Sunday, July 31, 2016

Welcome to America! Land of the White Man and the Rent House of the Persecuted

“White supremacy has taught white people to be racially, culturally, and politically illiterate.” - Chris Crass

Welcome to America! Land of the White Man and rent house of the persecuted, the place where, if you aren't a pale skin, you can be expect that animals will get better treatment than you. It is also the place where, if you are of any other color other than white, working your ass off is more likely to get you into trouble than it is to advance your social standing. It is also the place where any act of kindness, or display of human solidarity, which threatens white supremacy, is more likely to be put down with the force of a police baton than it is to be celebrated. It is a land where change is so violently resisted that a great portion of the world can genuinely say that their social development is, very nearly, a century more advanced than that of the United States. This is the country that Americans must call home. Is this really what this country is about? If so, it is not something to be proud of.

Dr. Martin Luther King once said “I look to the day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” I could not agree with such a noble sentiment more. I also look forward to that day that Dr. King spoke of fifty three years ago. Unfortunately, as much as has been accomplished since he made this speech that left his mark on American history, very little has changed. No matter how much the White media tries to say otherwise, very little substantive progress has actually been made.

People of color, African Americans, Latin Americans, and the like, immigrants of all nationalities, people of varying gender preferences and sexual orientations, and people of every non protestant christian religion that can be dreamed up are still being persecuted in this country. It is not being done because they are a genuine threat to this country, however. It is being done because they do not fit the standard paradigm of the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, and thus, make an easy target for those white leaders who wish to sew discord in their communities to retain political power and position. Worse, this persecution has not been limited to words. It has, for the two-hundred and forty years since the foundation of this country, extended to what should be considered legitimate crimes by most people. People have been hung by the neck until dead, people have been burned alive, they have been buried alive, shot, and much else, to include the average everyday occurrences of assault, rape, and the denial of constitutionally guaranteed rights, like the right to vote, the freedom to marry, and the right to a fair trial before a jury of one's peers.

A great friend of mine once told me that "no one rules, if no one obeys." In other words, if we as a society come together and stand against white supremacy, which is what we are facing, we can make a difference. If we all disobey and refuse to accept the the manufactured social order that has been created by the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant elite, we can take away their power. I strongly believe that there is absolutely no reason why a person's ethnic heritage or a person's gender or sexual preference should have anything to do with how opportunities are made available to them. Unfortunately, because of the strangle hold that the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant elite has on the social order of this country, it does. Are you skeptical? Consider the following scenario.

A few months ago, some new NYPD cops came forward on live television and said that they had been asked, by their superior officers, to intentionally target African Americans and Latin Americans. The reporter was speechless. White Supremacy is trying to come back out of the shadows, for this is where it has been. It did not disappear, it was not solved, though the White press would have you believe that it was, and it has not stopped working to oppress the non White Anglo-Saxon Protestant masses of the United States.

Are you still not convinced? Consider the Charleston Shooting that took place in June of last year. The shooting took place at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, one of the most historically African American churches in the United States. On June 17, Dylan Roof entered the church under the guise of attending a bible study. Just as the study was about to conclude, and the attendees were preparing for the closing prayer, Roof stood up and said, "I am sorry, but I am here to kill black people." He then proceeded to kill nine people, one being a government official of the state of South Carolina, State Senator Clementa C. Pinckney. Roof then ran from the scene. The following morning, when he was arrested in Shelby, North Carolina, the arresting officers found it appropriate to take Roof to Burger King before taking him to the county jail. Roof killed a government official, and eight other innocent civilians, and he got Burger King. What has every African American shot by a predominately white police force in this country gotten for their trouble? Nothing but a coffin. What has every Caucasian that stood up for justice gotten? Social rejection as a race traitor.

If you are not yet convinced that the White Anglo Saxon Protestant elite of this nation is intentionally targeting non WASPs, of all strands, perhaps, you should take a second to rub the grit out of your eyes. They do not see this country as being the diverse Utopia that truly is and should be. As far as they are concerned, this is their land, and the rest of us are just renters. This is real, and it is the people that have to do something to stop it. The government is obviously not going to be of any help.

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  1. Please sign this petition and share it. Thank you!

  2. I have asked black people why do you vote for democrats. For the democrats are the party of the n KKK Jim crow laws. Abraham Lincoln was a republican. I can all ways tell who the democrats are. If say some thing about Hillary Clinton that is true. The democrats scream me out calling me a hater of women. A racist hater of black people .

  3. Party affiliation has very little to do with racism in this country. Party platforms have change over time as physical and social conditions have changed. Racism has not changed.