Saturday, July 16, 2016

Recycling Equals Caring for the Earth

"Imagine if trees gave off WiFi signals. We would be planting so many trees, and we’d probably save the planet too. Too bad they only produce the oxygen we breathe." - Anonymous 

What does it mean to recycle? How does recycling work? Well, recycling means to reuse an already used product. The recycling process makes already used products into brand new products so that needed resources are not wasted. This process is intended to preserve untapped resources and keep the planet from being polluted. But do humans actually take advantage of recycling? If they do, how do they recycle? What are the different types of recycling? What can they do to help?

The typical recycling process melts plastics, aluminum. and other similar substances into new products such as water bottles, cans, etc. This process happens at recycling plants. Recycling plants are places where all recyclable substances are taken to be made into different products. These products are later taken to companies so they can use the recycled products. That way companies can make maximum use of available resources and secure their profits. It also gives them the chance to paint themselves as eco-friendly companies.

There are two types of recycling, primary recycling and secondary recycling. Primary recycling  is when products are recycled into new products of the same kind, such as a water bottle being recycled into a new water bottle. Secondary recycling is when recyclable products are recycled into different products. Such would be the case if soda cans were recycled into aluminum car parts. Unfortunately, neither of these processes are anywhere near the level that they could be.

Regular people can help the cause by developing a regular recycling routine for themselves. If each time a person finished a water bottle or a soda can, they put it into a sorted recycling bin, instead of the garbage, this would help tremendously.  Remembering to do it may be the hardest part of the process, but once people are in the habit of separating recyclable materials from the rest of their garbage, a great deal of good can been done. Even more important, for those people who speak of the inconvenience of recycling, most cities have a recycling program and will pick up their citizen's recyclable materials in the same manner that they pick up their garbage. So, essentially, there is no inconvenience.

The kinds of products that can be made from recyclable products is endless. Of course, the mentions so far, have been fairly simple, but imagine one hundred thousand styrofoam cups being turned into a park bench. Imagine an entire house built from recycled materials. Imagine a car that runs on recycled waste. How about a name brand tote bag made entirely from recycled materials? How about a desktop FM radio made entirely from recycled materials? Clothes, kitchen utensils, bicycles, skates, and even children's toys are also all products that can be made from recycled materials.

Failing to recycle is much the same as signing the Earth's death certificate before she has even had a chance to defend herself. Pollution around the world to so much out of control that soon, there will not be a single inch of safe ground for humans and animals to inhabit, and that includes Earth's oceans. Recycling is a way that regular people can show that they care about the planet that gave them life. It is a way that they can work to preserve that planet for future generations, and it is a way that they can help to save our fellow Earth companions, the animals and plants that share this world with us and give us the food and shelter that we need. Life is a very sensitive cycle, and recycling is a very important way that people help to preserve that cycle. Get it in gear! This is the only the planet we have.....

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