Friday, September 11, 2015

Fat, Lazy, and Dumb = Compliant Wage Slaves: Has it Really Come to This?

"There is no need to worry about mere size. We do not necessarily respect a fat man more than a thin man. Sir Isaac Newton was very much smaller than a hippopotamus, but we do not on that account value him less." - Bertrand Russell

        The fatter we are, the less likely we will be able to hold up in a sustained conflict, the lazier we are, the less likely we are to care either way, and the dumber we are, the less likely we are to even know that something is going on that requires the attention of the citizenry. This really does seem to be the pit that the people of the United States have been thrown into. Were we put in this position by forces outside of our control, or did we jump in willingly? Is it a bit of both? It very likely is, but either way, we are so deep in that getting us out is going to be a monumental challenge. The crap that is put into our food by the government, as well as, the companies and farmers that produce everything, through association, are all part of the reason that we are fat. This, of course, can be delivered most effectively in the fast food industry, which many Americans find it impossible to avoid. There is also the problem of our bad stress levels. It is widely known that bad stress produces more fat cells more rapidly.
         Each of us is also bombarded with information from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep. It is non stop. Sometimes, the human mind needs a break from all of that processing, and it wears out when rest is not possible. They give you a million quick fix options that only work for the time you are doing the workout or taking the diet regimen that supposedly, requires minimal effort. They also advertise wonder pills that are supposed to drop your weight dramatically with no exercise, giving little warning about what bad things those pills can do to your mind and body. We have our addictions; as well, and generation after generation our people is getting dumbed further and further down by a public education system that is increasingly incapable of preparing young students for the future. This is so because of an 'unfortunate' lack of funds in these so called 'difficult economic times.' We are also made more and more heavily dependent on what I like to call the, 'Techno Titty," as time goes on.

        Before you lose your head, do not worry, the 'they' that I am talking about, is quite redundantly, the 'Super Trust' style companies that are paying for this government to do their will. The one percent of the one percent. Let's start with being fat. If a nation is doing something to its people like, say, locking them up all the time, restricting their access to social programs, public spaces, or education facilities, based solely on the color of a person's skin, or perhaps, hanging someone from a tree by their toes and then lighting them on fire, a people might be expected to respond aggressively, with their response expressing itself as rioting in the streets. However, pop on the scene 'Fast Food,' and pow, a perfect way to deliver someone a single days caloric intake in one sitting, and to ensure, by the addition of certain chemicals that they will be back for more very soon. Funny thing, people keep going to these places, knowing full well the contents of their food. That is their bad on that one, but the companies are still at fault, as well. This way, the fatter we get, the less likely we will be to have the energy to get up off our asses to do anything to defend ourselves.
        Who exactly, then, is the 'we' that I am always talking about? I am, of course, talking about the normal citizen who is working a job they hate to pay for a home they do not own, in a country that is slowly devaluing labor to the point that people cannot survive on a day's wages. This, inevitably, results in people taking extreme measures to meet their basic needs, crime, or people having to work two, sometimes, three or more jobs just to make enough money to be broke at the end of the month. We have already examined the fat factor, so what else is done to the people to keep them from getting physical about such a glaring and ever expanding divide? America's Got Talent, American Idle, the NFL, MLB, the NBA, the NHL, casinos, commercials for products, Reality TV, video games, alcohol, marijuana and other drugs, sex, religion, war, and many many more similar distractions, keep our eyes turned away from the reality of our situation. The tools at the elite's disposal are vast and very effective. We are spending so much time on these other things that we are not paying attention to all of the other dirty crap that is being laid on us, and when people try to tell us this, we get mad that they are interrupting our game or making us miss our favorite show. We care more about who one the game or the next episode of our favorite show than we do the next law designed to strip us of even more of our liberties.

        It gets to the point where a casual observer would be justified in believing that the people of this country are okay with their little 'self-created' worlds, so long as there are no bombs going off in their front yard, the TV is on, and their microwave radiated food is hot and ready to eat. This is where the dumbing down of the education system comes in. As time goes on, the amount that we learn in each grade has decreased, and outdoor physical activity has been reduced at many public schools, some to the point of eliminating their PE programs from their budgets. Music, art, creative writing, theater, and other related classes are being removed from school's budgets. The standards that students are held too are much weaker. Critical thinking is not motivated in schools. Children are being taught to be passive, silent, and compliant, while they are learning their ABCs. Drop-out rates are also still a problem across the country, as young teenagers make bad decisions based on faulty information delivered to them intentionally by family, educational staff, friends, and good old fashioned American propaganda, all in an effort to program them into compliant wage slaves.

         Also, economic opportunities past high school are very poor, and college debt, either keeps people from going to college, all together, or straddles them with massive debt for the rest of their lives. Further, they are not learning about and exploring their personal interests; rather, they are taking the classes that will give them the biggest chances of getting a high paying job. Some are not even there for the college process, at all. Instead, their sole interest is making the team that they got a scholarship to be on, and then getting drafted into a professional league, where they will then make their millions. Its all about money, and nothing about becoming a deeper person. That is what education is supposed to be about. The more we learn, the more we want to learn, and the more we are able to understand and interact with the world around us. Of course, once we leave school, the propaganda that we are exposed to each and every day of our lives tries to mold us into mindless workers geared for consumption, and it is the hope of the elite that their propaganda will hook us before we even see what hit us. The dumber we are, the less likely we are to realize that this kind of arcane crap is going on, and worse, once we know, it will be less likely that we will even care.

          So, is this what we have come to? Are we all just fat, lazy, mindless drones, going about our days in complete ignorance of the wanton destruction being wrought upon our nation? Are we simple compliant wage slaves, with no future ahead of us, except for death? I, for one, will not ever submit that this is what I have become. I hope my writing proves that. I have spent far too long learning about and studying this world to ever let myself get to that point, no matter the circumstances. I certainly hope that if you are reading this post to this point, you feel the same way about yourself. What should we do then? In a nutshell, realize that we are part of the problem, put down the Big Mac, the Dr. Pepper, the cell phone, the ear buds, shut off the TV and the computer, and think for ourselves. Holy shit! Is that easier said than done, or what? Besides, a great many of the things that we have picked up from the chaotic river of crap that constantly floods the world media, every single minute of the day, can, if managed properly, be used to the advantage of anyone attempting to resist or expose the various propaganda machines that run this whole charade. But, how do we find that balance, when those same tools are so addicting? We have to figure something out before it's too late. I am just worried that when a mass movement finally get's its gear together, it will already be too late. Perhaps, we can prove them wrong? 

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  1. It's such a messy and chaotic time. There are so many compartmentalized agendas and misinformation... it's a bit daunting to strategize plans to either uproot or remain with the system in a proactive manner by minimizing dependence, distraction, and asserting impregnable confidence in decision devoid of mindless conformity. There have and, most likely, will continue to be camouflaged threats to our health and minds... it just feels like the frequencies need to adjust to a reasonable level for action to effectively impact with a sustained resonance. With so much unfortunate distrust in the intentions of individuals surviving on this planet, it becomes a bit lonely in the trudging for truth and intrinsic freedom.