Friday, September 4, 2015

Task, Conditions, Standards: This is Where I Stand


"Karma is the Sanskrit word for action. It is equivalent to Newton's law of 'every action must have an equal but opposite reaction.' When we think, speak, or act we initiate a force that will react accordingly. This returning force maybe modified, changed, or suspended, but most people will not be able eradicate it." - The Mind Unleashed

         First of all, this is not going to be a rehashing of anything. Refuse to Cooperate is an opinion based blog that I am using to field ideas for a Book Project that I am working on. If you want to see my scholarship, which is heavily annotated, visit my other blogs. Google my full name, and they are sure to come up. I am going to offer three lists of things that I believe should be shared so that we can all get along. My goal here is not to take a particular stance. It is to find the middle ground in every issue I write about and then offer a reasonable compromise. Balance is the key to everything we know. When I take up a topic, I am not necessarily for or against it.

Task: Understanding

I am an academic. I take a lot of joy in the debate. So, it is likely, from time to time that I will post or share something controversial. If you do not like it, do not read it. If it provokes a response, I will study that response thoroughly.

If I post or share something that you feel is based on inaccurate data or false assumptions, point it out, and we can talk about it.

Do not take everything that I post as though I believe that it is the 'Gospel Truth,' to put it the way my Grandmother used to. I post memes that I find interesting, not that I believe are the pure truth, and they are always someone else's meme. I have very little interest in creating my own. There are just some that I happened to find curious at the time I shared it. I expect that there will be opposing reactions to the post.

My scholarship postings are course papers from classes that I have taken at the Graduate level. They are based on my interpretation of the source materials that I used to reach my conclusions.

The Voice of Moral Radicalism is the title of my book. This blog, as mentioned already, is an avenue to field ideas for the book.

I am not incapable to seeing the other side of any particular argument. In fact, it is my life long goal to understand both sides of an argument, so that I can help to postulate some compromise that makes the most people possible happy. This is another reason why I post or share things that incite debate.

I am still not convinced that everyone that viewed the Abortion posting actually red it all the way through. If they had, they would have noticed how I operated. I look at both sides of an issue, based on my current understanding of the topic, and then I offer the best middle of the road idea for solving the problem that I can come up with, and I do everything that I can to account for the needs of both sides of the argument.

Conditions: Keep an Open Mind

Disagree with me! I am expecting that to happen. The more people that disagree with me, the more I can learn about the given topic and the more I can learn about how people feel about the topic.

Criticize me! I need to be criticized, just as much as anyone else. It helps me to engage in introspection, where I can then develop my personal opinions as I gain new information.

Debate with me! I need to improve my skills. Obviously, I can have a slow response time while I consider my next response. The more I debate, the sooner people will get a quicker more concise response.

Prove me wrong! I understand that I do not know everything; though, I wish I did. I expect to be put in check from time to time. I also expect that from time to time my mind will be blown. Please, do not disappoint me.

Challenge me! I am a bullheaded, stubborn, and arrogant son of a gun. It is not only perfectly OK to do it, it is one of the greatest tools an academic can have, so I would appreciate it, if you spared no expense. New thoughts equals new avenues for bettering understanding myself, other people, and the world that we live in.

Standards: Let Karma be Our Sage

If you attack me, expect me to return the favor.

If you insult me, expect me to return the favor.

If you call me names, expect me to return the favor.

If you make disparaging remarks about my intelligence, expect me to return the favor.

I you insult my family, my heritage, and the like, expect me to be particularly responsive. This is between the people in the debate; leave it that way.

I will, in no uncertain terms, respond very poorly to rude comments about the race, gender, religion, sexual preference, or national origin of myself or anyone else in the group or discussion.

Do not expect me to feel bad when you call me out on something. I am intelligent, and I will address any inconsistencies in my work, as I am made aware of them. I can handle being wrong, and I am not scared to stand my ground, especially, when I believe that I am right and you have yet to convince me otherwise.

I will hold myself to these same obligations, if you do, but like I said, if you attack me or do any of the other things, I am not going to let it go. I will respond. Shit gets personal when you start that kind of crap. Let's keep it business.

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