Thursday, September 10, 2015

If You Are not Afraid of ISIS, You Should Be

“The spark has been lit here in Iraq, and its heat will continue to intensify, by Allah’s permission, until it burns the crusader armies in Dābiq.” - Abu Musab al-Zarqawi 

        You really should be afraid of The Islamic State, or ISIS. It has gone through several name changes. If you do not know who or what ISIS is, shame on you! No joke, get a clue. As for everyone else, feel free to criticize the hell out of me on this one, if you like. These are just my observations. I do want this one to be a dinger, though. Why, then, do I declare that people should have a genuine fear of ISIS? Is it because they have been labeled terrorists by the United States and the UN? Is it because they have declared a Jihad, or Holy War, against the West and the United States? Is it because they behead people on live television? Is it because they publish a magazine on the web that is designed specifically to recruit people from around the world? Is it because other organizations in Libya, Nigeria, and other places have sworn allegiance to ISIS? Is it because they are shaking the international oil market? Is it because they have special forces units in operation now? All of these things are each a good reason to fear ISIS and what it could mean for the stability of the Middle East and beyond. They have the potential to crash one of the most important markets in the world economy. Such an event would be devastating. The drop in oil prices, so far, already has people squirming.
        None of these things are more fear inspiring than what they are doing inside their central home territory in Iraq and Syria. First, as they expand their territory, which takes up almost half of Syria and most of Northern Iraq, they reestablish order quickly. Their methods are brutal, and they do enforce a rigid interpretation of Sharia Law, but the point remains, in the areas that they conquer and secure, they reestablish order quickly. 'Police' forces patrol the streets of cities, night and day. Crimes are reported, investigated, and prosecuted, with death not being an uncommon punishment. In this territory that they have, some ten million people are now subject to their rule. Their tactics are creating a serious refugee crisis; though, and that cannot be ignored, but they are still continuing the fight and pushing their boundaries.

         They are also securing supply lines by repairing key roadways, railways, and bridges, which they can then use to distribute resources throughout their territory evenly, as needed. This is giving them the ability to securing their holdings, and the ability to establish a 'stable' society that they can show off to the West, based entirely on their interpretation of Sharia Law. They have established the beginnings of an Islamic State Health Service.Whether or not it will survive, is beside the point. The image is what should make people fearful of developments such as these. They are putting out propaganda that is designed to make them look like a legitimate governing body. The video is of professional quality.

        They have established a capital city, Raqqa, and they are drawing people to their cause from around the world, most of whom are Muslim; though, some reports have come out that non-Muslims are joining their fight, as well. They have an organized military, to the point that they have special forces quality troops that they can deploy. They enforce law and order in the secure parts of their holdings. They are working on repairing the infrastructure in those areas, and they have opened hospitals in Raqqa. They have also even opened up a soup kitchen to feed the poor, and public houses for orphans. This is all powered, and made available to the western media, by the Islamic State, through their established propaganda system. They are on television daily, mostly free publicity from the West, but also, their own productions, like the video above and their own news station. They also have control of marketable raw materials, mainly oil, of course. Has anyone noticed the drop in oil prices since they seized that oil refinery and the accompanying fields? They are building an income.
        They aren't kidding when they say they are establishing an Islamic 'State.' They are working towards building an actual Muslim Caliphate style country. They have even already chosen a leader to take the role of the head of that government. They also have town councils, businesses are opening up, and they have a governing body, along with schools for children. This is not just a random group of wackos simply looking to have a fun time blowing shit up in the desert; these people are building a nation. They have leaders, they are attracting professionals, they are attracting fighters, they are starting to provide for basic public services, and they are operating a running economy. The more success they can claim, and the more people and organizations that join them, the closer they will get to declaring independence. They will declare themselves an independent nation, and then jump into an all out war with anyone who attempts to stop them or who violates their 'borders.' Of course, their dream scenario would be an all out war with the United States.
         What does this mean? It means that a whole lot of trouble is headed our way. Not to sound all doom and gloom, but these guys are not screwing around. They are serious and ready to fight. They are doing everything a nation does to prepare itself for a sustained military conflict. They are securing their supply lines, ensuring that they have adequate equipment, personnel, and management, they are maintaining order in their core, to ensure the stability of their capital, and they are fighting for a cause with a clear enemy, the United States. They have an enemy that draws people to their cause, so much so that many will willingly submit to their rule, if it means they can get outside the economic or military spheres of the United States. Where did this all come from? Well, certain members of the United States government, taking advantage of the people's fear and grief after 9/11, declared war against a dictator that some of them had helped to put into power in the first place, Saddam Hussein. He bucked their authority, however, when he nationalized the Iraqi oil industry. So, he got taken out, despite nearly the whole world telling the United States it was wrong. What was worse was that in the first fight against Hussein, led by Bush, Sr., is that the United States was invited into Saudi Arabia by the government, who had just denied an offer from Osama bin Laden to take his Russian War Afghan veterans into Iraq. People that once fought with him are now fighting with ISIS.

        Here is the thing though, he was the one keeping organizations, like ISIS and others, from going off the wall and doing the things that they are doing now. He was not a really nice guy. He and the Ba'ath Party ran a Fascist state government. They had a secret police, people were jailed without cause, and those that challenged his rule were eliminated. The point remains, he was a powerful force in the Middle East that was able to maintain a semblance of order in the region. He worked with other governments, of course, like Assad in Syria and the Kingdom of Jordan, but with him gone, the others are overwhelmed. In Syria, Assad is desperate, having knowingly used chemical weapons on a civilian population in an effort to smoke out a rebel cell. In Iraq, the government has lost control of a great portion of their northern territories.
        Who is going to reestablish the, 'look the other way,' order in the Middle East that the United States helped shape with Hussein? ISIS. They will reestablish order, keep the peace in the region, and they will continue to attract followers from around the world that are tired of the over extending strong arm of American imperialism. I'm just saying, if they establish their independence and gain recognition, the United States will be in a sore spot, indeed. Further, what happens if someone like Donald Trump gets elected? I'm worried that he would just carpet bomb the whole of the Middle East, and throw this country into a devastating war from which it will never recover. How is the United States going to respond to the new Russian presence in Syria? Finally, what happens when ISIS takes the war to Israel? This all, of course, is most threatening to the United States because is the bastard child of the CIA. What can be done?


  1. Trump won't be Pres. the Russians are in their usual role of troublemaking and the Israelis will bomb the entire area; (with munitions supplied by the US).

  2. Sounds like the author doesn't like the US and wants to see bad groups do good. NATO has over 50 nations that will carpet bomb ISIS if they feel they're a problem. Sounds like ISIS might actually end up a good gov. over there once stable...

  3. Explain what makes you think that I do not like the land from which I hail?