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Clan Halliburton: A Short History, Accompanied by an Analysis of My Politics

"I am Kent, Son of Katherine, Daughter of Raymond, Son of Thomas, Son of Ralph, Son of Joseph, Son of Charles, Son of Ambrose, Son of David, Jr., Son of David, Sr., Son of George of Clan Halliburton, Friends to Clan Home, a direct descendant of the last Halliburton, Sir John Halliburton, to hold the title, Lord Halliburton, Baron of Tweed at Newmains-upon-the-Tweed." - Kent Allen Halliburton

         This post goes out to whomever it was that reported my account to Facebook as a 'False Identity!!!!!" I will say this first, I find your reporting my account to Facebook as a False Identity to be a complete and total pain in the neck. It is irritating in ways not to be mentioned in polite company, and it is, at least to me and those near me, the sign of a deeply embedded illness, Cowardice! The only cure for this disease is for you to face the source of your cowardice. Could you not have asked me about the oddity that you saw on your computer screen? Or was seeing a Halliburton dis capitalism just too incredulous for you? Either way, it does not matter. I am an open book, and I am not afraid to defend myself against anyone that sets themselves to insulting or belittling me. Normally, I would say that I do not do business with cowards, but I must admit that your situation presents you with a very strange story. 
         Halliburton Energy and Oil Services has been defrauding the public since it went public in the 1950s, and the last few actual Halliburtons in the company sold out to the Board of Trustees. There is no way for me to contest that, and I would not want to. Further, you find yourself viewing and reading remarks that are completely contrary to your perception of what Halliburton means. I feel for you, I honestly do. I have had this name my entire life, and it has gotten me in and out of situations that most normal people would not have to face. However, also for my entire life, I have carefully researched my name's true meaning, the truly ancient origins of my people, and my personal family history. I can assure, my skeptical friend that Halliburton Energy and Oil Services is actually the one that is contrary to what it means to be a Halliburton. Every executive at Halliburton, none of whom are actual Halliburtons, deserve to rot in a maximum security prison, fed only bread and water, for the rest of their natural lives, only to have their worthless bodies dumped into an unmarked grave after they have finally succumbed to old age and boredom. The next several paragraphs will be my attempt to explain this to you. After you have read this article, if you are willing to confront me in a peaceful manner, I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. In fact, it would be an honor and a pleasure. Please consider it. You might find a new friend.
         Let us begin with the meaning of the name Halliburton. The name first appears in history in the middle of the 11th Century. This coincides with the trend to adopt a Surname in Scottish society during the same period. In this period, many people took surnames related to their occupation such as, Miller, Baker, Farmer, and the like. Noble families of the era, however, tended to take surnames that were more representative of the lands over which they ruled. Further, most nobles of the era still spoke the Scots form of Gaelic. This language is an offshoot of Middle Irish, spoken by invaders/settlers from North Eastern Ireland. So was the case with Clan Halliburton. They formed their surname from a combination of two words that described the nature of their relationship with the Catholic Church on their lands. The family sponsored multiple buildings dedicated to the Church throughout their lands. So, they went back to Gaelic to find the words that would make up the beginnings of the surname Halliburton. They chose the world for Holy, Naofa, and then the word for House, Burton. 
         This may be strange, but consider that Gaelic words are pronounced much differently than words in English, and the case that over time, spellings of the name morphed into a more Anglicized form, which produced the various spellings of the last name that are related to that first group, Halliburton, Haliburton, Holyburton, Hallyburton, Halyburton, Halleyburton, and a few others. The words represented the feature on their lands that they were the most proud of, Holy Houses, or Churches. There is an older history of the family, going far beyond the first people to take the name Halliburton, however. The Halliburtons have been in the Tweed region of Southern Scotland and Northern England for a very long time. It is postulated that the people who later became Halliburtons, were minor nobles in service of the people that later became Clan Home. Some time, not too long before this is when the progenitors of Clan Halliburton first gained noble status. In this period, and the times before it, Druidism was still active. It has been postulated that even in this earlier period, the Halliburtons sponsored holy places, only at this time, it was for the Druidic Priesthood. It, then, follows that this would eventually make its way around to the support of Churches.
         Let us, then, explore the ancient origins of 'My People,' the Celts. The first written accounts of red bearded warriors from the north, can be found in the records of Hittite Empire. They are also encountered by the Persian Empire, who fought against them, at first, but eventually hired them to fight for Persia, much later. The first European account, came later from the famous Greek Historians, who referred to these 'warrior like' people that fought with their 'viscous' hounds, as the Keltoi. They were, in 390 BCE, credited with the sacking of Early Rome, and even later, they were spoken of by Julius Caesar. He wrote of the blood rage of the Gallic tribes, Celts of continental Europe. He also wrote of the violent 'War Dogs' that fought along side their masters. It is also recorded that some Celts even served as mercenaries in the armies of Queen Cleopatra, most certainly, an effort to meet revenge upon the Romans for their treatment of the Gallic tribes. 
         Solid archaeological evidence, using DNA, carbon dating, and written history, traces the Celts to an early migration out of the mountains of Eastern Persia, traveling northward into Central Asia and northwestward into Eastern Europe. This migration is estimated to have occurred sometime between 1,250 BCE and 500 BCE. The Hallstatt culture, and later, the La Tene culture, Celtic cultural centers that existed before the rise of the Roman Empire, are descendants of these original migrants. They were centered in Austria and France, respectfully. Both cultures had influence over large portions of almost all of Europe, south of the Baltic Sea. The La Tene culture is estimated to have collapsed in 1 BCE, as the Roman Empire began to solidify its dominance over the continent. The last bastion for the Celts was the British Isles. Lower Britain was fully Romanized by 84 CE. The Romans, however, were never able to subdue the the tribes in Caledonia, north of Hadrian's Wall. They also failed to ever subdue the tribes of Ireland or Manx. Manx, history has shown, actually became a haven for Druids that had been run out of Whales by the Romans. 
         The most common places to find thriving Celtic cultural centers are in Whales, Scotland, Ireland, and the Isle of Man (Manx). However, in the past few centuries, Britonic Celts in the Brittany province of France, have revitalized the Celtic culture of that region. These people had migrated to the region after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire. They were, later, absorbed by the Frankish kingdoms. In the past century, here has also been a revitalization of Celtic culture in Southwestern England, in County Cornwall. These Celts were Anglicized by the early Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. Even later, the early Portuguese kings descended from Celts that had fled the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, all the way to Iberia. There is also, of course, the massive Celtic Diaspora of the past five hundred years. The most significant period of migration was from 1845, with the beginning of Irish Potato Famine, to the late 1920s and early 1930s, after still further expulsions of the most impoverished souls of Ireland, by the British Empire. A great many of these people ended up in the United States; however, many also went to other Catholic countries in Europe and even the Americas. In the Mexican-American War, one of the most decorated units in the Mexican Army was, "La Brigada de San Patricio," the St. Patrick's Brigade.
         Now, for my knowledge of my own family's history. I will begin my story in 1745, just as Sir John, the Lord Halliburton, Baron of Tweed, was preparing to pass his title to his eldest son, Sir Thomas, Baronet of Newmains-upon-the-Tweed. Sir Thomas was the eldest of four sons. The other three sons were, in order, James, David, and William. All four of Sir John's son were of fighting age at the time of the Scottish Rebellion led by the Prince Charles Edward Stuart in 1745. Prince Charles was a descendant of the family of James Stuart, King James VI of Scotland, a Catholic, who later became, King James I of England. They all fought on the side of Scotland. Thomas and James were lost in the Battle of Culloden in 1746. David and William were taken prisoner. While in prison, the two surviving brothers were offered three punishment options for their 'treasonous' acts against King George II and his illegitimate child, the Duke of Cumberland. They could refuse to admit defeat and be executed, the could admit defeat and enlist in the British Army, or they could sign a pledge to never fight against the British Empire again and accept exile to the King's Colony of Virginia, never to return to Scotland again. The two brothers chose exile. This, subsequently, left Sir John, heir of the Lords Halliburton of the mid 1550s, with no one to leave his title to, and upon his death, the title went defunct. The title remained defunct until the early part of the nineteenth century when it was passed to an awardee of Sir Thomas Lawrence,otherwise known as, King George IV of England.
         In the winter of 1746, David and William arrived in Virginia, where they were able to purchase land in the coastal tide water region. In 1763, after the end of the British Conquest of what is now Canada, William moved to north. He is the progenitor of a great majority of the Halliburtons in Canada. David eventually became, David, Sr., with the arrival of his first born son, David, Jr. David, Jr., then, had a son, William. When William came of age, he moved the family to land outside of what is now the state capitol of North Carolina, Raleigh-Durham. When William's third son, Ambrose, came of age, he took his inheritance and moved his part of the family to the lands surrounding what is now Decatur, Mississippi. Ambrose's eldest son, Westley, moved to Milan, Missouri, where he studied law and pursued a career as a Judge, and later, a State Legislator. His was one of the key votes that kept Missouri in the Union, just as the Civil War was breaking out.
         His son second son, Thomas, got into the grocery business and established himself in Missouri, Iowa, and for a while, Southern Illinois. His third son, Raymond, grew up in a split family. His mother left his father when he was only seven years old. He spent the rest of  his years, until he was eighteen, visiting his father, who had moved back to Milan for good, and living with his mother, who had remained in Des Moines, Iowa. When he graduated high school, he first went to an Aviation Mechanics school in California. When his father's health deteriorated, he first returned home to see his mother. He then went on to Milan to share a few last words with his Father. After this, he went to Kansas State University, where he obtained a BA in Business Administration. He quickly got a job with Montgomery-Wards. This job took him all over the South and Southwest, but he finally settled in Fort Worth, Texas. His third Daughter, Katherine, after many years of travel, has settled in the Forth Worth area, as well, where she worked in the service industry for over thirty years, and now works as Nanny for her second child, a Daughter, Nicole Marks. 
         Katherine's eldest son, Kent Allen Halliburton, Me (the live person), after doing some travels of his own, has settled in the Forth Worth area, as well, where he is in the process of completing his second Master's Degree. He has an AA in History, form Tarrant County College, a BA in History, from Texas Wesleyan University, an MA in History, from The University of Texas at Arlington, and is finishing the second MA at the same institution. He has his sites set on a JD in Constitutional Law next, and then, a PhD in Criminology and Criminal Justice. His first born son, Robert Victor Halliburton Cuocolo, lives in the New York area, with his mother. He is eleventh generation American, but just as I, and my family before me, he is a Child of Alba, the Gaelic name of Scotland. There is no telling where we will go next; but rest assured, we will be around for a very long time.
        So, what does this all mean? Basically, it means that I am real person. I am here. I am not using a Fake Identity. It's actually me, Kent Allen Halliburton, a Scottish American, and a descendant of nobles, rebels, political exiles, farmers, lawyers, businessmen, hard workers, and real people of Honor. My Great Great Grandfather, Judge Westley Halliburton, is the person that fathered the two men that would later seed Raymond J. Halliburton and Earl P. Halliburton, Second Cousins, who barely ever knew each other. Their paths had diverged before they were even born, as Earl's Grandfather had moved his family to Oklahoma, where he started working in the early oil fields. The only contact that these two families had with each other was family reunions that lasted into the early 1970s. Since then, my branch of the Halliburton family has had absolutely no contact with Earl's branch of the family. We have never met them, we do not know their names, and we are, in no way, connected with the business that bears their name and has tarnished the noble name of all Halliburtons.
        Those of us that are not involved with the company, whether that condition be voluntary or involuntary, by reason of birth or indifference, respectively, find the company to be criminal. On my part, is an involuntary condition because I was born of the line of Thomas Halliburton, and not Earl's father, whose name, I must admit, most indifferently, I have long since forgotten. My separation from Earl's line is not just involuntary. It is also vehemently voluntary. My branch of the family has always taught its sons and daughters to live honestly, courageously, and honorably. This has not changed. This is not the case for the other branch of the family. In the 1950s, they sold out, lived off a minor percentage of the profits, started their own business ventures, and watched greedily, as the Board of Trustees took the company to new heights of social manipulation, war crimes, and financial fraud. 
         I have no desire to be associated with them. They make me sick, they have dishonored their family name, and I have spent my entire life studying to fight their sort. As for Halliburton, Energy, and Oil Services, as it stands now, the company is in complete violation of US Law and International Law. The company is guilty of war crimes, financial fraud, and social manipulation. The company should have its assets seized, and its top executives should be thrown in prison for life. This is my opinion on the matter, and that is all I am going to say about it. Whether you believe more or not is not going to alter how my life turns out. I am the one that must be responsible for my own life. For the person that reported my account to Facebook as a, False Identity, if you do not have the courage to talk to me personally, you are little more than a spectator to me. So, buzz off!
        As for my politics, I am not a capitalist, this I can assure you. As to what I am, if I am not a capitalist, I must honestly admit that that is a very good question. I have communist leanings, in that government ownership of the means of production is not a bad idea to me, especially when the means of production have been so severely hijacked as they have been in the past fifty years. I have fascist leanings, in how I believe that the military should not be a democratic institution. Soldiers are not trained to think or question their leaders. They are trained to follow orders and do their jobs. I have capitalist leanings, in that I think that capitalism's ability to generate wealth is extremely useful, when it is has not run amok and impoverished a large portion of the world. I have socialist tendencies when I argue that it is the state's responsibility to provide for the basic necessities of its citizens for example, basic nutrition, public safety, water, waste services, medical care, education, police protection, fire services, and many others. I have also been called a Libertarian, on the right, because I admit that our nation's finances are out of wack, and a Green Partier, to the left because of my views on environmental policy. I have even been called an Anarchist because I do not believe that corporations, much like Halliburton, will ever give up their power, unless their assets are laid out before them in ashes.
         Some people have called me a Centrist, and time has shown me that may just very well be the case. However, I will not accept that designation in the traditional sense. I am speaking of the traditional Left to Right political spectrum. In that spectrum, there is no place for me because it is one dimensional. 

        There is also the newer square model that attempts to accounts for more variables in its analysis. However, it too is flawed because it is only two dimensional. 

        I would contend that there should actually be a three dimensional model. One that accounts for more than just policy positions, or the level of government authority that you support. It needs to account for material circumstances, life circumstances, experience, education, religion, financial status, medical status, mental status, childhood experience, and many other pertinent factors. This model would be a three dimensional sphere, with a person's political positions existing somewhere in the realm of three dimensions, just like our daily lives. 

        This model is far from fully developed, but it has the potential to be far reaching. It basically says that any true government and the people that run it, need to obtain a more thorough understanding of human government. Human government is s synthesis of all the political philosophies that have ever been developed. From Communism to Fascism to anywhere else on the spectrum, each philosophy has its place and function. It is the job of true politicians to find this center, and keep us there. A qualified leader, one who truly understands the conglomerate nature of human government, in that all of the present philosophies are actually part of a single all inclusive concept, is this more complex form of a Centrist. Perhaps, this does define me, or may be it does not. Whatever it does or does not do, I want you to leave this piece with a very clear perception in your mind. My name is Kent Allen Halliburton, and I am real person. If you do not have the guts to address me when you are in doubt about something regarding my person, please, keep it to yourself, and do all that you can to refrain from being an ignorant jackwagon that reports people for stupid reasons. If you still need some more evidence, just do a Google search on Kent Allen Halliburton. The internet will give you all of the answers you seek.

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What Should the People of this Country do About the War on Drugs?

"In the United States, contrary to logic, the needs of the few or the one, outweigh the needs of the many." - Kent Allen Halliburton

        First of all, the War on Drugs is not being fought against Drugs. How can it be? Are the drugs that are coming into this country getting here on their own? Did the drugs produced from plants suddenly, and somehow magically, uproot themselves and walk here on foot, hop on a boat, or take a plane to get here? For those drugs that are altered before they reach the market, did they somehow morph into a chemically altered substance? If this is how it happened, then I would like to purchase a ticket along the parade route of the "Million Bud March!" Or perhaps, I could purchase tickets on the "Cocaine Train!" Or maybe, I should catch a flight on "Heroine Airways!" This, of course, is extremely ridiculous to even conceive. Further, if the drugs just got up and came here all on their own, how have they found their way into so many homes across the country? Did they advertise themselves on television? Did they approach us in the streets and personally introduce themselves? Did they peddle their wares door to door? Did these drugs choose us, much like a person chooses a pet? "I like that one! Can we take it home, Mommy?" There is no way, in all the world that this could possibly ever be a reality. It is, of course, most completely, incredulous! 

         So, if the War on Drugs is not being fought against the Drugs; themselves, who is the war being fought against? It is being fought against the American people, and it is being done so in such a cruel manner that the War is now doing more damage to the people than any of the drugs could have ever done. It is being fought, specifically, against the poor people of the United States. The overwhelming majority of people in prison in the United States, are there on a drug charge of some sort. Of those in prison on drug charges, another great portion of those individuals are there on a non-violent drug charges, and many are facing long term sentences for first time offenses. Much of the blame for this can be placed upon Mandatory Minimum Sentencing laws that have been documented as specifically targeting minorities and the poor, in general. Even further, a large amount of these charges are for small amounts of the drugs, and most always, this small amount was meant solely for personal use. The worst part of this is that the majority of the cases are against minorities.

        So, if the Drugs that are in this country did not get here by some unnatural miracle, and thus, are not the victims of the War on Drugs, and it can be determined that the American people are the actual victims; who is the perpetrator of this seemingly unspeakable crime? What crime, you ask? Perhaps, it is creating a market supply for a non-existent demand, and then creating the demand on site? Could it possibly be the intentionally marketing of children by certain companies? Could it be industrial grade drug trafficking? Might it also be criminal statutes designed to target racial minorities, as well as, anyone that is poor? Or is it a ruling that that gives corporations the ability to buy elections and public policy? I would argue that it is all of these together. 

        There is, however, no single entity or person that can be tagged with all of the blame. Countless U.S. Corporations are guilty of any number of unspeakable crimes against the American people, but worse, they hold nothing to the three branches of the U.S. Government. The Executive Branch of the government has been actively engaged in the importation of Drugs into this country. The Legislative Branch has passed countless laws punishing the American people for abusing and dealing these Drugs, with things like Mandatory Minimum Laws, along with passing laws that enable the police to militarize their personnel. They have also passed laws deregulating multiple industries, which has allowed them to monopolize more and more of the market. Further, the Judicial Branch has passed rulings that now allow corporations to buy power and influence within the government. Our own government is whoring itself out to the highest bidders, and in the realm of Drugs, the highest bidder is the U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry. They have intentionally covered up information that was contrary to their business interests, and this makes them criminal, but it is the government of the United States that is the most culpable. This government has not just witnessed this happen on their watch. They have actively aided in the commission this treachery, and while they are whoring themselves out, they are selling us down the river to the cheapest bidder they can find.

         Next, I would like to lay out a picture of the form that the War on Drugs as taken. Meaning that I want to take a look at exactly which drugs are getting the most attention in the war, and who is suffering the most from that attention. I shall try to remain brief and to the point. One might assume that the drug with the most attention on it would be a hard drug, along the lines of Cocaine, PCP, Heroine, and others. After all, it is these drugs that are generally the most expensive. What of Crystal Meth or Crack? These drugs are the smokeable crystal forms of other drugs. They are the most destructive, and they are much cheaper. It is because they are cheap, and because they are highly addictive that they actually get the most attention from law enforcement. This, however, is not the end of the issue. There is another factor that needs to be accounted for when trying paint this picture. This is the income of the people that buy the drugs. The incomes of the people that can afford Cocaine, Heroine, and the like are almost always high. The people using the cheaper street drugs are almost always poor. Further, the drugs that are most common among the rich carry lighter punishments for minor possession. The drugs for the poor, however, have much stiffer punishments. 

        I would contend that this is the result of a very clear problem. The poor do not have the financial resources to challenge the laws that are slapped on them, and the rich do. So, what we get is heavy punishments on the poor and light punishments on rich. This is not just a simple coincidence. This is a historic arrangement. The rich have always manipulated the poor in this manner, and this is the very same thing that exists in the United States. We do not live in a Democratic Society. We live in an oligarchy, where the most rich at the top run things, and those below them are expected to get in line with the program. Failure to adhere to the accepted norm is almost always rewarded with state violence. Forgive the redundant remittance of the present wealth gap in this country. One percent of the population owns ninety-nine percent of the wealth in this country. Ninety percent of that is still owned by another group of wealthy individuals, the one percent of the percent. Further, these people make so much money that one might think that taxes from their income could fund a new economic boom in this country. They would be thinking very correctly; however, the reality of what exists is most unacceptable. The economy is constantly under threat of faltering, public services are continuing to face severe budget cuts, and the poor and and lower middle class citizens of this country are still finding it extremely difficult to even live with some basic comfort, as work becomes harder and harder to find and corporations continue to move overseas to cheaper labor markets or to cut wages and benefits, in their effort to pad their profit margins. This all, as I have argued, is the result of both federal and state actions.

         So, how do the rich secure their place in this system? They use the paradox that we just reviewed. They assist in the importation of the products needed to create the drugs that are most commonly used by the poor. They then use the street drug scene to get the drug distributed; where, afterwards, they then punish the very poor people that helped them get the drug onto the street. A drug eventually takes its addictive hold, the people become drones, seeking only that drug to survive, and fail to do anything constructive to rid their lives of the rich oppressors above them. The rich are then left with a safe place to do their business and enjoy their excesses, free from the oddities of the poor. When this arrangement becomes unbalanced, they use the police to exercise extra violence against their desired targets, the poor. They keep as many people poor as they can, and drugs are just one of the many ways that they use to do it. They use a whole slew of methods, from highly sophisticated propaganda, brutality, and the War on Drugs that we have discussed. Until the poor, of collars and creeds, make this situation change, however, it is going to remain the same.

        So, what should we do? That is an interesting question. I have suggested in the past that a complete reset is necessary. I would and have argued that we simply need to start over. This does not need to be done violently, though. The people of the United States can do this, and they can do it peacefully. We simply Refuse to Cooperate. I outline the process in the article, "Government of the People, For the People, and by the People: It's Time We Made This Statement Real." The gist is, essentially that 'We the People' exercise our Constitutional Rights as, what I call, the 'Fourth Branch of the U.S. Government.' We form a new government,and serve the present Government their pink slip. This will not be taken very well. I then suggest that we appeal to the International Community for assistance. We have to be able to show them the evidence that the new government we formed has the ability to govern, and we have to allow the present government to show its true colors. We have to show the world, in High Definition, what this country, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, really is. We have to show the world the real threat to World Peace is The United Corporate States of the Conglomerate, LLC!

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Rebel Stronghold: Creating Culture

*This post was originally shared by Seven, AKA, Mike Schmidt, on his blog, Rebel Stronghold. I thought you might find it an insightful little read. Read his other posts at

"Big Brother is Always Watching." - George Orwell in 1984

There's an old story out there, and a brief Google expedition didn't turn up much about it's source, aside from numerous retellings. Apparently, it's based on some research done in 1967, by one Dr. Stephenson (cited in Galef, 1976), and it's used quite often in business seminars and training. The message, however, is important whether it actually happened or not, and it goes a little something like this. (Ahem!)

Researchers placed 5 gorillas in a room, and in that room was a bunch of bananas hanging from the ceiling by a rope with stairs leading up to them. It didn't take long for one of the gorillas to investigate and begin to climb the stairs, at which point all of the apes were doused by ice cold water from the sprinkler system in the ceiling. The inquisitive one quickly descended the stairs and rejoined the group. After a few minutes and some time spent drying up, another one of the group decided he'd have better luck with those bananas and began to climb the stairs, when all of the apes were doused, again, with ice cold water. Gorillas learn quickly, and none of them ever tried for the fruit again.

After a few hours one of the apes was led out and he was replaced by a new individual who quickly took interest in the bananas. The other apes saw his interest, and when he tried to climb the stairs, they lunged at him and beat him mercilessly. Not knowing what just happened, he quickly moved away from the stairs to lick his wounds. Not soon after, another one of the original apes was taken from the room and another new individual was introduced. This one took immediate interest in the fruit, just like the the new guy before him, and when he went for the stairs, the group jumped on him and beat him as well, gleefully joined by the ape who was beaten, himself, only half an hour before.

This behavior continued as each of the remaining original apes were removed until the room contained 5 individuals, who all knew NEVER to climb the stairs, even though none of them knew why or what would happen if you did. To them, it was just "the way it's always been done" and what the researchers had actually done, was to create a small bit of culture in this grouping of apes. "We never go up the stairs".

Being closely related to these animals, humans tend to show similar behaviors, if less (or more) exaggerated. This reminds me of how many of our own cultures are steeped in "tradition" and religious laws with no reason given as to why we follow them aside from "it's god's will". As a non-believer this answer has never sat well with me for obvious reasons, and as science has advanced a bit since these books were written, explanations are more readily apparent.

When Leviticus says that pigs are unclean and those who eat them are committing a sin, as someone with a modern view, it's fairly easy to see how this got codified into law. Under cooked pork in developing countries often carries Trichinosis, which can kill a person who eats it in pretty nasty ways. Should this same fate happen to two or more people in any particular village, a primitive culture could quickly make the connection between eating pork and a nasty death.

With no knowledge of the species of roundworm that caused the affliction, it would be only logical that "God doesn't want you to eat pork." Laws are then created with the true benevolent purpose of preventing people from dying, and if they work, they are passed down to the following generations. The same goes for shellfish, and most of the other banned foods in the bible. They all have a higher-than-normal potential for being infected with parasites, poisons, and various bacteria, all completely unknown to ancient science.

This same logical conclusion could have been reached with many of the other banned acts such as homosexuality. Lacking today's methods of sanitation, protection, and medical treatment, anal sex can be a very unsanitary business. If enough men dropped dead from diseases originating from their sexual organs, it would only be obvious that "God doesn't want two men having sex." Laws are then created and passed down, again, with the honest intention of saving lives.

Of course these conclusions would be silly today, but with a limited knowledge-base even an intelligent person could make these logical leaps of faith. The problem is that too many people today read these old conclusions in an ancient text and choose not to rethink cause and effect, but to hold on to ideas like "God doesn't want you to eat pork" and "Homosexuality is a sin." It's tradition, it's culture, and it's just the way it's always been done...

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Police Brutality and State Violence: A Nation at War with Itself

"This is what happens when you call the cops.....You get your rights violated or you all get shot!" - Rob Hustle (Call the Cops!)

         Before you get too deep into this piece, stop for a second and click on the link above, 'Call the Cops!' The video may be unsettling for some because of grotesque violence, but please, do watch it. It is something that we all need to see and be aware of. If we ignore what is going on, we will one day find ourselves all entangled in a deathtrap from which there will be no foreseeable escape. The frequency and severity of police brutality has skyrocketed in the past decade. This is not to say that such violence has not occurred in the past. Nor is it arguing that other past events have not been any worse. It is simply saying that in comparison to the ten years prior, it seems that police brutality has either increased dramatically, or simply been much more visible than ever before. Things like this should rock us to the very center of our being. If does not, then perhaps we need to have another 'Great Awakening,' or something else similar that might wake us all up from the dream that we have been stuck in for the last seventy years.
        Our government has historically endorsed the use of violence against its own citizens, from the very earliest days of the Republic. What we are seeing now is not new, but it is unique. If for nothing else than the fact that this is the most visible that state oppression in this country has ever been. In the past, news of violence against US Citizens by their own government traveled very slowly. With the advent of popular newspapers, then radio, and then television, that information began to travel much faster. However, these mediums cannot hold a candle to the Internet. It is now possible for people on the other side of the world to see what our government has begun against its own people, as it is happening. What have they begun? The United States Government is at DEFCON 1 with its own people. They are engaging in an active war of attrition against their own people. No one in this country is free from this war unless they are uber wealthy or politically powerful. For the rest of us the role we are expected to play is very simple, 'It is not to question why, but only to do an die!' 
         To get a better sense of what I mean, please, let me take you on a trip down history lane. The Whiskey Rebellion was the first real point in US History when the US Government used force against its own citizens to enforce the law.  The rebellion occurred in 1791 in Western Pennsylvania. Led by President/General George Washington, the whiskey distillers of Western Pennsylvania were faced with an armed force sent to make them adhere to a new tax issued by the US Congress. It cannot be forgotten that the rebels used violence, as well, but they were faced by government forces sent to force them into compliance with the law, while the only serious damage they did was not equipment and supplies. There were also so few deaths in the conflict because many of the rebels recognized Washington on his horse riding onto the battlefield. They laid down their arms, rather than fighting the man that had defeated the British and secured the independence of the United States, despite the obvious irony that if they had resisted him with force, Washington would have had no qualms about ordering that they be shot for their refusal to comply to the new federal tax statute.

        The next major example of such forced used against the American people came in the New York Draft Riots in July of 1863. Poor citizens of the various boroughs of New York City were being force drafted in the United States Army to be sent to the front lines of the American Civil War. There were many that did not accept this fate willingly. However, the order to institute the draft came directly from the President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. Under the authority of his constitutional war powers, Lincoln issued an executive order to draft as many men as possible for immediate training and deployment to the South. This meant that the draft order carried the full weight of law. To enforce the order, the Army was sent into the city. Over four days of rioting and pitched battles with American citizens and immigrants alike, one-hundred and twenty people were confirmed dead and two-thousand more were injured to varying degrees.

         Let us also not forget the Railroad and factory strikes of the Gilded Age and the Progressive Era. In these periods, the United States Army, organizations like the Pinkerton Detectives, and local state and municipal police forces engaged in pitched street battles with American citizens in their efforts to enforce labor law and restore order. They were fighting poor, starving workers, who were simply trying to get a fairs day wage for the back breaking work that they were being asked to do. There is also the Bonus March Massacre. Thousands of World War I pensioners from across the United States converged on Washington, D.C. on June 15, 1932, where they camped out and intended to remain until they received the pensions that they had earned while serving their country in the trenches of France. What response did they get? They were attacked and many were killed or injured. Who were they attacked by? Major Douglas MacArthur and First Lieutenant George S. Patton, the later magnanimous heroes of War War II, accompanied by the D.C. police. 

         This all, however, is nothing in comparison to what has happened to African Americans in this country since before its very foundation. Slavery, in and of itself, was an engaged effort of the US Government to keep an entire people oppressed and in bound servitude to meet the labor needs of a burgeoning agricultural market. The methods used to suppress resistance in the slave population were positively evil. People were bought and sold on auction blocks, transported in chains, beaten with bull whips, tortured, castrated, raped, murdered, worked to death, and executed without impunity. Further, slavery was not the end of it. With the end of slavery in 1863, and the Union victory in the Civil War in 1865, the problem became on of domestic terrorism. Governments throughout the South either looked the other way or were actively engaged in acts of Domestic Terrorism against African Americans in their constant efforts to keep African Americans in constant fear for their lives, as well as, keeping them servile and weak. The KKK was originally founded by Nathan Bedford Forrest. It was originally a gorilla force designed to resist the Union occupation of the South. It then morphed into an unofficial enforcer of Jim Crow laws, which were enacted after the end of Reconstruction and kept in force for nearly a century. Their sole purpose was to keep African Americans in a state of oppressed second class servitude

        This violence continued into the 1960s, when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was leading the Civil Rights Movement. People were lynched in public squares, burned alive, castrated, murdered, beaten, raped, executed, and more, all in an organized an effort to keep them entangled in a rigid, deadly, and socially segregated system of oppression and fear. It was also common for people's homes to be bombed, gassed, or even burned completely to the ground. Dr. King, himself, was the victim of multiple beatings, arson. and later, a brutal assassination in Memphis, Tennessee, during a sanitation workers strike. Malcolm X had only been shot two years prior. In the seventies and early eighties, the government focused its attention on the destruction of organizations like the Black Panther Party for Self Defense. Huey P. Newton was their most significant victim in that struggle. Tupac Amari Shakur's step-father, Matula Shakur, for whom Tupac was named, had a legitimate medical license and a successful acupuncture business. His business was so successful in alleviating heroine addiction in New York City that he was deemed a threat by the government. They shut his entire operation down to prevent him from destroying the market for heroine in the city. When he resorted to violence, the government hunted him down and gave him a sixty year prison sentence. This was done all because, when he was still a peaceful man, he worked to alleviate the pain of heroine addicts that were making legitimate efforts to get clean.

        Fast forward to the present day. The extent of police brutality and state violence against the people has become much much worse. On July 31, 2013, Cindy Hahn of Carlsbad, California was pulled from her car, beaten, and arrested over a seat belt violation. This was, of course, while her two children, aged seven and eleven, watched from their seats in the family vehicle. In January of this year, Floyd Dent of Inkster, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, was removed from his car and beaten by a white officer because he ran a stop sign. In November of 2011, Iraq War Veteran, Kayvan Sabehgi, was nearly killed by the Oakland Police Department when they fired rubber bullets into a crowd of peaceful protesters. In the middle of this past August, eighteen year-old, Mansure Ball-Bey, was shot in the back by officers of the St. Louis Police Department. Their deed was caught on video, yet they continued to argue that they fired at the man only after he first pointed a gun at them. Why then did he die from a gun shot wound to the back? On July 31 of this year, Samuel DuBose, of Cincinnati, Ohio, was shot dead by a Cincinnati Police Officer, while unarmed. This list could continue for a very long time, but the sake of brevity, I shall not enumerate all of them. Honestly, even if I wanted to, I would not be able to. There are just too many. However, I would love it if any reader that knows of other such incidents were to post a link and description of any of these similar instances in the comment section at the bottom of this page. The more we all know, the better off we will be, despite the pain that we must all endure in order for our eyes to finally be opened.

         Having mentioned all of this, I would like to posit a question. Why is it that all of this is happening with such frequency and publicity, now? This question addresses not the cause of individual events, but rather, the root cause of what now seems to be a daily affair. Further, it is not just affecting a single ethnicity, although African Americans have been suffering the heaviest losses. This is effecting all ethnicities and both males and females. The most recent college campus shootings, including the one that happened early Friday morning in Arizona, are merely compounding an already existing problem. 

        While there are countless political and economic philosophies that could account for the problem fairly adequately, it is not the goal of this article get overtly political, though it does push the line. This article seeks a more tangible answer. I am looking for an answer that can be used to explain a recent, say occurring in the last ten to fifteen years, massive spike in violence against predominantly unarmed law abiding citizens. Though I cannot yet back this idea up with sold evidence quite yet, I believe that I have a fairly plausible explanation. Feel free to criticize me, and please, if you find positive evidence to the contrary, share it with me and the others. New information is always welcome. I would like to bring Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD, into the conversation, where I believe you well all find it more than torturous to ignore.

        Has anyone ever considered that our country may be experiencing the aftermath of failing to treat what is, really, a collective case of mental illness, whether inherited or artificially induced? Allow me to develop the idea. On September 11, 2001, whether you believe it was a foreign attack or an internal job, this country got a most dramatic reality check. The 9/11 Attacks struck this country to its very core, and it most definitely left scars in the memories of all who witnessed the events. It is what happened next, however, that is of vital interest to my suggestion that we are dealing with a collective outburst of PTSD. Almost immediately after the attacks, the United States entered into a sustained armed conflict with no reasonable exit strategy in sight. Two years later, the scale of the conflict was broaden to include Iraq. To this very day, neither of these theaters has been brought under effective control. Thus, soldiers have been locked in a constant cycle of destructive violence and eminent death for going on nearly fifteen years now.

         In the past fourteen years, thousands upon thousands of men and women have gone to the Middle East to fight in the Afghan and Iraq Wars. Many of these men and women have not just been there once or twice, several have faced the reality of four or more tours in the region. In these conflicts, the men and women of our armed forces were exposed to, on each occasion, six months to one year or more, under the constant threat of deadly violence. Historically, this is not a new thing. Also, historically, the US Government has regularly failed to provide its returning veterans with the appropriate psychiatric assistance before they go home to their old lives. This affect has been even worse on National Guard units and the Reserves, who until the present conflicts, were almost exclusively used for domestic emergencies but are, now, engaged in direct combat only weeks after getting married and starting a new job. There situation is very similar to that of active duty service members, but their situation is also unique in an important way. These men and women were not always just out of boot camp when they went to the Middle East. Many were just out of their living rooms. The result of this massive and unaccustomed exposure to such routine violence is nearly an entire generation of poor and working class American men and women suffering from legitimate mentally illness, almost exclusively from PTSD, that have been unable to properly reintegrate into civilian society. Many of these injured service members, so intensely unable to control their disorder, ended up homeless on the streets, right next to veterans from past wars,like Iraq 1, Vietnam, Korea, WW II, WW I, and many others. 

         I can imagine that many others, in their best effort to reintegrate into civilian society, may have taken advantage of their military training to get a quasi well paying job with their local law enforcement agencies. This means, essentially that very possibly, thousands of veterans suffering from the effects of PTSD are being exposed to the similar life and death situations that they faced during their tours in the Middle East. Whether their PTSD is being treated properly or not, constant exposure to similar high stress situations is almost guaranteed to trigger a PTSD episode at some point or another. I would contend that a great many of these most recent beatings, meaning those in the past ten to fifteen years, have been the result uncontrollable PTSD attacks. Now, before you call me an apologist for the present level of brutal police violence, I am not qualifying the actions of these men and women. I am simply saying that there might just be a much bigger problem than has been previously assumed.

        What is the nature of the problem? If you look to the picture on the left, you see Marines carrying a dead or injured comrade to safety as they are leaving the scene of an urban street battle. If you look to the picture on the right, you see a situation with the very real potential for a similar violent urban street battle. The picture on the right was taken during the unrest in Baltimore, where in some instances, there were actual outbreaks of fighting between the police and civilians. These riots were in response to an inordinate amount of violent killings of civilians by the the police. Freddie Gray, the man that was killed most recently there, and the crime for which these people are expressing their anger, was merely the tipping point for people who have been dealing with this kind of problem for multiple generations. What do you think is going to happen when people in similar situations set to the streets again and half of the police department that is responsible for settling the issue is made up of Afghanistan and Iraq Veterans, who have not received the appropriate psychiatric treatment for their PTSD?

         This photo begs a very serious question. Why, on Earth, does this officer see the need to point a Street Sweeper at unarmed civilians seated on the ground with their heads tucked between their legs? Is it because he is attempting to protect them? Is it because he sees them as an imminent threat to his life? Is it because someone in the crowd is pointing something back at him? While I will admit that these may be true to some varying degree, I would contend that there is actually something else at work that is much more powerful. Whilst in the Middle East, and while being exposed to these highly dangerous war zones, these mean and women picked up vital experience in urban combat. So, when they come back to the US, and they are some of the most experienced urban combat specialists in the country, where do you think they are going to turn for work? 

         One might easily imagine that their experience would be instrumental to the urban police departments in this country. Correct me, please, if I am off base here; but, imagine not long after the first assaults on the Taliban were underway, some soldiers injured in the conflict began to come home, along with soldiers that had completed their contracted service, both of whom were suffering from untreated PTSD. Those that are physically capable may have gravitated towards urban centers to look for work the type of work for which, they were most preeminently qualified. This, then, would have infused those police departments with highly trained military veterans, who will also now have the ability to spread their new training to other police departments and to, possibly, assist in the recruitment of later waves of incoming Afghan and Iraq War veterans. They are all, of course, very likely suffering from the very same problem, PTSD. These highly trained, well disciplined, and intensely indoctrinated urban warfare veterans, who are expected to do what they are told and to complain about it only once they are dead, will be the tools of incredible state oppression.

         Now, imagine this scene for a few moments. A highly trained urban assault force, SWAT, is now employed by a great majority of American cities, to include suburban and rural communities. The one place in the world where they are the most calm and collected, close quarters combat, is given an avenue for the release of pent up rage from PTSD. It has also, very visibly, turned police forces into rigid near military level organizations, armed with the latest in armored vehicle technology, sniper technology, and even more effective methods of urban combat. One wonders how that may have happened. Could it be that highly trained military veterans transformed their police academy programs into the equivalent of a full scale infantry basic training course and fused their philosophies of war into highly effective propaganda machines capable of indoctrinating new recruits just as effectively as the US Military did them? They will be given a crisis, they will be given an enemy to fight, and they will pursue that enemy without impunity, until they have fully secured and neutralized their target.

        Ladies and Gentlemen, what on earth might you imagine would come of this? Who do you think that their enemy is going to be? It is going to be their own people. It is going to be their own families, their own friends, and their many other fellow Americans. It is going to be against men, women, and children. It is going to be done to citizens of all ages, religions, and ethnicities. We are all going to be victim to this no longer simple police force, but what is now, in reality, a highly trained military combat assault force, whose main goal is to hunt us down one by one, until we are silent, compliant, and completely ignorant. I am reminded, now, of a quote popular from the Gilded Age of American Industry, coined by Railroad Mogul, Jay Gould, 'We need not worry too harshly over this strike business, for we can always hire one half of the working class to kill the other.' He took that philosophy very seriously, and executed violence against strikers with impunity.

         The same thing is going on now; only now it is worse, as we are on the brink of experiencing the same war like conditions that the United States has induced upon countless other countries around the world, for what is just a little bit more than a century, now. Why else would police departments be training their officers in the operation of combat tanks, attack helicopters, and highly advanced tracking and communications technology? Where is this going to take us as a people and a nation? How much longer will the US Government be able to strengthen this dangerously booming transformation of policing in the US? Is there a way to temper the rage that is extravagantly visible in the video at the beginning of this post, before we all, civilian and militarized cop alike, are lying dead in the street baking in the heat of the Texas sun? That is a big question, and what it requires is, not only years of research, but also, a very lengthy, well thought out, well researched, peer reviewed, multifaceted response that accounts for all of the complexities of this country's problems and for the sheer volume of data available on the increasing danger to the average citizen's ability to enjoy the fruits of their life, liberty, and happiness. Unfortunately, the likelihood of that much time being available before the complete collapse of civil order in this country, is most egregiously unlikely, and more desperately so, like to worsen even more with the passing of each and every singly day. 

         What is the result of this artificially induced Civil War occurring within the ranks of the working class? It is, unequivocally a Police State. Worse, it gets very close to crossing the line into being a Totalitarian Fascist Dictatorship. We are criminals by virtue of our very existence. There is nothing that we do that is not regulated by the state, and rather than helping educate people on how not to get in trouble, people are being kept ignorant in order to provide a continuous flow of criminal types that can be targeted and blamed for this country's woes. This must be resisted, but how should that happen? If it is done violently, the end result will be more dead working class and poor people, and less and less freedoms to enjoy in what is supposed to be the scion of democracy in this world, and this country will look more and more, to its own citizens, like the image that a large portion of the world has already placed upon this country. What is that image? It is the image of the advance of the forth horseman of the Apocalypse, Death, and his pail steed, as all of the host of hell follows behind them. Our response to this problem must be the opposite of what is being dealt upon us. The form that this response should take is still up for debate, but it must almost assuredly be as non-violent as possible. The more killing that occurs, the more unlikely it will be that anything of substance will ever change for the better.