Monday, September 7, 2015

The Hidden Dictatorship, Class Warfare at Ground Zero: An Account from Inside the Belly of the Beast

"We needn't worry too hard about this trouble because one can always hire one half of the poor to kill the other half." - Jay Gould

        To begin, I will offer up some clarification on the title of this piece. Class Warfare is very simple. There exists two and half economic classes in the United States, the poor, the rich, also known as capitalist profiteers, and the shrinking middle class. The rich are doing everything they can to corner the market on every aspect of our daily lives, while they attack the middle class and aggressively expand the ranks of the poor. It follows that with all of the power that exists in places like the New York Stock Exchange, the United States should be Ground Zero for resisting capitalist corruption. What then of the Belly of the Beast? Capitalism has reached its very highest points since the United States took over the world market after World War II. Since the end of that war, in which, card carrying left-wingers stood up and fought against Fascism, being liberal in this country has become a crime. Further, in recent years the term liberal has been co-opted by the capitalist system, to the point that it no longer holds any of its true meaning. A liberal is a person that demands fair treatment for all, no matter the circumstances and who is willing to defend that stance, not a person that props up capitalist industries because they are, apparently,'To Big to Fail!'
        Where to go from here? As I sit here writing this post, I am very confident about the writing so far, but I am, presently, struggling for an answer to this question. I want to say that more people, namely those poor people, need to get their butts to the poles in the next election and elect someone that actually gives a damn about their future. This would be difficult to make happen, though. Poor people are to busy being poor to give a damn about an election for someone that they feel never has and never will do anything meaningful to help them in their lifetime. The poor are to busy being locked up by the police and getting criminal records to qualify to vote. The poor are kept intentionally poorly educated, so that they will vote for who they are told vote for because they were intentionally put into a position where they cannot fully understand the issues themselves. This is, of course, if they vote at all. The poor are bombarded with propaganda designed to make the differences between people standout, and then, they are told that anything that does not look like them is bad. Further, the poor are straddled with negative social feedback anytime they question their circumstances, their social order, or the conditions established by their leaders. This goes for poor people of all colors, creeds, religions; you name it, we are all getting equally screwed by what George Carlin called, the 'Big Red, White, and Blue American Dick! Here's the kicker; though, most citizens of the United States have no clue that this is happening and are content to go about their daily lives never knowing anything that could possibly get them in trouble.
        So, what is that is giving me such a hard time? As I get older, and continuously seek to understand the world around me, I have watched as the wall of bullshit that each of us is faced with each and every day before we even leave the house for work, has started to disappear from my eyesight. Since I have started rejecting the core premises of this system, and I'll admit that I am not all they way there, I began to see not a wall, but a door. It was a door that spelled out to me, trust in your reason, and you can never go wrong. At least, that is my interpretation of what has happened to the person that so many of my friends and family would like to see come around again. That person, a naive and raw teenage boy, will never be seen again. Life has tempered me to the point that I have but one goal. Of which goal do I speak? My life long goal is to see this country, and the entire world for that matter, dramatically alter the way it allocates its resources and the value that is places on human labor. Our resources are poorly managed, stockpiled by the wealthy, and sold back, at a ridiculous price, to the people that did the bulk of the work in the first place. Further, these people are paid so poorly that many can't even afford to enjoy the product that they spent their whole lives producing for their company. 
        For those of you that would say that I am beating around the bush, have some fricken' patience, I'm getting there, LOL! The thing that is giving me such a hard time and such a pessimistic outlook on present issues, is the skeleton that is trying to come out of this country's proverbial, 'closet.' Here is where I finally talk about the Hidden Dictatorship. What is the Hidden Dictatorship, you ask? Put as simply as possible, it is the 'Invisible Hand' of the market that major corporations are so fond of quoting. This is because they are the Invisible Hand, and their reach is not limited to the market. It stretches deep into the pockets of the poor, and it gives the wealthy a wink of the eye, as they pass them their share of the loot. Somehow, the poor have been convinced that this is the way that things should exist naturally, with the stronger more wealthy persons, offering the poor defenseless people their protection. The price for that protections is what gets people every time. People sign over their very lives, risking limb and liberty for only a minuscule return on an investment that usually defines the rest of their lives, if it doesn't cost them their lives up front. 
        Luckily for me and for my readers, I am not as long winded as I used to be. As I have been writing, I believe that I have thought up a solution, or at least the beginnings of one. Refuse to Cooperate! This phrase is, of course, the central theme and title of this blog, but what does it really mean? It, very simply, means exactly what it says. If the police come to your door, seeking to enter your home, and they don't have a warrant, Refuse them entry. If an officer pulls you over and refuses to identify their reason for having stopped you, refuse to identify yourself, refuse to hand over any of your documents, and refuse to get out of the car. If the police get violent with you, refuse to strike back, let them show the world what they are really made of. If they let you off with a warning and leave, you might be able to show some respect for that officer, depending on his or her reasons for letting you go, two almost always being the race and gender of the driver, paying little attention to the race and gender of the officer. If they order you to exit your vehicle and use violence to make you comply, do not exit the vehicle of your own volition, but rather, let them do the damage to their reputation and the reputation of their town or government, all by themselves. Drain them of all moral authority and use their own propaganda machine against them. No matter how anyone interprets what happens, live footage of an unarmed, motionless civilian getting their head kicked an agent of the government, will say enough.
        This, of course, is not something that would be effective on an individual level. It would just end up getting a lot of good people locked up for indeterminate amounts of time for simply asking that they be respected as human beings. It is also something that cannot be segregated by race, religion, gender, age, sexual preference, or any other factor. It has to be a mass movement motivated by the human need for economic equality and the basic intrinsic sense of fairness that exists within all us. It has to be a movement of people whose eyes have been opened to the fact that we are not being ruled by ourselves, and frankly, we never have been. Our system was designed to perpetuate economic inequality and to maintain a corrupt social order that values the wealthy few, who have not done any of the grunt work that helps keep this country going, over the poor, and sometimes destitute, masses of people, who are simply trying to provide a life of basic comfort for themselves and their families.
         How do we, then, get to this point, and how should it be done? Essentially, everyone needs to have a sudden epiphany about what is going on. Absent such an unlikely miracle, whoever it is that want's to take up the cause, needs to start educating people now. They need to work to make people aware of the Fascist puppet government that has been running this country since the end of World War II. It began with the Military Industrial Complex and now extends itself deep into our personal lives, making us fearful to be ourselves in our own homes. The recent NSA scandal is an example of this. It criminalizes us for the simplest of mistakes. It divides people that have more in common with one another than they do with their capitalist masters, i.e., poor African Americans, Caucasians, Latinos, and many many more. They do so to the point of inciting racial violence in the streets. With so much going on around them, people feel that they have become powerless to change anything for the better, so they team up with 'their own' for the support they need to manage the stress of such a life. What's worse, is the fact that many of these people live their entire lives trapped in this madhouse, never once catching a glimpse of the power that they could wield if they would just work together. This reminds me of another interesting story........but I'll hold that one for next time.

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