Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Progressive Party 2020: Or Do We Hit the Reset Button?

"It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us — that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion — that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain, that this nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.” - Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address, November 19, 1863

         As we get closer and closer to the 2016 Presidential Election, the American people are beginning to find that they are at an impasse. Both of our major political parties are headed for a split. The Republican establishment is preparing to turn on Trump. As he continues to build up momentum towards that party's nomination, many of their senior leaders are threatening to run to Hillary and the Democratic Party establishment. Further, the Democratic Party's base is getting ready to turn on its establishment if Bernie Sanders is denied the nomination. They re threatening to do so more and more seriously, even as charges of voter suppression and corrupt leadership clog up that party's affairs. The outcome of a double party split is interesting to contemplate, especially when the movements challenging both party's old guards are populist in nature. If the Republican and Democratic party establishments join hands, they would form a new Conservative Party. If no other party is formed, this would leave a huge gap on the left, but it does not seem impossible for that to happen. Out of the chaos of a double party split, the left could finally take the opportunity to coalesce around a strong candidate. They could form the Progressive Party and give the American left an actual mainstream presence, and perhaps, even challenge for the White House. Such would be, especially amidst the present chaos, an amazing victory.

         The question then arises, what happens if this new Progressive Party does not win this election, but rather, loses out to the new Conservative Party? If this new leftist party wanted to respect the present system for what it is and continue to operate within its bounds, then their next few steps would be to centralize party leadership, to begin raising funds, and to begin putting together a slate of candidates for the 2018 Congressional Elections. The ultimate would goal would then be to put together a strong ticket and win White House in 2020. I am, however, forced to question whether or not that would really be all that feasible. The new conservative coalition that would develop out of the chaos of this election cycle would do everything in its power to solidify the voter suppression efforts that both parties are presently guilty of, and they would target the same people, leftists, racial minorities, immigrants, and young people, etc. It would be harder and harder for people on the left to legally organize the vote, let alone to form a new party that had the strength to resist this new conservative coalition. This repressed left would have to do something, if it wanted to remain relevant and able to participate in politics. Outside legal options, which would most surely be limited by more restrictive laws, they would have to come up with something more creative. What could they possibly do? They could, conceivably, follow the example of this nation's founders and exercise their sovereign right and moral duty to throw off this oppressive government and provide new guards for their future security.
        The American people have to call for a Constitutional Convention, not to amend the Constitution, though I do revere it so, but to replace it entirely. The present Constitution has become outdated, overly restrictive, and the government that it outlines is no longer capable of adequately representing the real make-up of the American citizenry. The Constitution was written to intentionally make change a slow process. The American people are to the point where that is no longer acceptable. We must secure or ourselves a form of government that can change with us, as we change. We need to establish a parliamentary form of government. Further, all present elected officials, to include state officials, and those that support or work for them, must not be allowed access to the convention that is called for this purpose. They have already proven the lengths to which they are willing go to keep us from exercising the sovereign power that we legally posses. Therefore, it has to be a convention elected from the present population, absent these individuals. This does not mean that present political boundaries should be abolished. The election process can occur in stages. It can begin with city assemblies, move up to state conferences, and then members of these bodies can elect delegates to a National Constitutional Convention. 
        The American people, as the true and only sovereign power in this nation, have the right to call these assemblies without the permission of the present government. They have the right, as is guaranteed by the present constitution, to meat peaceably and choose their own future for themselves, rather than have that future dictated to them by a government that has lost touch with its people and frankly, with itself. Though, the intent is to write a new constitution, it is still prudent for the people to make full use of the protections that are guaranteed to them in the present constitution. The people then have to elect and defend new leaders, and they must be able to represent as many different political regions as they can, so that when the time comes, they will be able to just step into the void left by a government that has lost the support of the people, whose power they are borrowing. Will the present government attempt to break such a venture apart? Yes, it will. Will it resort to tactics unbefitting an elected group of honorable statesmen in its effort to discredit such a movement? It most definitely will! Mainly, because they have no honor. Will the present government attempt to goad the delegates into engaging in pitched battles in the streets in its effort to protect its own interests? Without a doubt, and it will do so with a fervent passion that has not been seen from this government in a very long time. This, however, is precisely what the American people need this government to do. We need go get it to take the first punitive actions.
        This government has already done a great deal to lose the respect and support of the rest of the world. The American people, after they have held these meetings, and after they have drafted a new constitution, and further, have elected new leaders, have to show the world what this government is really willing to do to remain in absolute control of its position. Once the constitution is written, it must be submitted to every branch of government, and they have to be given an appropriate time table to respond to this usurpation of the power that we gave to them. They will, of course, reject it outright, and they will probably do so without even properly examining the document. It will then be the job of the American people to shut them down. How is this to be done? First, massive and peaceful protests must be held, declaring to our government that they have been deemed to be illegitimate and must peaceably step down. It can be guaranteed that they will not do that. That is when the American people simply refuse to recognize their authority. Refuse to cooperate with the police. Refuse to pay fines, fees, and taxes. If they want to defund our programs, it is time that we defunded theirs. Refuse to recognize the authority of any and all institutions of this, now, arcane government. We must slowly drain them of all remaining power that they may still possess.

        Of course, keep up the protests and never let up, not for anything. The biggest thing that needs to be remembered about this plan is that in no way, whatsoever, should the people be the first ones to resort to violence with their resistance and protests. I say this because we posses something that the generations before us did not, technology that can give us the ability to expose this government to the world without having to shed blood. This government that has now been de-legitimized has to be the first one to commit violence against the people. It is the only way that we will be able to garner the recognition and respect of the international community. They have to be able to see that the present government has lost its ability to govern, and this government has to debase itself so severely that when the people do finally rise up and place the people in that government into criminal custody, which is their sovereign right, the rest of the world will see their actions as justified and offer them support. The people, and their new government, must be the ones in possession of the moral high ground. They have to have Constitutional and Natural Law squarely on their side. The next step will be to seek formal recognition from the United Nations and other international institutions.
        The support of the International Community is critical. If violence does break out, and it will, the fault has to lie directly on the government that the people of this nation have rejected.  The new government formed by this movement has to be able to go to the United Nations with clean hands. The propaganda war will be difficult to fight, but the American people have to be able to show their mettle in the face of the most drastic resistance. The fight for recognition will be tied to this. The present government is not going to surrender willingly. We must trust ourselves to make such decisions, or the effort will fail before it ever begins. The implications of this movement are far reaching. The present government is running this country into the ground and is placing it on a path towards a colossal defeat. We have to step in and stop this slow death before they get us all killed along with them. This is how we must tell the story to the rest of the world. We have to show them that we know what this government is doing is wrong and that we are willing to stop it. If this government gets locked down in a domestic crisis, it will not be able to continue the crimes that it is committing around the world. If our government will not listen to us and begin acting fairly, me must make it do so, or replace it. The power is in our hands. I say that if we want to ensure that government of the people, by the people, and for the people does not perish from the earth, we need to just go ahead and hit the reset button.....


  1. Article V convention to reoeal Citizens United ruling would be our first logical step