Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Refuse to Cooperate - Words from An American Teenager

"You're on the right track. You were born to survive." - Lady Gaga off the album Born This Way

        Refuse to Cooperate. What does this phrase mean? Well, let’s start by breaking down the phrase. Refuse is when you strongly deny to perform or commit to an action. Cooperate is when you help with or willingly perform an action. Therefore, refusing to cooperate means to strongly deny to help or willingly perform an action, but is that what it really means? Is there, perhaps, another context in which this phrase can be interpreted? Let’s apply the concept to the political arena. How many politicians, if not all, Refuse to Cooperate with modern day laws or social views? How many politicians have come out as members of the LGBT community in the past decade? This is possible because by refusing to cooperate with antiquated social norms, the general population of this country has changed society's views about many things such as the LGBT community and the Gay Rights Movement. People feel a great deal safer now to just be themselves, and they feel that they no longer have to hide.
        The political parties in this country, the Republicans and the Democrats, also Refuse to Cooperate. They all have different views and ways of interpreting the US Constitution and the original intent of the Founding Fathers, which leads them, on many occasions, to Refuse to Cooperate with laws that they feel are in contradiction with their interpretation of that intent. The United States government, itself, was formed because the Founding Fathers refused to cooperate with the taxation policies of England, under King George III. The Constitution is a written declaration of a refusal to cooperate with laws that were contrary to the interests of the new American nation. In a general view, refusing to cooperate is built into the very fabric of our nation. The right to dissent in this country is the right to Refuse to Cooperate. It is what fuels our democracy and keeps it moving. It is what makes change possible.
        So, we see that society, as a whole, can Refuse to Cooperate. Further, we see that this is because, ultimately, the concept, Refuse to Cooperate, is built into the very foundation of this nation. However, can this concept be placed into a more personal context? Can individuals Refuse to Cooperate, and can this concept affect how they live their lives? When refusing to cooperate in day to day life we can see how when you think about it, we all refuse to cooperate in some way, shape, or form. I’m going to use a personal example. I’m a male, but I do love to wear makeup. I Refuse to Cooperate with society's views about males looking a certain way. I feel that we are in a modern era where society should allow people to be who they wish to be. My parents are, sadly, on society's side on this matter. They believe that men should look manly and women should look girly. I think that every person should express themselves in their own unique way. I choose to wear makeup and there is nothing wrong with that. Further, why is it such a huge deal anyways? If it doesn't affect anyone else negatively, then perhaps people should just let it be. Refuse to Cooperate! People should not be able to take away your right to express yourself. As the great Lady Gaga song, "Born this way," says, "You are beautiful in your way because god makes no mistakes.”

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