Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Fall of JFK - Fact and Conspiracy

"On what basis is it claimed that two shots caused all the wounds?.....It seemed to me that Governor Connolly's statement negates such a conclusion. I could not agree with this statement." - David Wrone

        On November 22, 1963, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas, Texas. What does the government want us to know and what are they hiding? Most people have a hard time believing the official story, not just because it does not seem to add up, but also because of the intrigue that surrounds the incident. According to the official story, the President was shot in two places by one gunman. He was shot once in the back and then shot once in the head. The bullet that hit the President in the back, apparently, went through him and then hit Governor James Connolly, who was riding in the car with the President. Is this all the truth? Is it possible that there are stories left untold? Is it possible that the government is still hiding important details regarding the tragic death of one of the United States' most popular Presidents?
        Let's start by explaining what happened that day in Dallas, according to the official story. Dallas was hosting a parade in honor of the President. The President was riding in a convertible and was accompanied by his wife, and has been noted, the Governor of Texas, James Connolly. The city’s spirits were up and the crowd was cheering as the President waved to them. The noise was deafening. Then, as if out of nowhere, a loud gun shot was heard and people could see that the President was visibly wounded. As much of the crowd was chaotically dispersing, a second shot was heard. This shot hit the President in the head and killed him instantly. When the car stopped, people could see that the governor was also visibly wounded as he leaned forward in his seat. The First Lady, terrified, attempted to crawl out of the car but was instructed by the Secret Service Agent driving the car to stay down. One can only imagine that witnessing the violent death of a President, first hand, is not something that someone would recover from fairly easily.
        Notice that I never mentioned a third bullet hitting the Governor of Texas. That is because there was not a third bullet involved, or at least that is what the government says. This leads to the magic bullet conspiracy. The magic bullet conspiracy says that the bullet that hit Kennedy in the back went through him, zigzagged in mid-air, and then hit the governor. The reason that this conspiracy exists is because the bullet wounds don't line up like the government says they do. The bullet wound in the governor was in his lower back and went straight through. President Kennedy's was in his upper back and went straight through. If the president and the governor were seated next to each other in the car, then the only way one bullet could have hit them both is if it zigzagged through the air. This just does not seem very likely.
        This leads to the third bullet conspiracy. This is one of the most known conspiracies about the JFK assassination. This conspiracy says that a third bullet was shot at the governor, rather than some magic bullet going through Kennedy, flipping in the air, and then hitting Connolly. This conspiracy has more ground to stand on because it more accurately accounts for how the bullet wounds lined up. The only problem with this theory is that it stands on the assumption that all three shots that hit the two men came from the same gunman. Countless government time tests, administered with some of the best snipers of the day, were conducted. Not a one of them could fire off three shots in the time allowed, which was equal to the time it would have taken for the President's car to pass the Book Depository Building in Downtown Dallas.
        This leads to the second gunman conspiracy. This is another of the more feasible JFK assassination conspiracies. This conspiracy says that the bullet that blasted Kennedy's head was shot by a second gunman. This also holds ground with the fact that the second gunshot shot Kennedy backwards, opposite of the direction the other two bullets had been shot. There couldn't have been one gunman if the second bullet was shot from another direction. When one watches the video of the assassination, it is clearly visible that in succession, both the President and Governor Connolly leaned forward after the first two shots were fired. The video also clearly shows the President then lurching back upwards after he took the bullet to his head. This makes it fairly clear that another gunman had to be involved, as if the same gunman had hit the President in the head that had hit him in the back, he would have remained leaning forward. The third shot came from the opposite direction, thus, the second gunman conspiracy. 
        Up to this point, the conversation has been just about the conspiracies surrounding President Kennedy's assassination. The rest of the way, it will involve the conspiracies about why he was targeted for assassination in the first place. The official story released by the government, after what they called an extensive investigation, blames the assassination on a communist plot orchestrated by a joint team of Russian and Cuban Operatives, with the help of American Communist sympathizers. The government stated that their investigation revealed that the assassination was engineered in response to the Bay of Pigs incident and the Cuban Missile Crisis, both of which, they argued severely hampered the communist plot to take over the United States. With the death of Lee Harvey Oswald, the supposed magic gunman, the government declared the case solved. They essentially said that there was nothing left to see here and that everyone could all go home now. Their story does not add up, and since then, multiple conspiracies have developed about what potentially really happened.
        One of the first theories says that President Kennedy refused to deploy combat troops into Vietnam. This was contrary to the mission that the CIA had in mind. They wanted a war that would allow them to, as they would have argued, to more effectively battle global communism. It is also known that because of the CIA's now widely known domestic activities, President Kennedy intended to shut them down. It is rumored that sometime in his first year in office, the President had a meeting with the Director of the CIA, who was arguing strongly for US involvement in Vietnam. The President is rumored to have said something along the lines of, "As long as I am living, there will not be any combat troops sent to Vietnam." This theory says that the CIA took the President up on his offer, so that they could get what they wanted, with the assassination standing as a warning to the incoming President, Lyndon Baines Johnson. Send troops to Vietnam, or pay with your life.
        Another conspiracy suggests that President Lyndon Baines Johnson, then the Vice-President, orchestrated the whole affair.  Johnson ran a hard campaign for the Democratic Party's nomination for the Presidency, from late 1959 in to the middle of 1960. This conspiracy suggests that Johnson did not take losing to a 'Yankee Democrat' very well. It is known that he did feel slighted by the party, but this conspiracy suggests that he used his political and military connections to ensure he was nominated Vice-President and then to order the assassination of President Kennedy, so that he would become President. There is also the conspiracy theory that suggests that J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI were responsible for the death of President Kennedy. Hoover was a rabid racist, and was known for the lengths to which he would go to discredit Civil Rights activists. He was particularly focused on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as well as, Malcolm X. It is further suggested that he wanted President Kennedy to do what Eisenhower would not do, use military force to subdue the Civil Rights Movement. He wanted this done on the grounds that it was, apparently, a subversive communist movement bent on taking over the government. This conspiracy says President Kennedy rejected his request, and paid for his denial, at the behest of Hoover, with his life.
        Yet another conspiracy suggests that the Kennedy brothers found themselves on the Mafia's bad side, and President Kennedy lost his life for it. It is well known that Joe Kennedy, John and Robert's father, had connections with the Mafia during the twenties and early thirties. He made his wealth bootlegging alcohol. This conspiracy suggests that the mafia, at the behest of Joe Kennedy, took care of some potential legal barriers to John being elected President. In exchange for this service, they were expecting that gambling would be decriminalized at the national level and that they would be able to conduct certain other backdoor affairs without the fear of being molested by the government. This, however, was not what happened. Not only was no federal pro gambling legislation passed, several states passed stricter laws on gambling, with harsher criminal penalties included. Further, the Justice Department, with Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy at the helm, began prosecuting the mafia with rigor. This conspiracy theory contends that President Kennedy was assassinated by the mafia for this perceived betrayal.
        The final theory that will be discussed is, by far, a personal favorite. This is mainly so because it is so fantastic in its leap that it borders more on entertainment than it does on legitimate suspicion. This is the Majestic 12 theory. Majestic 12 is rumored to have been a secretly formed group of top government officials assembled by President Truman. This conspiracy suggests that this group was formed out of the necessity of hiding all legitimate alien and UFO activity from the public's view, as well as, working as hard as possible to suppress any false rumors. This theory is predicated on the assumption that not only has Earth been visited by aliens, but its governments are also cooperating with them. The theory contends that only a few weeks before his assassination, President Kennedy demanded that all documents having to do with UFOs and aliens be handed over to his office immediately. This was not an abnormal request, so the documents were hand delivered to him. Upon reading the documents, this theory suggests that the President decided that the public deserved to be made aware of what was going on. Apparently, some of the reports detailed some fairly gruesome arrangements that previous Presidents had made with the aliens. It also says that the President was so determined to release the information because he had been a victim of alien abduction during World War II.  It is then suggested that to protect the interests of their alien overlords, Majestic 12 had President Kennedy assassinated.
        These are but a handful of the many theories that people have come up with over the years. Do you believe that any one particular theory here has credence? Are there any other theories that you would suggest may be more feasible? Which of these theories do you think is the least possible? Do not be afraid to have a little fun with it. Let me know!


  1. All hot air,I would say follow the money. Look at what JFK was going to do to the Federal Reserve Banks.

  2. You seem to have a few factual misconceptions: "The magic bullet conspiracy says that the bullet that hit Kennedy in the back went through him, zigzagged in mid-air, and then hit the governor. The reason that this conspiracy exists is because the bullet wounds don't line up like the government says they do. THE BULLET WOUND IN THE GOVERNOR WAS IN HIS LOWER BACK AND WENT STRAIGHT THROUGH(emphasis mine)."

    Here is the reality:
    "President Kennedy wasn't the only victim in the Dallas motorcade on 22 Nov 1963. Governor Connally, riding in the "jump seat" ahead of Kennedy, was also shot. His wounds included an entry wound in the back near the right shoulder, a broken rib, an exit wound in the chest, a shattered wrist caused by a bullet entering from the dorsal (back) side, and a fragment lodged in his thigh."

    The article linked below shows the spatial layout of where Connally and Kennedy were seated front to back(with Connally on a lowered "jump seat) and inboard to outboard. That's how the wound tracks line up and the "magic bullet" does not have to be magic.

    I agree there was a Conspiracy and that Oswald could not have been the lone gunman, based on the available evidence. Whether it was the Mafia, Cuba, the CIA or the Military Industrial Congressional Complex is really where we need to go to find the ultimate Truth of the matter.
    Cheers! ;)


  3. This nonsense has all been debunked, most recently by Vincent bugliosi.