Thursday, October 15, 2015

What Should the People of this Country do About the War on Drugs?

"In the United States, contrary to logic, the needs of the few or the one, outweigh the needs of the many." - Kent Allen Halliburton

        First of all, the War on Drugs is not being fought against Drugs. How can it be? Are the drugs that are coming into this country getting here on their own? Did the drugs produced from plants suddenly, and somehow magically, uproot themselves and walk here on foot, hop on a boat, or take a plane to get here? For those drugs that are altered before they reach the market, did they somehow morph into a chemically altered substance? If this is how it happened, then I would like to purchase a ticket along the parade route of the "Million Bud March!" Or perhaps, I could purchase tickets on the "Cocaine Train!" Or maybe, I should catch a flight on "Heroine Airways!" This, of course, is extremely ridiculous to even conceive. Further, if the drugs just got up and came here all on their own, how have they found their way into so many homes across the country? Did they advertise themselves on television? Did they approach us in the streets and personally introduce themselves? Did they peddle their wares door to door? Did these drugs choose us, much like a person chooses a pet? "I like that one! Can we take it home, Mommy?" There is no way, in all the world that this could possibly ever be a reality. It is, of course, most completely, incredulous! 

         So, if the War on Drugs is not being fought against the Drugs; themselves, who is the war being fought against? It is being fought against the American people, and it is being done so in such a cruel manner that the War is now doing more damage to the people than any of the drugs could have ever done. It is being fought, specifically, against the poor people of the United States. The overwhelming majority of people in prison in the United States, are there on a drug charge of some sort. Of those in prison on drug charges, another great portion of those individuals are there on a non-violent drug charges, and many are facing long term sentences for first time offenses. Much of the blame for this can be placed upon Mandatory Minimum Sentencing laws that have been documented as specifically targeting minorities and the poor, in general. Even further, a large amount of these charges are for small amounts of the drugs, and most always, this small amount was meant solely for personal use. The worst part of this is that the majority of the cases are against minorities.

        So, if the Drugs that are in this country did not get here by some unnatural miracle, and thus, are not the victims of the War on Drugs, and it can be determined that the American people are the actual victims; who is the perpetrator of this seemingly unspeakable crime? What crime, you ask? Perhaps, it is creating a market supply for a non-existent demand, and then creating the demand on site? Could it possibly be the intentionally marketing of children by certain companies? Could it be industrial grade drug trafficking? Might it also be criminal statutes designed to target racial minorities, as well as, anyone that is poor? Or is it a ruling that that gives corporations the ability to buy elections and public policy? I would argue that it is all of these together. 

        There is, however, no single entity or person that can be tagged with all of the blame. Countless U.S. Corporations are guilty of any number of unspeakable crimes against the American people, but worse, they hold nothing to the three branches of the U.S. Government. The Executive Branch of the government has been actively engaged in the importation of Drugs into this country. The Legislative Branch has passed countless laws punishing the American people for abusing and dealing these Drugs, with things like Mandatory Minimum Laws, along with passing laws that enable the police to militarize their personnel. They have also passed laws deregulating multiple industries, which has allowed them to monopolize more and more of the market. Further, the Judicial Branch has passed rulings that now allow corporations to buy power and influence within the government. Our own government is whoring itself out to the highest bidders, and in the realm of Drugs, the highest bidder is the U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry. They have intentionally covered up information that was contrary to their business interests, and this makes them criminal, but it is the government of the United States that is the most culpable. This government has not just witnessed this happen on their watch. They have actively aided in the commission this treachery, and while they are whoring themselves out, they are selling us down the river to the cheapest bidder they can find.

         Next, I would like to lay out a picture of the form that the War on Drugs as taken. Meaning that I want to take a look at exactly which drugs are getting the most attention in the war, and who is suffering the most from that attention. I shall try to remain brief and to the point. One might assume that the drug with the most attention on it would be a hard drug, along the lines of Cocaine, PCP, Heroine, and others. After all, it is these drugs that are generally the most expensive. What of Crystal Meth or Crack? These drugs are the smokeable crystal forms of other drugs. They are the most destructive, and they are much cheaper. It is because they are cheap, and because they are highly addictive that they actually get the most attention from law enforcement. This, however, is not the end of the issue. There is another factor that needs to be accounted for when trying paint this picture. This is the income of the people that buy the drugs. The incomes of the people that can afford Cocaine, Heroine, and the like are almost always high. The people using the cheaper street drugs are almost always poor. Further, the drugs that are most common among the rich carry lighter punishments for minor possession. The drugs for the poor, however, have much stiffer punishments. 

        I would contend that this is the result of a very clear problem. The poor do not have the financial resources to challenge the laws that are slapped on them, and the rich do. So, what we get is heavy punishments on the poor and light punishments on rich. This is not just a simple coincidence. This is a historic arrangement. The rich have always manipulated the poor in this manner, and this is the very same thing that exists in the United States. We do not live in a Democratic Society. We live in an oligarchy, where the most rich at the top run things, and those below them are expected to get in line with the program. Failure to adhere to the accepted norm is almost always rewarded with state violence. Forgive the redundant remittance of the present wealth gap in this country. One percent of the population owns ninety-nine percent of the wealth in this country. Ninety percent of that is still owned by another group of wealthy individuals, the one percent of the percent. Further, these people make so much money that one might think that taxes from their income could fund a new economic boom in this country. They would be thinking very correctly; however, the reality of what exists is most unacceptable. The economy is constantly under threat of faltering, public services are continuing to face severe budget cuts, and the poor and and lower middle class citizens of this country are still finding it extremely difficult to even live with some basic comfort, as work becomes harder and harder to find and corporations continue to move overseas to cheaper labor markets or to cut wages and benefits, in their effort to pad their profit margins. This all, as I have argued, is the result of both federal and state actions.

         So, how do the rich secure their place in this system? They use the paradox that we just reviewed. They assist in the importation of the products needed to create the drugs that are most commonly used by the poor. They then use the street drug scene to get the drug distributed; where, afterwards, they then punish the very poor people that helped them get the drug onto the street. A drug eventually takes its addictive hold, the people become drones, seeking only that drug to survive, and fail to do anything constructive to rid their lives of the rich oppressors above them. The rich are then left with a safe place to do their business and enjoy their excesses, free from the oddities of the poor. When this arrangement becomes unbalanced, they use the police to exercise extra violence against their desired targets, the poor. They keep as many people poor as they can, and drugs are just one of the many ways that they use to do it. They use a whole slew of methods, from highly sophisticated propaganda, brutality, and the War on Drugs that we have discussed. Until the poor, of collars and creeds, make this situation change, however, it is going to remain the same.

        So, what should we do? That is an interesting question. I have suggested in the past that a complete reset is necessary. I would and have argued that we simply need to start over. This does not need to be done violently, though. The people of the United States can do this, and they can do it peacefully. We simply Refuse to Cooperate. I outline the process in the article, "Government of the People, For the People, and by the People: It's Time We Made This Statement Real." The gist is, essentially that 'We the People' exercise our Constitutional Rights as, what I call, the 'Fourth Branch of the U.S. Government.' We form a new government,and serve the present Government their pink slip. This will not be taken very well. I then suggest that we appeal to the International Community for assistance. We have to be able to show them the evidence that the new government we formed has the ability to govern, and we have to allow the present government to show its true colors. We have to show the world, in High Definition, what this country, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, really is. We have to show the world the real threat to World Peace is The United Corporate States of the Conglomerate, LLC!

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