Friday, October 23, 2015

Clan Halliburton: A Short History, Accompanied by an Analysis of My Politics

"I am Kent, Son of Katherine, Daughter of Raymond, Son of Thomas, Son of Ralph, Son of Joseph, Son of Charles, Son of Ambrose, Son of David, Jr., Son of David, Sr., Son of George of Clan Halliburton, Friends to Clan Home, a direct descendant of the last Halliburton, Sir John Halliburton, to hold the title, Lord Halliburton, Baron of Tweed at Newmains-upon-the-Tweed." - Kent Allen Halliburton

         This post goes out to whomever it was that reported my account to Facebook as a 'False Identity!!!!!" I will say this first, I find your reporting my account to Facebook as a False Identity to be a complete and total pain in the neck. It is irritating in ways not to be mentioned in polite company, and it is, at least to me and those near me, the sign of a deeply embedded illness, Cowardice! The only cure for this disease is for you to face the source of your cowardice. Could you not have asked me about the oddity that you saw on your computer screen? Or was seeing a Halliburton dis capitalism just too incredulous for you? Either way, it does not matter. I am an open book, and I am not afraid to defend myself against anyone that sets themselves to insulting or belittling me. Normally, I would say that I do not do business with cowards, but I must admit that your situation presents you with a very strange story. 
         Halliburton Energy and Oil Services has been defrauding the public since it went public in the 1950s, and the last few actual Halliburtons in the company sold out to the Board of Trustees. There is no way for me to contest that, and I would not want to. Further, you find yourself viewing and reading remarks that are completely contrary to your perception of what Halliburton means. I feel for you, I honestly do. I have had this name my entire life, and it has gotten me in and out of situations that most normal people would not have to face. However, also for my entire life, I have carefully researched my name's true meaning, the truly ancient origins of my people, and my personal family history. I can assure, my skeptical friend that Halliburton Energy and Oil Services is actually the one that is contrary to what it means to be a Halliburton. Every executive at Halliburton, none of whom are actual Halliburtons, deserve to rot in a maximum security prison, fed only bread and water, for the rest of their natural lives, only to have their worthless bodies dumped into an unmarked grave after they have finally succumbed to old age and boredom. The next several paragraphs will be my attempt to explain this to you. After you have read this article, if you are willing to confront me in a peaceful manner, I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. In fact, it would be an honor and a pleasure. Please consider it. You might find a new friend.
         Let us begin with the meaning of the name Halliburton. The name first appears in history in the middle of the 11th Century. This coincides with the trend to adopt a Surname in Scottish society during the same period. In this period, many people took surnames related to their occupation such as, Miller, Baker, Farmer, and the like. Noble families of the era, however, tended to take surnames that were more representative of the lands over which they ruled. Further, most nobles of the era still spoke the Scots form of Gaelic. This language is an offshoot of Middle Irish, spoken by invaders/settlers from North Eastern Ireland. So was the case with Clan Halliburton. They formed their surname from a combination of two words that described the nature of their relationship with the Catholic Church on their lands. The family sponsored multiple buildings dedicated to the Church throughout their lands. So, they went back to Gaelic to find the words that would make up the beginnings of the surname Halliburton. They chose the world for Holy, Naofa, and then the word for House, Burton. 
         This may be strange, but consider that Gaelic words are pronounced much differently than words in English, and the case that over time, spellings of the name morphed into a more Anglicized form, which produced the various spellings of the last name that are related to that first group, Halliburton, Haliburton, Holyburton, Hallyburton, Halyburton, Halleyburton, and a few others. The words represented the feature on their lands that they were the most proud of, Holy Houses, or Churches. There is an older history of the family, going far beyond the first people to take the name Halliburton, however. The Halliburtons have been in the Tweed region of Southern Scotland and Northern England for a very long time. It is postulated that the people who later became Halliburtons, were minor nobles in service of the people that later became Clan Home. Some time, not too long before this is when the progenitors of Clan Halliburton first gained noble status. In this period, and the times before it, Druidism was still active. It has been postulated that even in this earlier period, the Halliburtons sponsored holy places, only at this time, it was for the Druidic Priesthood. It, then, follows that this would eventually make its way around to the support of Churches.
         Let us, then, explore the ancient origins of 'My People,' the Celts. The first written accounts of red bearded warriors from the north, can be found in the records of Hittite Empire. They are also encountered by the Persian Empire, who fought against them, at first, but eventually hired them to fight for Persia, much later. The first European account, came later from the famous Greek Historians, who referred to these 'warrior like' people that fought with their 'viscous' hounds, as the Keltoi. They were, in 390 BCE, credited with the sacking of Early Rome, and even later, they were spoken of by Julius Caesar. He wrote of the blood rage of the Gallic tribes, Celts of continental Europe. He also wrote of the violent 'War Dogs' that fought along side their masters. It is also recorded that some Celts even served as mercenaries in the armies of Queen Cleopatra, most certainly, an effort to meet revenge upon the Romans for their treatment of the Gallic tribes. 
         Solid archaeological evidence, using DNA, carbon dating, and written history, traces the Celts to an early migration out of the mountains of Eastern Persia, traveling northward into Central Asia and northwestward into Eastern Europe. This migration is estimated to have occurred sometime between 1,250 BCE and 500 BCE. The Hallstatt culture, and later, the La Tene culture, Celtic cultural centers that existed before the rise of the Roman Empire, are descendants of these original migrants. They were centered in Austria and France, respectfully. Both cultures had influence over large portions of almost all of Europe, south of the Baltic Sea. The La Tene culture is estimated to have collapsed in 1 BCE, as the Roman Empire began to solidify its dominance over the continent. The last bastion for the Celts was the British Isles. Lower Britain was fully Romanized by 84 CE. The Romans, however, were never able to subdue the the tribes in Caledonia, north of Hadrian's Wall. They also failed to ever subdue the tribes of Ireland or Manx. Manx, history has shown, actually became a haven for Druids that had been run out of Whales by the Romans. 
         The most common places to find thriving Celtic cultural centers are in Whales, Scotland, Ireland, and the Isle of Man (Manx). However, in the past few centuries, Britonic Celts in the Brittany province of France, have revitalized the Celtic culture of that region. These people had migrated to the region after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire. They were, later, absorbed by the Frankish kingdoms. In the past century, here has also been a revitalization of Celtic culture in Southwestern England, in County Cornwall. These Celts were Anglicized by the early Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. Even later, the early Portuguese kings descended from Celts that had fled the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, all the way to Iberia. There is also, of course, the massive Celtic Diaspora of the past five hundred years. The most significant period of migration was from 1845, with the beginning of Irish Potato Famine, to the late 1920s and early 1930s, after still further expulsions of the most impoverished souls of Ireland, by the British Empire. A great many of these people ended up in the United States; however, many also went to other Catholic countries in Europe and even the Americas. In the Mexican-American War, one of the most decorated units in the Mexican Army was, "La Brigada de San Patricio," the St. Patrick's Brigade.
         Now, for my knowledge of my own family's history. I will begin my story in 1745, just as Sir John, the Lord Halliburton, Baron of Tweed, was preparing to pass his title to his eldest son, Sir Thomas, Baronet of Newmains-upon-the-Tweed. Sir Thomas was the eldest of four sons. The other three sons were, in order, James, David, and William. All four of Sir John's son were of fighting age at the time of the Scottish Rebellion led by the Prince Charles Edward Stuart in 1745. Prince Charles was a descendant of the family of James Stuart, King James VI of Scotland, a Catholic, who later became, King James I of England. They all fought on the side of Scotland. Thomas and James were lost in the Battle of Culloden in 1746. David and William were taken prisoner. While in prison, the two surviving brothers were offered three punishment options for their 'treasonous' acts against King George II and his illegitimate child, the Duke of Cumberland. They could refuse to admit defeat and be executed, the could admit defeat and enlist in the British Army, or they could sign a pledge to never fight against the British Empire again and accept exile to the King's Colony of Virginia, never to return to Scotland again. The two brothers chose exile. This, subsequently, left Sir John, heir of the Lords Halliburton of the mid 1550s, with no one to leave his title to, and upon his death, the title went defunct. The title remained defunct until the early part of the nineteenth century when it was passed to an awardee of Sir Thomas Lawrence,otherwise known as, King George IV of England.
         In the winter of 1746, David and William arrived in Virginia, where they were able to purchase land in the coastal tide water region. In 1763, after the end of the British Conquest of what is now Canada, William moved to north. He is the progenitor of a great majority of the Halliburtons in Canada. David eventually became, David, Sr., with the arrival of his first born son, David, Jr. David, Jr., then, had a son, William. When William came of age, he moved the family to land outside of what is now the state capitol of North Carolina, Raleigh-Durham. When William's third son, Ambrose, came of age, he took his inheritance and moved his part of the family to the lands surrounding what is now Decatur, Mississippi. Ambrose's eldest son, Westley, moved to Milan, Missouri, where he studied law and pursued a career as a Judge, and later, a State Legislator. His was one of the key votes that kept Missouri in the Union, just as the Civil War was breaking out.
         His son second son, Thomas, got into the grocery business and established himself in Missouri, Iowa, and for a while, Southern Illinois. His third son, Raymond, grew up in a split family. His mother left his father when he was only seven years old. He spent the rest of  his years, until he was eighteen, visiting his father, who had moved back to Milan for good, and living with his mother, who had remained in Des Moines, Iowa. When he graduated high school, he first went to an Aviation Mechanics school in California. When his father's health deteriorated, he first returned home to see his mother. He then went on to Milan to share a few last words with his Father. After this, he went to Kansas State University, where he obtained a BA in Business Administration. He quickly got a job with Montgomery-Wards. This job took him all over the South and Southwest, but he finally settled in Fort Worth, Texas. His third Daughter, Katherine, after many years of travel, has settled in the Forth Worth area, as well, where she worked in the service industry for over thirty years, and now works as Nanny for her second child, a Daughter, Nicole Marks. 
         Katherine's eldest son, Kent Allen Halliburton, Me (the live person), after doing some travels of his own, has settled in the Forth Worth area, as well, where he is in the process of completing his second Master's Degree. He has an AA in History, form Tarrant County College, a BA in History, from Texas Wesleyan University, an MA in History, from The University of Texas at Arlington, and is finishing the second MA at the same institution. He has his sites set on a JD in Constitutional Law next, and then, a PhD in Criminology and Criminal Justice. His first born son, Robert Victor Halliburton Cuocolo, lives in the New York area, with his mother. He is eleventh generation American, but just as I, and my family before me, he is a Child of Alba, the Gaelic name of Scotland. There is no telling where we will go next; but rest assured, we will be around for a very long time.
        So, what does this all mean? Basically, it means that I am real person. I am here. I am not using a Fake Identity. It's actually me, Kent Allen Halliburton, a Scottish American, and a descendant of nobles, rebels, political exiles, farmers, lawyers, businessmen, hard workers, and real people of Honor. My Great Great Grandfather, Judge Westley Halliburton, is the person that fathered the two men that would later seed Raymond J. Halliburton and Earl P. Halliburton, Second Cousins, who barely ever knew each other. Their paths had diverged before they were even born, as Earl's Grandfather had moved his family to Oklahoma, where he started working in the early oil fields. The only contact that these two families had with each other was family reunions that lasted into the early 1970s. Since then, my branch of the Halliburton family has had absolutely no contact with Earl's branch of the family. We have never met them, we do not know their names, and we are, in no way, connected with the business that bears their name and has tarnished the noble name of all Halliburtons.
        Those of us that are not involved with the company, whether that condition be voluntary or involuntary, by reason of birth or indifference, respectively, find the company to be criminal. On my part, is an involuntary condition because I was born of the line of Thomas Halliburton, and not Earl's father, whose name, I must admit, most indifferently, I have long since forgotten. My separation from Earl's line is not just involuntary. It is also vehemently voluntary. My branch of the family has always taught its sons and daughters to live honestly, courageously, and honorably. This has not changed. This is not the case for the other branch of the family. In the 1950s, they sold out, lived off a minor percentage of the profits, started their own business ventures, and watched greedily, as the Board of Trustees took the company to new heights of social manipulation, war crimes, and financial fraud. 
         I have no desire to be associated with them. They make me sick, they have dishonored their family name, and I have spent my entire life studying to fight their sort. As for Halliburton, Energy, and Oil Services, as it stands now, the company is in complete violation of US Law and International Law. The company is guilty of war crimes, financial fraud, and social manipulation. The company should have its assets seized, and its top executives should be thrown in prison for life. This is my opinion on the matter, and that is all I am going to say about it. Whether you believe more or not is not going to alter how my life turns out. I am the one that must be responsible for my own life. For the person that reported my account to Facebook as a, False Identity, if you do not have the courage to talk to me personally, you are little more than a spectator to me. So, buzz off!
        As for my politics, I am not a capitalist, this I can assure you. As to what I am, if I am not a capitalist, I must honestly admit that that is a very good question. I have communist leanings, in that government ownership of the means of production is not a bad idea to me, especially when the means of production have been so severely hijacked as they have been in the past fifty years. I have fascist leanings, in how I believe that the military should not be a democratic institution. Soldiers are not trained to think or question their leaders. They are trained to follow orders and do their jobs. I have capitalist leanings, in that I think that capitalism's ability to generate wealth is extremely useful, when it is has not run amok and impoverished a large portion of the world. I have socialist tendencies when I argue that it is the state's responsibility to provide for the basic necessities of its citizens for example, basic nutrition, public safety, water, waste services, medical care, education, police protection, fire services, and many others. I have also been called a Libertarian, on the right, because I admit that our nation's finances are out of wack, and a Green Partier, to the left because of my views on environmental policy. I have even been called an Anarchist because I do not believe that corporations, much like Halliburton, will ever give up their power, unless their assets are laid out before them in ashes.
         Some people have called me a Centrist, and time has shown me that may just very well be the case. However, I will not accept that designation in the traditional sense. I am speaking of the traditional Left to Right political spectrum. In that spectrum, there is no place for me because it is one dimensional. 

        There is also the newer square model that attempts to accounts for more variables in its analysis. However, it too is flawed because it is only two dimensional. 

        I would contend that there should actually be a three dimensional model. One that accounts for more than just policy positions, or the level of government authority that you support. It needs to account for material circumstances, life circumstances, experience, education, religion, financial status, medical status, mental status, childhood experience, and many other pertinent factors. This model would be a three dimensional sphere, with a person's political positions existing somewhere in the realm of three dimensions, just like our daily lives. 

        This model is far from fully developed, but it has the potential to be far reaching. It basically says that any true government and the people that run it, need to obtain a more thorough understanding of human government. Human government is s synthesis of all the political philosophies that have ever been developed. From Communism to Fascism to anywhere else on the spectrum, each philosophy has its place and function. It is the job of true politicians to find this center, and keep us there. A qualified leader, one who truly understands the conglomerate nature of human government, in that all of the present philosophies are actually part of a single all inclusive concept, is this more complex form of a Centrist. Perhaps, this does define me, or may be it does not. Whatever it does or does not do, I want you to leave this piece with a very clear perception in your mind. My name is Kent Allen Halliburton, and I am real person. If you do not have the guts to address me when you are in doubt about something regarding my person, please, keep it to yourself, and do all that you can to refrain from being an ignorant jackwagon that reports people for stupid reasons. If you still need some more evidence, just do a Google search on Kent Allen Halliburton. The internet will give you all of the answers you seek.


  1. Wonderful read Kent! You are a gifted writer. It is a shame that people tend to talk before they think. Your name has a strong proud heritage of which you should always embrace with dignity, as I see you do. I get many death threats & marriage proposals, because of the work I do for The Liberal Agenda. Not sure which I fear more. I am a big fan of educating the less informed, so I tend to ruffle a few heads. My quesion to young and old is this. What are the common attributes of the following groups: Centrist, Democrat, Republican, Socialist, Green, & Libertarian. I am shocked at how little people actually know. My friend Jeff Carlson wrote a wonderful book called, "The Party Of Scrooge". It is delightful and should be a MUST READ for all High School Freshman. Civic's ~ what a concept. Your erudite writing is a delight to read. I hope the coward steps up for their due ~ most likely NOT going to happen. Oh well, you wrote a wonderful essay that I enjoyed immensely. Take care ~ gina

  2. Kent, as was stated before, you have a great gift for writing! I enjoyed reading this very much. It upsets me that someone decided to just report you to Facebook without making any attempt to contact you and find out the truth. Unfortunately there are people out there that are like that. They are the cowards! I truly enjoyed your writing!