Thursday, September 17, 2015

The United States, as A Whole People, Should be Ashamed of Itself, but We Still Have Time to Redeem What's Left of Us

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” - 
John F. Kennedy

        This picture should turn your stomach. If it does not, you need to talk to a psychiatric professional. There is no reason, no excuse, and no idiotic line of propaganda that will ever even slightly convince me that something like this is normal. To be honest, the reasons, excuses, and idiotic lines of propaganda that have spilled out of our leader's pie holes, so far, have all been just that, a load of hogwash from the deepest depths of their flowing pool of senseless waste. There is just not enough money to go around! They're soldiers, they should be able to suck it up and drive on! Some people just like being homeless! What does them being homeless have to do with economics? If they can't adapt to the market that is their problem! There are programs out there to help them. Why don't they use them? Maybe they deserve to be homeless.....

      I have heard these lines actually come out of people's mouths and worse. It makes me sick. The men and WOMEN that have served their country, WHETHER OR NOT WE AGREE WITH WHAT THEY WERE SENT TO DO, should not have to come home to the prospect of homelessness. This kind of inhumane behavior is reckless abandonment on behalf of the whole of the United States federal system of government. It's already bad enough that this country has one of the largest homeless populations, per capita, in the entire world. It is bad enough that there have been, at varying times over the past sixty years, anywhere from 300,000 to 600,000 homeless people living on American streets. This, of course, has always been those that can be accounted for, based on estimates by organizations commissioned to produce the statistics, saying nothing for the possible thousands unaccounted for. It is immeasurably worse that in that same time period, the homeless veteran population has made up anywhere from twenty to forty percent of the total homeless population. One must admit that some good has begun to happen to reduce this number. This good work, however, has been minuscule in comparison to what should be done. Is there anyone else that thinks this is despicable?

         A great many of these veterans have lived on the streets for longer than they ever lived in a warm home, and women are among this population. If you do not think so, just Google the numbers, they are out there for all to see. There has got to be something more than can be done for these people. In fact, there is a whole lot of good stuff that can be done for them. Why, then, has it not been done? Very simply, it is because helping the homeless is not profitable. Companies do not want to get in on an EFFECTIVE solution because, while it would look good on their public profile to be seen helping homeless veterans, providing these people with everything that they need to return to productive lives, would hurt their bottom line. Why did I mention companies, first? Frankly, it is because municipalities have not done much better. I am sorry Los Angeles, but kicking businesses out of a run down shopping mall and turning it over to homeless veterans is not an effective solution to the problem. They are still homeless! All you did was just push them to the side, hoping that that would be enough to get them out of the eyesight of important investors. Companies, screw your bottom line, and MUNICIPALITIES, you can dance with the devil in the pail moon light.

         Here is a message to the NATIONAL GOVERNMENT and all of the STATE GOVERNMENTS: you are all a bunch of greedy, derelict, and decrepit jerks! How can you justify this? Please, enlighten me. You say you don't have enough money to help every veteran? Pure nonsense! You have created the largest national debt in modern history, and by which method did you do it? What, no answer? Are you ashamed of yourself? DOUBTFUL! Even though you finally ratified James Madison's amendment limiting how you can give yourselves pay raises, I am still not convinced! The department that is supposed to be handling this, the Department of Veteran's Affairs, is full of corruption, and is to this day, still unable to fully meet the needs of its charges, if it can be caught doing that at all.  This is unequivocally a matter of economics you boneheads! However, it is also, more deeply, a matter of conscience, in that you are devoid of one. If any one of you jackwagons had a conscience, there would not be a single veteran without a home and a job. In fact, if you truly cared for you people, there would not be a single homeless person in the United States. If you really want this nation to be an example to the world, the first people that you should give the responsibility of delivering that message to the people, is our veterans. You just can't seem to get out of your comfortable offices to make that happen. Are you afraid of something? Maybe you should be because, lately, you certainly have not been in the business of making friends.

        What happens when a Veteran finally snaps, and goes off on people? They get arrested, put in jail, and loose any chance of recovery, thus making there status as a homeless veteran, permanent. Here is the thing, the many cases of veterans losing it have been individuals going off the deep end. What will happen when they all come together, and you have a battalion of trained soldiers coming for you with a purpose? Are you going to respond like MacArthur and Patton during the early years of the Great Depression? These two men were ordered to remove a camp of World War I veterans who had come to DC to claim the benefits that they earned while in service in Europe during the war. What did MacArthur and Patton do? When the veterans refused to leave, they ordered their units, accompanied by the DC police, to attack the camp and force the veterans to disperse. They ordered American soldiers to fire on American soldiers, and it wasn't friendly fire! You have, in fact, already given your answer when, in Oakland, CA, you ordered the police to attack a group of unarmed civilians associated with the Occupy Movement. That attack resulted in the death of a United States Marine. For that alone, you deserve to go to suffer eternal damnation! The homeless veteran problem is not going away just because we are in the twenty-first century. Men and women who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq 2 are living on the streets, as we speak!

        This has got to change now, before it is too late! Here is a philosophy and avenue of approach that you might find interesting, but for an example; first, let us turn to history. When the Roman Republic was in its infancy, and it was challenging the other major powers of the Mediterranean region, such as Carthage, Greece, Egypt, the Parthians, and others, they established a novel program. They enlisted their soldiers for twenty-fives years to life. This was not all they did, though. When they experienced times of relative peace, they put their soldiers to work on the infrastructure of their burgeoning empire. Then, finally, when their men retired, they gave them land, as part of a severance package, to ensure that their highly trained and extremely effective warriors did not, in the heat of dissatisfaction, take up arms against them. Eventually, the policy fell apart because Rome spread itself way too thin, started using auxiliaries instead of Roman citizens, relied too heavily on the labor of slaves, and had very little arable land left to give out to those veterans that were actual Roman citizens. There was also another reason for this. When the policy was working, if, at any time, the province that those men were living in came under attack, these veterans could be called upon one more time to defend their homes and the Empire. This was part of the reason that Rome was so formidable in its early days, and it is one of the biggest reasons why Hannibal of Carthage was unable to rouse the people of the Italian peninsula against Rome. Many of them had fought and bled for Rome, and they would have gone to the darkest depths of Hades before they allowed anyone to take from them what they had earned at such a high price.

        Now, what is my suggestion? Keep our soldiers working! First, it is not totally unfeasible to ask people to dedicate their entire lives to the defense of their nation, but in modern times, it is impractical. The only way it would become practical is if, for some, it became the only way they could afford food and shelter. Wait, for many, it has gotten to that point! The majority of the men and women that enlist in the armed services anymore are poor and feel like military service is better than joining a gang or going to jail. So, enlisting soldiers for a lengthy term should be considered. Such a long enlistment would also give the government the time that it needs to give each soldier the proper tools to function in civilian society after their term of service is over. Furthermore, during times of peace, soldiers can be used to do the work that private companies do not want to do. They could repair and build new roads. They could refurbish our ailing railway system, and expand it, so that the American people can become more mobile and economically competitive. For Gaia's sake, there is no doubt in my mind that every single person presently residing on the street, would be ecstatic to work a job that could actually sustain a basic family living, rather than remaining on the street.

         Imagine the possibilities. If a high speed rail, along the lines of what already exists in both Europe and Asia, were built in this country, it could get someone from a dilapidated community in say, Detroit, to a job in Dallas, and get them there and back in the same day, as well as, giving them the money they need to help revitalize their own communities. Granted that would change a lot of things, but it would definitely be a boost to the entire nation, and it would keep soldiers occupied. It would also do a lot to give them pride in what they are doing. It is hard to take pride in killing another human, no matter what we have been told that they represent. Just imagine, after their service is long over, what it would be like if they could look out their window and see the high speed rail that revolutionized the US economy and job market, knowing that they had a part in making that happen. It is feasible to say that they would be less likely end up on the streets, and more likely to take pride in their homeland. Below is a picture of the Maglev train that connects Downtown Shanghai, China with its airport. It can reach a maximum speed of 430 kph, or roughly, 193 mph, and China is looking to connect their entire country with similar rails. Imagine traveling from Detroit to Dallas in a matter of an hour.....

        Now, what of the present population of homeless veterans? Put them all back to work! They can begin the refurbishment of our infrastructure. They can also be sent into neighborhoods that are falling apart or growing over, like some of the neighborhoods in Detroit, and rebuild them to modern specs. Additionally, and here is a novel concept, they could live in them, while they continue working on other projects, like rebuilding bridges, paving roads out to poor remote towns, or repairing our electrical grid, upgrading our major shipping centers, i.e. airports, seaports, bus stations, distribution centers, and railways hubs. They could also be sent into old run down factories to modernize them, and turn them into facilities capable of building all of the high-tech gadgets that we are so fond of, right here at home. Now, imagine, what else this would do for the economy. The support structure around such a program would have to be massive, and it would have to have offices in almost every single major city in the country. The number of qualified personnel that would be needed to run those offices would be very high, putting even more people to work. The rebuilt factories would do this also.

         Who is to blame for this, really? I have already sounded the horn against the incompetence of the various government bodies in this country, but is there anyone else to blame? Oh yes, there most definitely is, and what do you know, it is not necessarily capitalists. Granted, they are guilty for a great many things, but they are not supposed to be part of things like rebuilding infrastructure. They are supposed to operate in this country, at the pleasure of the people and the government, not the other way around. It is the government's job to step in and do such work. Local, State, and Federal governments are supposed step up on this one, so that those companies can deliver their products to every citizen in this country in an efficient and cost friendly manner. They are obviously not performing that function very well, and they need to be called on it. However, in the end, they are not the ones that should shoulder the greatest portion of the blame. That blame should should be placed squarely on the shoulders of those people who, I argue, are the 'Fourth Branch of Government' in this country, the American people. We are endowed with the sovereign right to choose our own government and the right to replace it when it fails to meet our needs. Where are we on that?

         Every single day that passes by that sees homeless people, especially veterans, on the street, and our infrastructure crumbling, is another day where we are guilty of aiding and abetting the commission of a massive and unconscionable crime against humanity. We are allowing people to wallow in the streets, while our leaders send us off to fight wars that we want no part of. We are allowing our jobs to be sent overseas, while our economy suffers, and more people are put out of their homes. We are sitting idly by, while our country's infrastructure is left to ruin, and we are allowing our veterans, the people that on paper, we should be honoring the most, to join those already thrown into the streets to fend for themselves. We are just as guilty as any government official or corporate mogul could ever be because we, who know that the wealth to fix this problem exists, have allowed this all to continue. This is part of the philosophy behind the phrase, Refuse to Cooperate. We have to change the nature of the debate by simply refusing to accept any action that we know is contrary to the welfare of the nation we hold so dear.

         We, as people, cannot allow this kind of evil stuff to continue! We have to do something about it. We have done it before, and we can do it again. We need a new set of heroes to arise and say again, in the loudest of voices possible, YOU HAVE GONE FAR ENOUGH, AND YOU SHALL GO NO FURTHER!!!!! What's more, is that these people can be every day citizens. We just have to have the kind of courage that people displayed in the union riots, when they were fighting for better pay, and we have to take inspiration from men like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X, who with their blood, sweat, and tears, for Gaia's sake, their very lives, stood up and made the government act against it own interest because it feared the consequences of not doing so. This is OUR country, and we need to remind all of the jackwagons in our government and in the business world that we have not forgotten that. We need to remind this entire system that without us, the general citizenry of the United States of America, this country is in big trouble. We need to turn ourselves in to the INVISIBLE HAND of JUSTICE, screw the market!!!!!

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