Saturday, August 29, 2015

It's all Propaganda, and None of it's Real

"Propaganda is amazing. People can be led to believe anything." - Alice Walker
        Let us start from the beginning. Around fifty thousand years or ago, the first Homo-sapiens emerged from Africa. It is understood in archaeology and anthropology that at this point, the human body had evolved into its present state. Since then, some say, the evolution of the human species has taken place in the mind. Civilization has developed. There are complex social, spiritual, and political entities the world over, and they are all actively competing with one another. The tools that have been developed to manipulate the environment have gradually expanded over the millennia, to the point now, where technology is improving daily. The evolutionary trait that has eluded the human species, however, is the ability to produce offspring that can fend for themselves as soon as just a few minutes after birth. The human infant begins developing and adapting to its environment long before it is ever born. Is food plentiful? Is water abundant? Is the mother living in a stable environment? These, and other factors, determine how the child will come out at birth. However, even then, mental development is still not complete. Infants require constant attention. Babies that are not picked up have been known to die.
         The human species does not generally reach full mental capacity until the mid to late twenties, before that the environment that a person lives in, the lessons they learn from their family, or how they interact with law enforcement, for example, effects the development of their brain. The species is a product of its environment. The way we are raised depends entirely upon circumstances that are usually completely outside of our control. We have to be taught how to safely interact with other members of our society. Here is the point of this all; it is all made up, fake, and highly subjective. Ultimately, it is all propaganda designed to integrate you into the society and life role into which you were born. Who is your family? What does your family do? Is your family rich or poor? Does your family have any special privileges accorded their particular social status? Does your family attest to any particular religious philosophy that governs their daily lives? Is your society saturated with capitalist style adds pushing a certain image of society, in order to sell a product? Is there a political structure that determines your economic path for you before you are ever even born? All of this comes from the minds of human beings seeking to press for a way of life that more suits their own needs. It is all fake. The only reason it seems real is because we have developed written, physical, and social institutions that write about, tout to be experts about it, and punish those that deviate from the accepted norm that every school child should know. Furthermore, it almost always has to do with the maintenance of an economic position held by an elite portion of society, shoring up vital resources, most of which they use as leverage to control the population and prop up their lifestyle.
         The story of this imagined chaos in which we exist has perpetually been told and retold by the winners. If one were to compare the human brain to anything in the world, it would be a computer. Compare a human infant's brain to a basic computer program. A programmer builds up the program, layer by layer, giving it more functions the more layers he adds, until something like Windows X comes out. The story about the human infant is a little bit more complicated than that but the concept is basically the same. From birth to puberty to adulthood, we are exposed to new stimuli that progressively shape our minds and our perceptions of how the world works.  By the time we are adults, the person we are is a conglomerate of all the input that we have received in our lives, and we each process that which we have  learned from whoever was responsible for the deliverance of our proper 'education,' using the same information that now seems so contradictory to us. The problem with this scenario is the fact that just like a computer or computer program can be infected by malware delivered by a remote hacker, a human being's mind can be influenced by more than one source. This, of course, creates deviance.
         The result is that society then makes that deviance look bad and makes those that engage in it look bad, not because they are genuinely worried about the consequences for those that are doing it, but rather because they are more invested in maintaining the comfort of their own position. So, they will make up any souped up bullshit story they need to, to get the response from the people that they are looking for. In the case of the United States, in order to obtain success a person must cop to the white game, at least that is the cover that is used, and if they don't like it, they run the risk of being ostracized from society and losing everything they ever earned in that life. This is especially so for those that have benefited the most off the system. Those that betray or turn against the system that made them rich, what is really the capitalist system of economics, will either die poor and destitute, having been long discarded by history, or they will die long before they ever had a chance to know any better.
         What this ultimately means is that everything that we believe, the way perceive our place in the world, the lifestyle we have become accustomed to living, none of it is real. It's all completely subjective, preplanned, and rehearsed. It is a culture that has developed over thousands of years, and if all at once tomorrow everyone in the world just stopped cooperating and started over, this system would no longer have meaning. We could erase it from history and begin the story again in our own image. This comes off as cold, for sure, but it also comes off as naive, and I understand that. I am fully aware that it is not that simple. The possibility of acting on a such a wide scale, with the whole world in sync, would be next to impossible. What we have going on right now in our world is a battle over who is more right. We spend all of this time collecting the data, running the focus groups, doing the field studies, taking everything that we have ever learned in this life, and expending every last bit of our energy we possess getting out the word that we did a thing that helped us. You can do it too, they say. Your story can become whatever you make it! This is, of course, the sunshine that they blow up the back end to keep you from seeing the injustice embedded in the system.
        No one is ultimately right or wrong, but the last person left standing is the one that will live to recount events for the rest of us, and that gives them incredible license in the use of more and more invasive tactics to make sure that we never forget it. What happens to those people who never got the program? Why would that happen? Almost exclusively, the license on the 'good life' is granted to only a very few at the top, who are trusted and warned to play along to get along. The people at the bottom are expected to do what they are told and very little is invested into bringing them into the club; so, eventually a criminal class develops that resists the 'way of things.' They are labeled as criminals because they have chosen to deviate from the societal norm to challenge the strength of their boundaries. These people end up having very little faith in the tale, and soon, they either cop to it, out of need, or they give in to the idea of living life with the constant risk of being locked up, or even killed, so long as they can live their lives on their own terms.
         Now, what of the people that bought into the whole program; hook, line, and sinker, all the way to the very core of their being, not knowing what was really waiting for them when the propaganda machine they grew up in suddenly broke down around them? What happens to them when they wake up one day and the cool aide no longer works? This normally happens when a person goes out on their own, with only themselves to remember the words of the old sages. They turn when they find out that everything that they were ever taught is nothing more than one of many different ways of looking at the world. They are opened to the fact that no matter what you believe or subscribe too, you do so because you heard from a reliable source or researched a reliable source that delivered the information to you in a way that made sense to you at the time. Further, almost always, if you research deeply enough, there is a plethora of other sources that say your sources are not sound.
          Well, things change, and many people have been exposed to many different things. All of us were programmed by the family we grew up in, the economic conditions we endured, and the way that we got along or failed to get along with the established social order. If it is all fake, what should be done then? The first thing that I can suggest is to start by ending the search for the person whose to blame for your problems, and spend more time working on how you intend to solve your problems. Continuing on, when you find the plan that works for you, stick to that plan; make that plan your new propaganda, and never deviate from your party line, unless you really believe that what you are seeing, hearing, or doing is a guaranteed game changer. This even, in the end, isn't even physically real because it was only made real because you found the knowledge, interpreted it, and then spread your version of the story to a waiting audience. It was never a tangible object.
         It's all fake! The greatest danger that this presents to society is that fact that it is intangible. Plenty of people are ready and waiting to tell their version of reality to the whole world, and they will spare no expense in their constant effort to convince people that they have the monopoly on the truth. Just look at religions and the severity of the punishments that they have been dulled out to non-believers, or worse, to betrayers of the faith. If they are no longer killed, they are definitely pushed out to the outer edges of their society, where they are offered the perfect opportunity to fume in their disgust for the system as they waiting for the day that they will have a chance to help change things enough to, at least, make their own life reasonably comfortable. Finally, it should be understood that not everyone in such a situation is looking for a debate. or is interested in seeking out assistance, or in working out their problems. All they know is that they are lacking in something that everyone else around them in all of the propaganda seems to have that they seem to be without. They are not always going to turn and walk away, and sometimes they will make their presence known with more than just their words. Their actions will be the first sign indicator of right where they stand on the issues.

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