planes and subsonic fighters and helicopters to Ariel Fortresses, F-16 fighter jets, and Apache Assault Helicopters. They also knowingly dropped Agent Orange on innocent Vietnamese civilians. The the most recent Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts served the same purpose. Drones have become a major component of the United States' military arsenal. There are insulated and air conditioned suits with the ability to mask a soldier's physical body, and there are super bombers that can circle the planet, make a massive and destructive bomb run, and then make it back to their home base in the same day.
         This, of course, makes no mention of all of the other crimes against humanity that have been committed by the United States. The Chinese were persecuted and reduced to  nearly nothing more than slave labor. Tejanos in South Texas lost their lands to incoming whites, who felt it was their duty to put the people that had lived in the region for over two-hundred and fifty years a lesson on what it means to be a minority in the United States. This could continue into the far ever after; the list is that long. The United States has conquered, murdered, and stolen its way to the top, and now, if one looks very closely, it will be quite clear that the United States is, now, nothing more than a massive and out of control super poncey scheme.
         This country has absolutely zero moral authority to command any nation in the world on human rights violations, and the legal authority they posses is now suspect worldwide. The LA Riots, the Oakland Riots, the DC riots, the Chicago Riots, the Baltimore Riots, and many others, along with the atrocities already mention, are known the world round. What gives this country the gumption to turn around and tell anyone how to run their government or how to handle their people? This country can't handle its own people, and soon enough, I would guesstimate, they will have many more opportunities to show what they are capable of. They will also, once again, be able to prove the axiom that the rich never need really worry for anything because they can simply hire one part of the working class to kill the other half. Yeah, this crazy crap has got to go. I don't feel like fighting in the Battle of Dallas in 2026 because some piss poor excuse for a human being like Donald Trump did something so completely and utterly stupid that the Chinese were honor bound to give the United States an obligatory ass whooping. And, for Gaia's sake, let's start calling this country out for what it really is.....The American Empire! You know it's true......

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