Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America

"The only point in making money is, you can tell some big shot where to go." - Humphrey Bogart

        If any organization in this country needs to have its bottom ripped out from underneath it, it's the Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America. They are beyond hypocrisy, to the point of being guilty of blatant treason. First, let us glare at the absolute farce that is this ignominious den of vipers. All this group can be simply called is a union for rich businessmen. They work with one another to secure laws that favor their profit margins and bonuses, they work together to strip workers off their right to a fair wage, and they knowingly, in concert with one another, violate U.S. trade law on the regular. With the piles of money that they make wheeling and dealing and spinning the American economy, they are able to buy themselves immunity, and they are able to able, time and time again, to buy their way out of trouble with the National Labor Relations Board, the Environmental Protections Agency, the Department of Commerce, and many others. They will shave and cut wherever they must to maintain their arrangement, and taking from their workers is their most time honored tradition.

     This organization is led by some of the richest men in the country, whose great grandfather's built a union for themselves while, at the very same time, ordering the Pinkertons and the US Army to fire on striking workers, and whose grandfathers and fathers made their own reputations. Assaulting strikers on the street to incite rioting, and assistance in the drugging of America, with drugs that are known to be harmful after prolonged use, are just a few of their crimes. They are helping to slowly turn this country into a single insanely huge parent corporation, with an oligarchic council form of government that rules over a nation of compliant wage slaves. They knowingly allow companies, and the government agencies doing business with those companies, to violate every law on the books, from environmental protection, to food quality, on to acceptable levels of water and air pollution, versus those that are not. They fight for what is theirs and they make war to pinch every last penny out of us that they can. There can be no good had with this vile institution. They are not working for the small business; as they claim, they are working for the top of the barrel, that one percent of the one percent. The scant funding that they provide to charitable organizations, though it is a great deal of money, is a mere pittance compared to what they take home after tax loopholes, performance bonuses, and among other things, traveling allowances or backdoor bribes. They should be number one on the people's target list for reform!

         To follow up on the main source of their hypocrisy, consider what these companies, from railroad barons to oil barons, or  from defense contractors to pharmaceutical giants,  who have had investitures in the Chamber of Commerce of the United States, have done in, cooperation with one another, to absolutely destroy the American middle class and the average citizen's ability to work a single job that can provide for a family. In the 1950s, the American middle class was as well off as it was because of the tax rate that the ultra wealthy were paying, in many cases at or near ninety percent. With the money gained from those taxes, Eisenhower was able to fund the National Highway System, he was able to improve the quality of public education in this country, despite segregation, and on his watch, the United States experienced the glamour age of civilian aviation and air travel. Every since that arrangement, which was made to produce the capital needed to help first, to rebuild an ailing economy, and second, to fund a global war, the Chamber of Commerce and it associative companies have done everything that they can to slowly strip the working class of its independence. 

         Everything that unions fought for is slipping away. Oh, if you are rich, things are getting better for your union. Just look at how well treated professional football players are, and look at the force they use when they threatening to shutdown an entire season. Big whoop, most teams get aide from the government to build their near billion dollar stadiums anyways. Baseball and basketball have both actually done it, as relates to shutting down almost the entirety of single seasons. Baseball did not have a championship in 1994. But, wait a minute, let a group of oppressed working class folks get together to bargain for better wages, and mayhem breaks loose. There is something logically incorrect and just downright fishy about the reasoning hear. So, they expect me to believe that it is okay for these rich morons to unionize to protect themselves and rape us for every penny we have, but it's not okay for us to do the same thing when they come knocking? So, they can hire the police to take all that we have left from us, but we can't pick up a weapon and defend our lives and property without being made out to look like either left wing radicals or right wing cracks? If all of the people that were being affected poorly by this rich man's union's erratic behavior and told these rich men what they can do with their trickle down economics, this whole country would be in better shape. The money that they, combined, make in an entire year, could feed, power, and rebuild this nation for the next century. Maybe, just maybe, I am exaggerating, but my spider sense says otherwise. I am not talking more protests, either. I am talking Occupy the Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America. Come for them, and come for blood.....

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  1. Like this, really hits home, and for me on a personal level as I know someone who's huge inheritance is a result of his father's leadership in a Chamber of Commerce, I never could figure out how that guy got so rich. This explains a hell of a lot.