Monday, July 25, 2016

Welcome to the Circus: Your Capitalist Masters Thank You for Coming

"Democracy cannot consist solely of elections that are nearly always fictitious and managed by rich landowners and professional politicians." - Che Guevara

Let me see if I can put this in several different ways. Hopefully, afterwards, the DNC will get the point. 


The Roll Call vote has not been taken yet, and that is just the first ballot of voting. There is no official nominee until the votes are cast and a candidate gets the number of votes required to be the nominee. This could take one ballot, or one thousand ballots, but until that number is obtained, there is no nominee.


El voto Roll Call no se ha tomado todavía, y eso es sólo la primera votación de la votación. No hay candidato oficial hasta que los votos sean emitidos y un candidato obtiene el número de votos necesarios para ser el candidato. Esto podría tomar una papeleta, o mil papeletas, pero hasta que se obtiene ese número, no hay ningún candidato.


Die namentliche Abstimmung ist noch nicht getroffen worden, und das ist nur der erste Wahlgang der Abstimmung. Es gibt keine offizielle Kandidat, bis die abgegebenen Stimmen und ein Kandidat erhält die Anzahl der Stimmen erforderlich der Kandidat zu sein. Dies könnte eine Wahl treffen, oder tausend Stimmzettel, aber bis diese Zahl erreicht wird, gibt es kein Kandidat.


Поименном голосовании не было принято до сих пор, и что это только первый бюллетень голосования. Там нет никакого официального номинального, пока голоса не отлиты и кандидат получает количество голосов, необходимых для быть кандидатоsм. Это может занять один избирательный бюллетень, или одну тысячу бюллетеней, но пока это число не получается, нет номинального.


لم يتم التصويت رول كول بعد، وهذا هو مجرد الاقتراع الأول من التصويت. لا يوجد مرشح رسمي حتى يتم الإدلاء بالأصوات ومرشح يحصل على عدد من الأصوات المطلوبة ليكون مرشح. هذا قد يستغرق صوت واحد، أو ألف بأصواتهم، ولكن حتى يتم الحصول على هذا العدد، هناك أي مرشح.



This may be a bit excessive, but the hope is that it will draw attention to the fact that the first day of the 2016 Democratic National Convention was everything but democratic. The whole day was a pro Hillary Clinton dance. Everyone that spoke was pro Clinton, even those people from the Sanders campaign who were able to speak, to include Sanders himself. They claimed it was in support of "Party Unity," but how can the party unify when everything said, to date, is predicated on a complete falsehood? These people paid absolutely zero attention to the reality that as of this date, there is no formal nominee of the Democratic Party. Neither Hillary Clinton, nor Bernie Sanders, have the needed delegates required to be the nominee yet. This means that the Democratic National Convention is still an open convention. This also means that these people claiming that Clinton has won the nomination are telling a BOLD FACED LIE!!!!

Further, in order for the nominating process to begin, Roll Call must first be called. This is the point where delegates can begin casting their votes for the nomination. The way it stands now, the first ballot will not determine the nominee because the delegates are obligated to cast their votes by number. After this, the subsequent ballots can determine the nominee. The only thing that can and will get in the way of this is Super Delegates. These people are not supporting the American Dream! They are destroying it! So, like I have already said, THERE IS NO NOMINEE YET!!!!! THIS IS NOT DEMOCRACY!!!!! THIS IS DEMAGOGUERY AT ITS WORST!!!!!

Now that I have completed my rant, I would like to take this conversation a slightly different direction. I just want to take a second to point out something that should be fairly clear by now, and will be made even more abundantly clear in the months to come. The American political system is a complete and total farce. It is a mindless circus design to fill you with false hopes and artificial dreams. It is meant to distract you, not help you. It is meant to divert you, not serve you. It is meant to deceive you, not enlighten you. It is a tool of the Capitalist Ruling Class, which they use to bolster the illusionary dream that you have an actual say in how your government operates. You don't! You can not possibly have a say in how your government operates when your government has been bought and paid for by the rich wealthy elite of this country. You are being manipulated. You are the victim of an epic scam. You have been bamboozled. Welcome to the circus. Your Capitalist Masters thank you for coming.

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