Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What Should We Do?

"An Eye for Eye Only Creates an Entire World Full of Blind People." - Mohandis Gandhi

         I am sitting here in my home, a little after midnight, watching Gandhi. I have not seen the movie in years, but the movie still moves me. An entire nation of, at the time, nearly three-hundred and fifty million people, followed the voice of one man. As a result, new nations were born. What has the result? India gained complete independence. Despite being split into to separate nations for Muslims and Hindus, independence was gained.
         Gandhi made something like this possible with a very simple strategy. With it, he commanded an entire nation, and helped to take India out from under the centuries long rule of a foreign power, the British Empire. He used Civil Resistance. He used general strikes, marches, boycotts, faith, the media of the day, and non-violence. When the British corned the market on needed day to day goods, he refused to use the products and encouraged people to wear homemade products. When the British refused to leave the people with the basic needs for survival, he let the world know what was happening. When the British showed up with guns, he showed them love. When they beat the people with clubs, violent reprisals were rare, but the people just kept coming. He refused to let injustice continue. He had the courage to face a gun, at point blank range, and tell an Empire that they were no longer welcome.
        I could go on and on, but I am sure that I do not need to. This movie pushed home the point to me that violence is not the answer, if we as a nation are to build a world free of danger for our children. I believe that this is the only option for freedom and peace in this country. We have to make every single injustice, no matter how minor, known worldwide, but we cannot use violence. We can never fail to resist these injustices, but we cannot use violence. We have to take away our government's ability to control us with fear away from them, but we cannot use violence. We have to show the world the fury and depravity that our government engages in on a daily basis, but we cannot use violence. We have to expose the people running this country for what they are, barbarous, heartless, and soulless criminals, who's sole mission is have it all, while the rest of us rot in the streets, but we cannot use violence. We have to show the world, in clear images, the powers that be destroying their own country and harming their own people, but we cannot respond with violence.
        Remaining non-violent is the only way for the American people to obtain the one thing that will force our oppressors to concede: Moral Authority. This is our key to victory, to a more egalitarian society that sees equality and opportunity available for everyone. We cannot be in the eye of the world giving our government the license to respond with beatings, killings, and arrests. We have to reveal to the world, in the plainest terms possible, the Mafia style criminal syndicate that is running unchecked in this country, and we have to do it with the weight of the largest mountain pressing down on our shoulders. We cannot alter our course, and we cannot slow down. We must be persistent, unwavering, and as immovable as that mountain. We have to have the courage to stand in front of tank and hang a garland on the cannon.....


  1. I do not agree.

    This is not the time of Gandhi; the only thing non-violence will accomplish is to get the American people exterminated by those whose agenda deems us obsolete.

    We are led by amoral greedy, power-mad individuals who will use any means necessary to achieve their aims, including mass murder, committed in the name of "freedom" of course.

    That's my take, I'm a rather cynical individual who has little or no use for politicians, the media, or religion.

  2. "We are led by amoral greedy, power-mad individuals who will use any means necessary to achieve their aims, including mass murder, committed in the name of "freedom" of course."
    So were the British in India,
    Americans can't follow Gandhi because 'action' is in their blood and they cannot remain passive. Most westerners believe it is better to fight than do passive resistance !

  3. I have always wished that the Palestinian people would follow this model; not saying it is easy or simple, such a fight would be monumental and bloody, as it was for King and Gandhi. But the tyranny that bind's them cannot function if they refuse to cooperate with it, in mass, and it will spark international outrage and shake the foundations of the very tyranny which oppresses them.