Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The GOP Needs to Tag This Jackwagon

"You're Fired!" - Donald Trump

        First of all, I am not a Republican. Not that I have problems with people that prefer small government and deregulation because I don't. What I have a problem with is the GOP's inability to control the wackjobs in their own party. I'll sit down anywhere, anytime, with anyone who wishes to have an engaging debate over policy and philosophy. However, I am not at all interested in having a debate with someone that will end up asking me if I have ever known the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ, or someone that will end up insulting every single race of people except his precious white people, or who will ignore the main premise of any question that I ask and instead focus on broad, and extremely shaky ideas like family values, American pride, how we are the most power nation on Earth, good old fashion American values, or any of the other completely irrelevant efforts to change the subject from the real substance of any particular topic.
        It is not that I do not respect someone that spends their entire lives working to do good for as many people as they are able to. I respect them, and I will gladly help them in their cause in any way that I can. I just don't wish to be told by someone that is running for political office on national television that I need to get my life right with God or something. Government is supposed to be secular, it was designed that way on purpose, and it needs to stay that way. Further, this country was not founded by Christians. If one takes the time to properly read their history, they will find that our country was founded by Deists. These are people that believe that God created the Universe on a basic set of core scientific principles and then caught the next train to the coast. Further, these men intentionally established a nation based on secularism because it was their opinion that if religion were allowed to rule in this nation, the old ways of Europe would simple follow them here. Interestingly enough, despite being parlayed for a short time, this has come to pass. People are ostracized because they speak out, many are jailed for simply expressing an opinion, and some people find themselves either dead or completely destitute. Religious rule is akin to Fascism, and while that word did not yet exist, they were well aware of the dangers of a theocratic state.
        As for Donald Trump, I have no sympathy for this jackass, whatsoever. He has alienated the Mexican-American population, he was dumped by NBC, and he was dumped by UniVision. He has been snubbed by conservative activist Erick Erickson. He told Megyn Kelley to quit her bleeding when she challenged him on important issues, and worst of all, he has insulted the fighting men and women of the United States armed forces. This trust fund baby, who likes to announce that he is a self-made billionaire, is full of thirteen types of feces. How, then, is he still running for office? Most people in his position would have been drummed out of their parties by now. He is able to do it because he is funding the campaign himself. This guy has really got to go. He is making a mockery of the American electoral system to the entire world. Though it is true that he is not the first do so, he is the most recent and the loudest.
         Who needs to handle this guy? Who needs to step up and tell him that he is a complete fool and needs to step out of the race, if he wants to avoid the big guys in his party? Who will have the 'proverbial' balls to tell this guy to put down the mic and go the hell home? I will admit that there a very few other greater joys than being able to tell Donald Trump that he is an ego maniacal sociopath wit no heart, and even fewer brains. The problem with that is that he would probably just wave me off and make some rude asshole remark about my mixed heritage. Furthermore, the opportunity to respond to his comments would give me so much joy that I would probably burst. It just can't be me. For the first reason, as I said, he would look at me as small potatoes. What he needs is a proper ass whooping from the GOP itself. They need to drag this guys off stage, take him into one of their smoke filled backrooms, take off his crappy looking hair piece, peel his eyelids back, and whip his sorry ass all the way back to New York.
        Now that scenario is a little extreme, I know, but these guys know that Trump is screwing up, they know that he making a fool of their party, and they know that he is doing it, not for any real purpose, other than, more than likely, to simply make a mockery of the system on purpose. This might be considered noble if he wasn't crapping all over anyone that can't afford the lifestyle that he 'made for himself.' This is their problem. They need to be the ones to take him out of the race, but for now, they are content with letting him spread his horse dung all over the media. It is to the point now, that he has even passed Jeb Bush in the ratings. They need to stop him now, before he screws around and gets the GOP nomination, or runs as an independent, and splits the election. Admittedly, this would be good for my type. Trump would split the vote across the country enough to get my candidate elected, Bernie Sanders, I-VT. It could also work against me, in that the person that finally shuts Trump up will make international news, and likely, sore to the heights of popularity in the press and probably the White House.
         What exactly can the GOP do then? To be honest, the ass whooping scenario is nothing more than me venting a little; however, if the GOP were smart, they would focus on Trump's financial history. No one can tell me that after forty years and billions of dollars that Trump has never been involved in any shady deals. There are any number of things that they could charge him with, as I am convinced that this guy is a crook. I am also convinced that he is the biggest scammer the world has ever seen. As I commented earlier, he shows all the symptoms of a sociopath. He uses women with no regard for their feelings. He dumps other businessmen out the back hatch, with no consideration for their needs, he changes the rules on deals, even after contracts have been signed, and he saying things now that are making our nation look like a load of dry dog shit, with no regard to the damage that he is doing to our nation's already tarnished international image.
         The GOP many not want to stop Trump just yet because of his ratings, but if they don't put this guy out of the race, like yesterday, he is likely to really show his colors when he gets into the White House. With his lack of regard for the American people, I am thoroughly convinced that he would go on a cost cutting spree, putting millions out of work. He would take away people's ability to survive by cutting disability, health insurance, and anything else that smelled of anything other than good ole' capitalism. I, for one, do not want to see my grandmother in a bread line. I'm just saying.........


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  2. Hahahahahaha! Poor, whiney, little snowflake. Hahahahaha! Say it with me. PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!

    Fuck you, you pretentious jackass. You should be whipped all the way back to mommy's basement.

  3. Woe! I just looked at your little blog, Kent Allen Halliburton. You are what we in Realville call a denier of history and facts.