Monday, November 2, 2015

Anti-Immigration Laws are Both Inhumane and Contrary to Historical Reality

"The truth is, Immigrants tend to be more American than people born here." - Chuck Palahniuk

        Who, among us, would honestly contest with a clear head that a living breathing human being could ever be illegal? This puts an image in my mind that there are people in the world who genuinely question another human being's natural right to exist and feel justified in doing so. I know, they know, and the whole world knows that this disgusting mentality in an unfortunate reality. Adept in the timelessly successful application of the law of divide and conquer, a total warping of the concept, the farce that is the white cultural hegemony has used racism, classicism, sexism, terrorism, submission, and many more isms to keep the American people, of all creeds and breeds, from ever gaining a true understanding of who their real enemies and allies are. This is absolutely repugnant and shameful, and I am expected to sit back and act as though I do not see what is going on plain as I see sun in the sky. I am not at all sorry to say that that is not the way I operate. There is not a single reactionary piece of federal immigration legislation in this country's history that has ever been fair or democratic. They have all been predicated on the concept that a human being can be declared illegal. Such logic is inhumane, and it is abysmal that legislation is still being proposed, with the same language and goals of historical failures like the Alien and Sedition Acts, the Chinese Exclusion Act,  and countless other abject failures. Aside from calling people illegal, such legislation has always ignored the reality of modern human migration patterns.
         Poor uneducated whites have done, are doing, and will do again some of the most ignorant things imaginable in defense of the very same people that keep them poor, the very same people that keep African Americans and other ethnicities down and use those very same poor whites to do it. In order to secure their cooperation, rich whites avail poor whites of the once ways.They are fascinated by stories of days when a white man could be secure in just being a white man, and they are trained and manipulated to such an extent that they hate their most natural allies simply because they have a different skin pigmentation. After all, like in many occasions throughout out human history, superior numbers are almost always a huge advantage. Worse, they are constantly whipped into frenzies over the tiniest of occurrences, so much so that the hysteria that follows is near comical. The propaganda that accompanies it is just as bad. There are still people in the United States that question Barack Obama's place  of birth.
         Now, take this cultural distaste for all things different that is ingrained in the culture of white superiority, and apply into the ever sizzling political paradox that is immigration. Workers from Mexico have been invited into the this country time and time again to do the jobs that a great many 'white' people feel are beneath their status as white people. Yet, the moment anything remotely goes wrong for anyone, those very same people are rounded up and punished for being brown. The same thing happens to people from the Middle East and Asia. They are brought to this country to fill needed technical jobs, to train our workforce, and to learn and teach at our schools, and as soon as one some other brown guy goes and blows something up, these people also find themselves the targets of racial violence, social and religious discrimination, and criminal investigations. Further, what of the reality that the whole of the American southwest used to be part of Mexico? It was not part of the United States until this country conquered the territory in a war of aggression against Mexico.
         People have been migrating throughout this region, with little attention paid to artificially drawn political boundaries, for thousands of years. To think that this very natural process, no matter its motivation; work, climate, food sources, is going to end just because leaders make laws to stop it is ridiculous. Further, there is not a single person in this country, minus those individuals descended of the indigenous peoples of these lands, who is not born of immigrants. The Irish, Scottish, Welsh, African Americans, English, Germans, Scandinavians, French, Italians, Turks, Arabs, Russians, Polish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Philippinos, and any other group that cannot trace their ancestral root in this country further back than the early 1600s is born of immigrants. Each one of these groups, whether they came to this country voluntarily or by force, has ancient roots on other continents. Europeans were invaders, not natives, and the Africans that they brought with them were hostages of foreign nations, not cheap labor. If anyone should be kicked out of this hemisphere, it is the millions of people who cling to whitehood like its a protective cloak. Send them back to Europe with nothing but their junk in their hands and see how well they are treated. They will be treated like the bastards that they have become, will be unwelcome, and will socially criticized for ruining modern European culture. Give them a chance to see what it feels like.
         So, classicism keeps the poor rotting in their in obscurity and racism, along with other forms of discrimination, keeps those poor people sectioned off into movable parts that can be manipulated according to the needs of the political situation. Immigration is just another political tool used to separate the many from one another, so that the few can assure that their position remains secure. The first crack in this facade is the complete abandonment of this white cultural superiority by the very poor white people that have done much of the ground work to build it. This is not, unfortunately, going to likely to be accomplished any time soon. What is happening instead, as the complacent ignore the travesty, is that millions of people are being huddled into surplus government buildings like chattel. They are being processed like livestock, and their future is being determined by a government that is hostile towards their very existence and the fact that they must allow them to continue to exist out of pure economic necessity. They would, otherwise, care nothing for them. Does this sound all familiar? Read up on American slavery if it doesn't.
         Here is a possible solution. Change what it means to be a citizen. Adapt what it means to be an American, and invest people in their country instead of trying to break them down. Further, this must be applied to everyone that seeks it, no matter their circumstances, so long as they are determined to be of sound mind. Anyone with a physical disability should be accommodated in such a way that they too can contribute to their country. What is this plan, then? First, take away citizenship by birthright from EVERYONE. No one in this country will be a citizen by birth. No matter their station in life, the religion, their color, or anything else, they will have to earn their citizenship just like everyone else. A grandfather clause of some sort would be reasonable in this instance.
        The people that live here or come here will begin with civilian status. They will have access to all modern social and technological amenities; free of cost, and it will be of the highest quality. However, without citizenship status, they will not be able to participate in government affairs. Bigotry, of any kind, will not be tolerated. Service to the state will guarantee the conferment of citizenship upon anyone who is willing to serve their country, in whatever capacity they are asked to do so, and to the defend the interests of the United States. Everyone born in the Western Hemisphere is an American. There only reason that a more cooperative relationship has not been established with other American nations is because most all of them are now ruled by deocolonialized peoples, who have grown tired of the impression of White American superiority on their cultures for the sole purpose of economic rape. If every single person must answer for their own actions, why not give everyone the same chance do so? People that have served and fought together to the very edge of their lives, rarely fight against each other.

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