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FIFA World Cup, 2022: Qatar - Slavery and Bribery

“It’s modern day slavery. It’s a modern day apartheid when people here are being used for their work, and they have no rights whatsoever.” – Paul Lopez

Qatar has placed its bid for, and won, the right to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the premier global event for professional football/soccer. The bid has since been placed under extreme scrutiny, and is under investigation by the US Federal Bureau of Investigations on charges of suspected bribery and corruption. So far, the investigation has led to the resignation of FIFA President, Sepp Blatter. With a population of almost 2 million people, Qatar will be the first Arab state to host the World Cup. Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, son of Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the then Emir of Qatar, was the chairman of the bid committee. Qatar promoted their hosting of the tournament as representing the Arab World, and have drawn support from member states of the Arab League from around the Middle East. They had also hoped to position their bid as an opportunity to bridge the gap between the Arab World and the West.

President of FIFA, Sepp Blatter, endorsed the idea of having a World Cup in the Arab World, saying in April of 2010, "The Arabic world deserves a World Cup. They have 22 countries and have not had any opportunity to organize the tournament." Blatter also praised Qatar's progress, "When I was first in Qatar, there were 400,000 people there, and now there are 1.6 million. In terms of infrastructure, when you are able to organize the Asian Games in 2006 with more than thirty events for men and women, then that is not in question." On December 2, 2010, it was announced that Qatar would host the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

There have since been some problems. A September 2013 report by The Guardian said that a number of Nepalese migrant workers have faced poor conditions as companies handling construction for 2022 World Cup infrastructure project forced workers to stay in country by denying them promised salaries, denying leave for deaths in the family, and withholding necessary worker ID permits, rendering the workers illegal aliens. The Guardian wrote that their investigation "found evidence to suggest that thousands of Nepalese, who make up the single largest group of laborers in Qatar, face exploitation and abuses that amount to modern-day slavery, as defined by the International Labour Organization, during a building binge paving the way for 2022." Additionally, Nepalese workers in Qatar have been dying at a rate of one per day.

A video report accompanying The Guardian’s article showed men living in labor camps with unsanitary and dilapidated conditions. Workers told The Guardian they were promised high salaries before coming to Qatar, only to have their contracts destroyed upon their arrival. Some said they hadn't been paid in months, but the construction companies denied them their worker IDs or passports, rendering them trapped. Workers described having to beg for food and being beaten. They could try to escape, but if caught without proper papers, they would be arrested.

The Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee denied that construction directly related to the World Cup had yet begun but told The Guardian they are "deeply concerned with the allegations," and said “We have been informed that the relevant government authorities are conducting an investigation into the allegations." In 2013, one-hundred and eighty-five Nepalese died working as migrant construction workers building infrastructure in Qatar. A report released by the International Trade Union Confederation, in March of 2014, estimated that 4,000 more workers could die as Qatar prepares for the World Cup. Human rights group Amnesty International has asked FIFA to intervene to protect these migrant workers from mistreatment.

In March of 2016, Amnesty International accused Qatar of using forced labor and forcing their employees to live in poor conditions and withholding their wages and passports. It also accused FIFA of failing to stop the stadium from being built on "human right abuses." Migrant workers told Amnesty about verbal abuse and threats they received after complaining about not being paid for several months. Nepali workers were even denied leave to visit their family after the 2015 Nepal earthquake. During May of 2011, allegations of bribery on the part of two members of the FIFA Executive Committee were tabled by Lord Triesman of the English FA. These allegations were based on information from a whistle blower involved with the Qatari bid. FIFA has since opened an internal inquiry into the matter, and a revote on the 2022 World Cup remains a possibility, if the allegations are proven. FIFA president Sepp Blatter has admitted that there is a ground swell of popular support to rehold the 2022 vote won by Qatar.

In testimony to a UK parliamentary inquiry board in May of 2011, Lord Triesman alleged that Trinidad and Tobago's Jack Warner demanded $4 million for an education center in his country and Paraguay's Nicolás Léoz asked for an honorary knighthood in exchange for their votes. Also, two Sunday Times reporters testified that they had been told that Jacques Anouma, of the Ivory Coast, and Issa Hayatou, of Cameroon, were each paid $1.5 million to support Qatar's bid for the tournament. All four have denied the allegations. Mohammed bin Hammam, who played a key role in securing the games for Qatar, withdrew as a candidate for president of FIFA, in May of 2011, after being accused of bribing twenty-five FIFA officials to vote for his candidacy. Both Bin Hammam and Warner were suspended by FIFA in wake of these allegations. Warner reacted to his suspension by questioning Blatter's conduct and adding that FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke had also told him that Qatar had bought the 2022 World Cup. Valcke subsequently issued a statement denying he had suggested it was bribery, saying instead that the country had "used its financial muscle to lobby for support."

Qatari officials denied any impropriety and insist that the corruption allegations are being driven by envy and mistrust on the part of those people who do not want the World Cup staged in such a country, a possible reference to the Islamic culture and religion of Qatar. Qatar Airways CEO, Akbar Al Baker, gave an interview to German media in June of 2014, stating, "the country is not getting the respect it deserves over its efforts to hold the World Cup" and the, "Qatari Emir strictly punishes and forbids instances of corruption and bribery with a zero-tolerance policy." The question still remains, though, as to whether Qatar is going to be punished for using what amounts to modern day slave labor. Given these circumstances, is the FIFA committee still going to allow the 2022 FIFA World cup to take place in Qatar? In my personal opinion the FIFA committee should take action and punish Qatar for cheating its way into hosting the event. They should also ban Qatar from future consideration for allowing their central stadium to be built on the backs of unpaid, starved, and physically trapped migrant workers, aka slaves. Let me know what your opinion is in the comments.

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Marxism and Religion

The aim of Marxists is to fight for the socialist transformation of society on a national and international scale. We believe that the capitalist system has long ago outlived its historical usefulness and has converted itself into a monstrously oppressive, unjust and inhuman system. The ending of exploitation and the creation of a harmonious socialist world order, based on a rational and democratically run plan of production, will be the first step in the creation of a new and higher form of society in which men and women will relate to themselves as human beings.

We believe that it is the duty of any humane person to support the fight against such a system which involves untold misery, disease, oppression and death for millions of people in the world. We wholeheartedly welcome the participation in the struggle of every progressive person, irrespective of nationality, the colour of their skin, or their religious beliefs. We also welcome the opportunity of a dialogue between Marxists and Christians, Muslims and other groups. However, in order to fight effectively, it is necessary to work out a serious programme, policy and perspective that can guarantee success. We believe that only Marxism (scientific socialism) provides such a perspective.

The question of religion is a complex one, and can be approached from a number of different standpoints: historical, philosophical, political, etc. Marxism began as a philosophy: dialectical materialism. A very good explanation of this philosophy can be found in works such as Engels' Anti-During and Ludwig Feuerbach's, Reason in Revolt, Marxist philosophy and Modern Science provides a comprehensive modern account of the same ideas. This is the starting-point for a clarification of the philosophical position of Marxism on religion.

Philosophical Materialism and Science

Marxists stand on the basis of philosophical materialism, which rules out the existence of any supernatural entity, or anything outside or "above" nature. There is, in fact, no need for any such explanation for life and the universe - least of all today. Nature furnishes its own explanations and it furnishes them in great abundance. Science has proven that humankind has developed - like every other species - over millions of years, and that life itself has evolved from inorganic matter. There cannot be a brain without a central nervous system, and there cannot be a central nervous system without a material body, blood, bones, muscles etc. In turn, the body must be sustained by food derived from a material environment. The most recent discoveries of genetics in the human genome project have furnished incontrovertible evidence for the materialist standpoint.

The revelation of the genome's long and complex history, so long hidden from view, has prompted discussions about the nature of humankind and the process of creation. Incredibly, in the first decade of the twenty first century, the ideas of Darwin are being challenged by the so-called Creationist movement in the USA, which wants American schoolchildren to be taught that God created the world in six days, that man was created from dust and that the first woman was made out of one of his ribs. The latest discoveries have finally exploded the nonsense of Creationism. It has comprehensively demolished the notion that every species was created separately, and that Man, with his eternal soul, was especially created to sing the praises of the Lord. It is now clearly proved that humans are not at all unique creations. The results of the human genome project show conclusively that we share our genes with other species - that ancient genes helped to make us who we are. Humans share their genes with other species going far back into the mists of time. In fact, a small part of this common genetic inheritance can be traced back to primitive organisms such as bacteria. In many cases, humans have exactly the same genes as rats, mice, cats, dogs and even fruit flies. Indeed, scientists have now found some 200 genes that humans share with bacteria. In this way, the final proof of evolution has been established. In a fundamental way, no divine intervention is required.

Life after Death?

So, in spite of all this scientific development, why does Religion still have a grip on the minds of millions? Religion offers men and women the consolation of a life after death. Philosophical materialism denies the possibility of such a thing. Mind, ideas, the soul - all these things are the product of matter organised in a certain way. Organic life arises from inorganic life at a certain stage, and likewise, simple forms of life - bacteria, single celled organisms etc. - evolve into more complex forms involving a backbone, a central nervous system and a brain. The desire to live forever is at least as old as civilisation - probably still older. There is something in our being that resists the idea that "I" must some day cease to be. And indeed, to give up forever this wonderful world of sunshine and flowers, the wind in my face, the sound of the water, the company of my loved ones - to enter an endless realm of nothingness - is hard to take or even to comprehend. Thus, from early on, humans have sought an imaginary communion with a non-material spirit world where - it is believed - a part of me will live on. This was indeed one of the most powerful and enduring messages of Christianity: "I can live after death"

The problem is that the life that is led by most men and women in present-day society is so hard, so intolerable, or at least so meaningless, that the idea of a life after death seems the only way to invest it with any meaning. We will come back to this most important question later. But in the meantime, let us analyse the precise meaning of the idea of life after death. And the instant it is subjected to a serious analysis, it crumbles to dust. The problem was understood long ago, among others by the Greek neo-Platonist philosopher, Plotinus, who said of immortality: "It is unspeakable, for if you say anything of it you make it a particular." The same idea is to be found in Indian writing on the soul: "The self is to be described by No, No, (neti, neti). He is incomprehensible, for He cannot be comprehended." (See A.C. Bouquet, Comparative Religion, p. 162). Thus, for the philosophers and theologians, the soul is just a "night in which all cows are black" as Hegel would have said. And yet, in everyday life, people with no education at all speak with confidence on the subject of the soul and life after death. They imagine it is just like waking up after a sleep and being blissfully united with long-lost loved ones, to live on happily ever after.

The soul is supposed to be immaterial. But what is life without matter? The destruction of the physical body means the end of life of the individual being. True, the trillions of individual atoms that make up our body do not disappear, but reappear in different combinations. In that sense we are all immortal, because matter can neither be created nor destroyed. Admittedly, there are spiritualists who insist that they hear voices although no physical being is present. The answer to this is quite simple: if there is a voice, there must be vocal chords - or else we do not know what a voice is! Try as you will, you cannot separate a single one of the manifestations of our human life activity from the material body.

The common idea of "life after death" is more or less a continuation of the life we have led on earth (since we can know no other). After the soul has fled the body, it apparently "wakes up" in a beautiful land where we are miraculously united with our loved ones, to live a life of eternal joy in which sickness and old age are banished. It is sufficient to pose the question concretely to see that this is impossible. If we consider all the things that make life worth living: eating good food, drinking fine wines (or, for the English, a good strong cup of tea), singing, dancing, embracing, making love etc., it will be immediately evident that all these activities are inseparably connected with the body and its physical attributes. More cerebral pastimes like talking, reading, writing and thinking are equally bound up with our bodily organs. The same is true of breathing, or any other of the activities which, in their totality, we call life.

As a matter of fact, an existence from which all pain and suffering were absent would be intolerable for human beings. A world in which everything was white would actually be the same as a world in which everything was black. From a strictly medical point of view, pain has an important function. It is not just an evil, but a warning from the body that all is not well. Pain is part of the human condition. Not only that: pain and pleasure are dialectically related. Without the existence of pain, pleasure could not exist. Don Quixote explained to Sancho Panza that the best sauce was hunger. Likewise, we rest far better after a period of vigorous exertion. In the same way, death is an integral part of life. Life is not conceivable without death. We begin to die the moment we are born, for in fact, it is only the death of trillions of cells and their replacement by trillions of new cells, that constitutes life and human development. Without death there could be no life, no growth, no change, no development. Thus, the attempt to banish death from life - as if the two things could be separated - is to arrive at a state of absolute immutability, changeless, static equilibrium. But this is just another name for - death. For there can be no life without change and movement.

But what harm is there in believing in another life? Not a lot, it might seem. And yet, is it not undesirable to miseducate men and women, and encourage them to construct their lives around an illusion? To the degree that we put behind us all illusions and see the world as it really is, and ourselves as we really are, we can acquire the necessary knowledge to change the world and ourselves. What we are as individual personalities is intimately bound up with our material bodies and has no existence separate and apart from these. We are born, we live and we die, just like all other living organisms in the universe. Each generation must live its life and then make way for the new generations which are destined to take their place. The aspiration to immortality, the imagined right to live forever, is at bottom egotistical and unrealistic. Rather than waste time striving for a non-existent "other world", it is necessary to strive to make this world a fit place to live in. Because for the great majority of men and women who are born into this world, the question is not whether there is a life after death, but rather, if there is a worthwhile life before death.

The knowledge that this life is fleeting, that we and our loved ones will not always be here, far from being a cause for dismay, should inspire us with a passionate love of life, and a burning desire to make it better for all. We know that every flower is born only to wither, and in some sense the transience of the bloom lends it a tragic beauty. But we also know that nature blossoms afresh each spring, and that the eternal cycle of birth and death that is the essence of every living thing is what gives life its bittersweet flavour. That comedy and tragedy, the laughter and the tears, these are what makes life the rich mosaic of human sensations that it is. This is our inescapable destiny as human beings. For we are humans, not gods, and must embrace our human condition. We have the disadvantage over the gods that we are mortal. But we also have the great advantage over them that we actually exist in flesh and blood, whereas they are mere disembodied figments of the imagination.

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Airborne Nation - "Revolution and the Airborne Nation"

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." - Thomas Jefferson

"Revolution and the Airborne Nation"

Chad P. Morrison, Undated

Everything about your reality is a lie. The car you drive on lease, the house that you pay pay for or the apartment that you rent, even your job, which can be gone on a whim, if your employer has a bad day, are all lies. Everything you have been taught from childhood has been filtered through a rose colored glass. All you now know of history, both here and abroad, your definitions of right and wrong, and even the way you think, are lies. Once you realize you have become a lie, and are living in a nation of lies, where are you living? You are living in the Airborne Nation. You are in America. This nation is Airborne because most of its people are stuck in the clouds. When will we come back down to earth and get a glimpse at reality? When will see fit to help our fellow humans? When will we drop the lies, built up in this world of false dreams, so we can be our brother's keeper? The time is now. We must act before it is too late.

I once had a professor in college who kept a cartoon outside the door of his campus office. He kept a caption on it that read, "Welcome to America. Put your blinders on." This is true to point in every aspect of American life. We are blind to our own problems. We are blind to the problems facing our ever changing world. We are blind to our true selves. We are first and foremost, human, though we do not even really know what it means to be human. We are prideful sojourners on a hopeless quest for wealth, the mere prospect of which, does not really exist for most Americans. For our dream itself is a lie, the so called American dream. We are caught up in the propaganda of the wealthy aristocracy. They dominate our minds with false truths. It has become easy for them because most of us have forgotten that we have a self.

Through the last couple of centuries, and especially in the case of my generation, the real America has been forgotten. For, our religiosity, our hegemony, and our government have once again become our persecutors. We are at a crossroads in time, I hope. For, in due time, technology will enslave the masses. We let the government take many of our freedoms. We let them corrupt everything with their selfishness and greed. We forgot the treachery of men in power. Men in power are not like us. They are singularly driven by the prospects of wealth and more power. O' who could ascend to such a perch. Not I, for the desire to just be human is as close to being divine as a man can be whilst still in his flesh. Therefore, I desire not power, but equality, not wealth, but relationships. Such desires have substance and for me there is nothing else. We must now act for the sake of our freedom; else, all may be lost.

"Supplemental - Cult of Ignorance" - Kent Allen Halliburton, August 29,2016

As an experienced writer, one must admit that Chad's words here sound just as lofty as he accuses most Americans of being. They also come off as overly generalized; however, in the very same breath, one must also admit that there can be no deeper truth spoken about this country. Plain and simple, he is right on the money. His sentiment is exact, and there is a legitimate reason for why this is. It is the development of the American 'Cult of Ignorance.' Since the very first contested Presidential election, and in multitudes of local and national elections, before and since, American democracy has promoted the ascendance of the common man. While this, in its self, is not necessarily a bad thing, it has not existed alone. Traveling in stride with this 'Rise of the Common Man' political culture, has been a very intense culture of Anti-Intellectualism. From very early on in this country's history, common farmers equated education, 'high speak,' and measured deliberation with the elites that they sought to displace with their grass roots movements.

Andrew Jackson's presidency was an example of this rise. He was the first non college educated President, he was born to poor working class immigrants from Northern Ireland, and their wealth was found on the frontier, not on the eastern seaboard. Interestingly enough, his eight years in office were marked by rash decisions, 'common' judgment, and frontier justice. This mentality has not left our culture. It is still here; in fact, it has embedded itself deep into American political culture; so deeply so that people with high IQs and a lot of education sometimes find themselves culturally marginalized and accused of lacking 'common' sense. This 'Cult of Ignorance' has taken on a new role, however. No longer is it about the rise of the common man. Now, it is about controlling the common man. It is from this deception that the American people must awake. However, this time, it needs to be accompanied with an intense thirst for knowledge; otherwise, the cycle will only repeat itself. We certainly have a lot of work to do, and the time to get started on this work was yesterday.

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Powerball: A Tax on the Poor

It was all over the news. The Powerball jackpot had risen to over $900 Million. You couldn't escape it. I didn't play, nobody I knew played, but we all knew what the jackpot was. Someone, somewhere, told us. It was on TV, people were talking about it at work, it was on the radio, and every gas station window had a sign. Despite my attempts to remain woefully ignorant of the potential spoils of this glorified numbers racket, I was almost forcefully informed. I could not avoid it. The big question? "Who was going to win?"

The number and the question had become ubiquitous. News of government corruption, wars, just plain current events, and your average person is blissfully unaware of the details. However, this number, everyone had heard of and knew. It almost makes you wonder that if we treated knowledge as a prize, if people would be far better educated. However, the question on everyone's lips was eventually answered. Who would win? Nobody, that's who.

There was no Powerball winner after a huge buying frenzy with some people frantically buying a hundred or more tickets at a time. The government was pulling in money hand over fist as hundreds of millions of tickets printed out on cheap paper with pink ink. Now, with nothing delivered, the jackpot stood at $1.3 BILLION, and a new round of buying started as people spent even more money for their 0.0000000034% chance at being rich. The bigger question, though, was how many times could they get away with having no winner, selecting the exact numbers that hundreds of millions of "random" tickets didn't manage to cover, before people stopped buying tickets?   It's a balancing act the lottery commission has mastered over time, and whether it's truly random or less so, to them, it's just another tax. It is, simply, just a tax on the poor.

Here's a breakdown as to which taxes affect each "class" of Americans the most, based on total financial impact.

Rich - Capital Gains tax, Estate tax, and Property tax
Middle Class - Income tax, Sales tax, and Property Tax
Poor - Lottery, Traffic Citations, Gas tax, Registration, Licensing, Sin tax (alcohol and cigarette tax)

If you'll notice, the rich are taxed on what they already have and what they earn based on what they already have. The middle class are taxed on their attempts to gain what the rich have, and the poor, since they have no property and no real means of ever obtaining any, are taxed on their habits, mobility, and dreams. They are, essentially, taxed for simply being alive.

It's very medieval if you think about it. The old lords in Medieval Europe didn't want their peasants moving around and having too much fun either, lest they should become unruly and start thinking they deserve more out of life, so they tied them to the land using economic manipulation, fealty ties, and religious obligations. Now, the taxes that affect the poor the most are the ones based on ideas of getting rich (face it, the lottery's an idea, not a chance), aka, things they self-medicate with because they can't afford real healthcare and their means of transportation.

The upper echelons of society pay the same taxes, but their lives are affected FAR less by something like a parking ticket, and taxes on a pack of cigarettes; and, rarely do they play the lottery. With lower incomes, lower expenditures, and no real property to tax, the lottery is the main way to tax the poor, and it's the only tax that Americans seem to be gladly, almost gleefully willing, to pay.

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Airborne Nation - "The War"

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"The War"

Chad P. Morrison, Undated

There is a war being waged right now. It is not a war oversees, in a foreign land, or even a domestic war, against terrorism. It is a war right here, in your face, happening before our very eyes, though it is not a physical war. It is an ethereal and psychological war for the hearts and minds of the people. This government wants you to believe that you can live happily and be satisfied with an uneven mortgage, a thankless job, a false sense of community, or even, a family which, upon examination, is actually thin as paper. They want you to believe they are infallible. They want you to follow them blindly. They want you to give all that you have left, right up until you have fallen over and expended your final breath. In the mean time, they want to glean from you every last ounce of profit that they can manage. They need you to believe in their propaganda. They need you to believe in their authority, and they need you to believe in their divinity. What happens if you can't play the game? What happens if you can't conform to their rules? You get marginalized, or worse, thrown away. People like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Ida B. Wells believed in something much greater than this farcical dream. They believed in, and gave their lives for, a higher purpose. For them, the human species was not inherently evil but perpetually good. Was Dr. King naive? Having seen his brothers killed, and his sisters raped, was he naive? No, my fellow citizens, he was not naive. He knew full well what happens when people buy into their darker side. People have a choice which side they will serve. Dr. King chose the right side in spite of the consequences, and despite his own flaws. Whom will you choose to serve in this war? Will you side with justice or injustice? Or worse, will you refuse to take a side?

"Supplemental" - Kent Allen Halliburton, Sunday, August 28, 2016

This question that floods the mind, now, is where does one go with this? What exactly needs to be done next? Education, education, education! The people need to be aware of how intense the war for their very being truly is. They need to know where the attacks are coming from and where they are safe. They need to know who their enemies are and who they can trust as friends. More than anything else, though, they simply need to be made self aware. They need to be woken up. They need to be reminded that they can actually think for themselves. That is where the work begins.

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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Refuse to Cooperate - One Year Out

"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear." - Samuel Langhorne Clemens

"If you really believe in what you're doing, work hard, take nothing personally, and if something blocks one route, find another. Never give up." - Laurie Notaro

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable." - John Fitzgerald Kennedy

"There comes a time in a person's life when they must decide to accept life as a slave, or to risk death in the struggle for freedom." - Kent Allen Halliburton

        One year ago, yesterday, August 26, 2015, I published the first article of the Refuse to Cooperate blog.  Since that first publication, Refuse to Cooperate has spread out to over ten social media sites, and registered with three pinger sites. Of those social media sites Facebook and Google+ have been the most effective. The Fan Page on Facebook has received, to date, nearly 1,300 likes. However, the center of activity on Facebook has been our Facebook Discussion Group. It has generated a lot of heated debates, changed minds, and worked to convince people that disagreeing with someone does not mean that you have to be their enemy. It has shown that there are people out there who realize that despite our many individual assumptions, there is still a broader struggle for freedom going on; in which, we must all participate. To date, the group has approximately 4,800 members, from all sectors of the United States, as well as, many different areas of the globe. The Refuse to Cooperate community on Google+ had not been as productive, however. At present, it only has 37 members. However, Google+, as a whole, has been immensely productive. The other multitude of communities where our work has been shared on Google+ have produced mountains of quality feedback and thousands of views. Refuse to Cooperate also has a collection of links to all our pieces in Google Collections
        Other than these two sites, Refuse to Cooperate has its own accounts on Ello, Tumblr, Reddit, Medium, and Pinterest. On Brigade and Twitter, any and all of Refuse to Cooperate's posts are shared on the Senior Editor's, Kent Allen Halliburton, accounts. Each of these venues, in combination with the others, have assisted in the distribution of Refuse Cooperate's materials, to the tune of over 62,500 views. Even more interesting is that this has been done without spending a single dime on distribution. Good writing, engaging topics, and extensive sharing have been the key that success. Even more importantly, during this period, Refuse to Cooperate has expanded from a one man horn, to a team of eight dedicated writers, Kent Allen Halliburton, Brother Apostate, Zach Davidson, Lexa Moon, Seven, William, John Griffin, and Chad P. Morrison. These eight writers combined, including this piece, have now published 141 articles in the past year. This is quality production. Even further, this quality production has been backed up by good writing. Refuse to Cooperate has become known for its ability to deliver a clear message in each piece that it puts out; even though, some have complained that they can be a bit long winded at times. The Refuse to Cooperate blog has also teamed up with three other blogs who share a similar message and who know the meaning of team work. They are Rebel Stronghold, Mission: Keep Your Smile, and Airborne Nation. The work done with these three other blogs has been immensely important to the success of the Refuse to Cooperate blog.
        The numerical success, without the use of money, is extremely important, but there is something much more important about Refuse to Cooperate's first year that should be discussed. This would be the blog's message. The key point is that the message has not remained static. It has evolved, expanded, and adapted with the addition of new ideas, concepts, opinions, arguments, and research. The depth of its message has also improved over time. It started off lite, but has now found its way into the heat of some the most important topics of the day. The first post was written while I was watching the movie, "Gandhi." I had not planned to write the piece, as I had another piece planned for the next day, but I felt inspired to respond to the movie, so I wrote, What Should We Do? This is where the road began for Refuse to Cooperate, and it sounded a little bit like this:

"Remaining non-violent is the only way for the American people to obtain the one thing that will force our oppressors to concede: Moral Authority. This is our key to victory, to a more egalitarian society that sees equality and opportunity available for everyone. We cannot be in the eye of the world giving our government the license to respond with beatings, killings, and arrests. We have to reveal to the world, in the plainest terms possible, the Mafia style criminal syndicate that is running unchecked in this country, and we have to do it with the weight of the largest mountain pressing down upon our shoulders. We cannot alter our course, and we cannot slow down. We must be persistent, unwavering, and as immovable as that mountain. We have to have the courage to stand in front of tank and hang a garland on the cannon....."

        In a great many ways, my position on the use of non-violent resistance has not changed. Holding one's temper, maintaining a cool head, and acting with clear and precise intent, all in the midst of the most heinous of degradations, gives the person that is able to experience that and still resist, an intense right to the retention of the Moral Authority in a resistance movement. This is so because they are able to contrast themselves, calm, collected, and coherent, from the actions of their oppressors, angry, violent, and chaotic. While the oppressor attempts to restore order, the protester is embodying the very essence of order. There is something to be said for a movement that can make their oppressor act against their own interests without lashing back at the hatred being spewed at them and enacted upon their bodies. However, some would argue that an unwillingness to get violent is a sign of weakness, suggesting that the non-violent person is not willing to bleed for the cause. Has one ever seen what has happened to multitudes of peaceful protesters in this country? Have we not seen their bruised faces, the lacerations across their bodies, and the pain in their eyes? In reality, you are more likely to bleed for the cause if you remain non violent because you are putting yourself directly in the path of oncoming traffic with nothing but your courage to protect you. The question, then, is how long can such tactics hold out before they are no longer effective? Eventually, the oppressor starts to stall or notches up the violence to unbearable levels, killing leaders, attacking people in their homes, and even killing children. They, of course, write all of this off as collateral damage and even try to blame the resistance movement for any negative outcomes. At some point, the back of the non-violent movement breaks, and things get aggressive. Even the educated have their final straw, as is described in my piece on the Black Liberation Army:

"So, let us rap our minds around this whole ordeal. Of course, the setting is the late 1960s to the late 1980s. The circumstances are post Civil Rights Movement government oppression and massive social resistance to that oppression. The two prime players are JoAnne Deborah Byron, better known as, Assata Olugbala Shakur, and Jeral Wayne Williams, better known as, Mutulu Shakur. Assata had a Bachelor's Degree from the City College of New York, and Mutulu was a licensed Acupuncturist through the state of California and the Assistant Director of the Lincoln Detox Community Program in Harlem. Yet, by 1986, Assata was in exile in Cuba, as a Political Refugee, and Mutulu was incarcerated in a federal prison in California, as a Political Prisoner. These are kind, intelligent, and well educated people. What on Gaia's Earth could possibly lead them down such violent and lonely paths, as have been laid out this article? If one ponders the issue for just a moment, the answer should come to their mind fairly quickly. It's not hard. In fact, it's easier to grasp than glimpsing the noon day sun in the middle of a Texas summer. It's the repressed emotion built up from four hundred years of direct exposure to a highly organized and brutally enforced system of oppression designed to place an entire people at the bottom of a society that is taught to loathe them for no other reason than that they have a darker skin tone. It's the theft of an identity, a culture, a language, a religion, and soul and the forced adoption of an alien identity that grinds at the very core of the human spirit. It's the loss of personal autonomy. It's bone-wrenching poverty. It's the loss of self-awareness, and its the destruction of the inner moral compass that should inform a person that what is happening to them is wrong."

        The nature of revolution, of course, is not the only thing that the Refuse to Cooperate blog has spoken on. Probably, my earliest controversial piece was, Abortion, is There a Middle Ground? An Honest Opinion from a Texas Liberal, in which I challenged the exclusion of willing fathers from abortion decisions. Early on, I also called out what I call the Hidden Dictatorship. The first piece I did this in was, The Hidden Dictatorship, Class Warfare at Ground Zero: An Account from Inside the Belly of the Beast. I also spoke on the War on Drugs and Decriminalization of Marijuana. I even responded to questions about my Credentials as an Activist. Some people are skeptical at first sight, when they see a Halliburton speaking the way I do. I also spoke out on the important of the Separation of Church and State and the needed Destruction of White Supremacy. Eventually, I started getting into some deeper, more highly researched topics. I explored the possibility of describing congressional behavior, in the United States, using the Marxist philosophy of Dialectical Materialism. I explored the Role of Race in State Politics and Elections, and even questioned the Supreme Court's unwillingness to Challenge Unconstitutional Actions Taken by Immigration Officials. Just after this is when I started picking up new authors. Lexa Moon started with a piece describing What Refuse to Cooperate Meant to Him. Brother Apostate began with a piece clearing up the definition of real Socialism. Seven stepped in with Change is Violent. William made his mark with his piece on How Texas is Destroying the Education System. Immediately following, came Zach Davidson, telling us all, quite convincingly, Why He Cannot Vote for Hillary Clinton. He was followed up by John Griffin. John, offered a very clear history and analysis of the Russian October Revolution and its Consequences. Finally, it is Chad P. Morrison that gave Refuse to Cooperate the honor of hearing his voice in the Airborne Nation series, a play on his actual military service with the 82nd Airborne Infantry Division of the United States Army. The piece that has drawn the most attention in the past week, is a piece that I wrote on the use of Death as Propaganda; in which, I argue that the state uses murder as a form of propaganda to ward of potential civil unrest. Essentially, do this and you will will live, do the other thing, and you will die. It paints a very clear image.
         If no one has noticed yet, one of the primary missions of Refuse to Cooperate is to change minds. We want people to begin to look at the world, how it operates, and how they fit into that process very differently. People regularly say, "Well, I am only one person, what can be done?" It is precisely that defeatism that keeps anything from getting accomplished because everyone is saying it. Imagine what would happen if everyone started saying, "Well, as one person, let me see what I can do." Then you would have multitudes out and about and ready to do some good for the people. This changing of minds, however, is not limited to the readership. It has been my expectation, all along, that I, myself, along with the rest of the writers, be open to similar changes. On July 4, 2016, my mind was changed in a dramatic way. Brother Apostate wrote a piece defining What it Really Means to be a Liberal. He showed how modern liberalism, whether pro worker or not, cannot be considered Socialist because it still relies on the preservation of Capitalism and the private ownership of the means of production. This further means that a Socialist cannot be Liberal because their ideology depends of the ownership of the means of production transferring to the working class. Since that day, I have dropped the moniker of Liberal when describing myself politically. I am a Socialist. If someone calls me a bleeding heart liberal, or some similar name; in a debate, I most always now respond with, "How can I be a liberal if I am not a capitalist?" I thank Brother Apostate for his insightful work. I was also recently influenced by Seven's piece on Why Churches Should not Be Taxed. Everyone knows that church is a billion dollar industry that has a hold on more than just people tithes, and everyone would love to see them put some of that private jet money towards helping the homeless and the like. However, Seven made a very interesting point. If you tax the churches, you have to give them representation, and if you give them representation, they will want their tax money to got to specific projects and places. Can one even imagine what all manners of evil they would get themselves into with access to such power?
         So, in one year, Refuse to Cooperate has come a long way. We have expanded our writing corps, we have expanded our social media presence, and we have expanded our readership. There is, however, much left undone. We want to expand our readership even further, of course. If you could just look at our Google Views Stats, Refuse to Cooperate has been viewed on all six inhabitable continents, as well as the sub-continent of India, and some island nations in the Pacific Ocean. This is incredible, but we want more. We hope, in time, to increase our average view rate to 2,000 views per post. We need you help on this. Spread the word that it is time to Refuse to Cooperate! We also encourage any writer that is willing to join us to make themselves known. We hope to eventually begin a pod cast on Sound Cloud, so that you can hear the voices of Refuse to Cooperate. We also want to kick up a YouTube channel, so that we put our faces to the names. The pod cast and YouTube channel will operate like a radio talk show, and we will take questions via Twitter and the like. Finally, we also want to encourage action on the principle of Refuse to Cooperate. Propaganda, a very deep personal enjoyment of mine, is thrown at us each and every single day, in the hopes that we will be distracted enough to not care about all the evil crap that is being done by our government. Do not listen to it. Do not let it overwhelm you or make your decisions for you. Think for yourself. Be your own person; for when you do, you will find that life has become much more illuminated. Every moment will be like that first moment after you have learned something new, you are overcome with a braingasm. Further, you will see how truly ridiculous all of the artificial classifications that are forced upon us truly are. Something else will also happen deep inside your soul. You will feel the urge to do something to help change the situation, and it will be a powerful urge. In time, it is our hope to be intimately involved in collective actions designed to free the American working class from Capitalist oppression. We strongly hope that you will join us. 

Friday, August 26, 2016

The Argument Against Taxing Churches (From an Atheist)

Ever since John Oliver's piece on evangelists, and the satirical founding of his church "Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption," a new debate has begun to boil over, long simmering in the melting pot of America. Now, with renewed pressure on the IRS to tax religious institutions, after decades of ignoring violations, I'm torn on this new debate in a way that might surprise most people who read this blog. The problem is, simply put, if you tax these religious institutions, you are offering them an open invitation into formal politics. I am an Atheist, and I do not want the government to tax religious institutions.

Taxing an entity means they're paying for the operations of the government, and by law, need to be represented in that government. We actually fought a revolution over that point, "taxation without representation," back in 1776. It's why we exist as a country and aren't now part of the British Commonwealth. If you tax churches, they must be represented, officially, and that's a problem.

"Separation of Church and State" has long been a hallmark of our secular culture; though, it's never been strictly enforced. The original wording that Thomas Jefferson used when explaining the government's position to 19th Century Baptists was:
Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between Man & his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legitimate powers of government reach actions only, & not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should 'make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,' thus building a wall of separation between Church and State.
Basically, there would never be a national church, and no laws could be passed, including tax laws, that would interfere with people's right to worship,  as long as opinion does not become action, political or otherwise. "You stay out of government, and we won't oppress you with taxes or legislation because you will have no representation in government." Obviously the modern world would laugh at that with all the evangelicals in office writing bills with a religious slant, but the wisdom of the founders of this country was long-reaching.

The argument to tax these institutions now is that "They're already in politics." This is valid and sure, there are some breaches of "separation," but it was the THREAT of taxes and government interference that mostly kept the churches at bay or forced them to take roundabout routes to influence politics, lest they be seen as political organizations rather than religious ones. Should we levy taxes on these religious institutions, we'll pierce that veil, and any semblance of separation left will vanish. Imagine what churches and religions will do once given the green light to legally raise funds for candidates. They will order their congregations to vote in a certain way, since they would no longer have to qualify for or keep to the rules that would grant them religious exemptions. The tax would become the price for admission to the political arena, and they would gladly pay it to incorporate and function as for-profit organizations or political action committees. If you remember Prop 8 in California, you'd remember the effect that the LDS church had in getting gay marriage banned, after they instructed all of their members how to vote and bussed them in from around the state. In the end, they managed to get their way in one of the most liberal, pro LGBTQ, states in the union. If they can do that there, just ONE sect of christianity, imagine what they could do on the national stage.

We pierced the corporate veil, as well, not too long ago, by officially allowing corporations to donate as much money as they want. They already did anyway, but took roundabout routes and jumped through legal hoops to get their money into the hands of their politicians. Not all of them did this, and not to the extent that they do now, given that it's completely legal. The same will happen with churches, but worse. Businesses and corporations don't own the souls of their members, and they have to pay them. Churches take their people's money and have an unusual power over their income and the actions that they take. This should scare a secular society for, should they become political, these institutions would wield immense power. Those who wish to end the special status of churches and tax them, are not taking into account the influence, REAL influence, over the governments of the world that religion has had all throughout history. There was a reason the people who wrote the Constitution wanted to keep government entirely separate from religion. Should they intermingle too much, they can never be separated. Living in the 1770s, they knew firsthand the power religion had in Europe. I don't think we want or need a high priest overshadowing a puppet government like they have in modern theocracies, like Iran.

Lastly, and what could turn out to be the most dangerous problem with taxing churches, is that all across the South there are ALOT, and I mean ALOT, of small churches. One on every block, sometimes directly across the street from one another. Little white buildings with a congregation of 20 or so, who all donate enough weekly to keep the pastor eating and living just above the poverty line. Tax them, and these smaller churches won't be able to support their pastors, and they will close. This would leave us with, HUGE, for-profit entities suddenly getting a massive influx of new members, refugees of the smaller churches, who couldn't afford the taxes. Their power would become absolute.

I stand with John Oliver when he says evangelists are money-grubbing, victimizing entities, but we shouldn't OFFICIALLY allow that into politics. The dam may be leaking, but let's not dynamite it because we're getting a little wet.

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Airborne Nation - "Abbey's Road"

Edward Abbey, from Abbey's Road, on Revolution:

"Anarchism is not a romantic fable but the hardheaded realization, based on five thousand years of experience, that we cannot entrust the management of our lives to kings, priests, politicians, generals, and county commissioners."

"The tank, the B-52, the fighter-bomber, the state-controlled police and military are the weapons of dictatorship. The rifle is the weapon of democracy. Not for nothing was the revolver called an 'equalizer.' Egalite implies liberte. And always will. Let us hope our weapons are never needed—but do not forget what the common people of this nation knew when they demanded the Bill of Rights: An armed citizenry is the first defense, the best defense, and the final defense against tyranny."

"Abbey's Road"

Chad P. Morrison, Undated

Edward Abbey was one of the truly great genius minds of our time. I first became acquainted with his work while I was, ironically, living in the Sonora desert. My wife and I lived without the use of modern convenience there, and in similar fashion across the west coast, for nearly a year. I cannot express in words the feeling of being truly detached from modern life. It is strange how in tune with nature that a man can become when he unplugs.

In true Abbey fashion, A Season in the Wilderness (1968), we lived in the desert near Yuma, Arizona. This was our very own, "Season in the Wilderness." The sky was on fire at night, and by day, there was no end to the adventures one could have. Peace. True Peace. In retrospect, I should have never given up the fight to live so close to nature, and I suppose in the not too distant future, I will be there again. Alive with the sagebrush, the cactus, and the sidewinder. Sleeping to the heehaw of the burrow and the howl of the coyote. The vision of awaking to a sunset likened to the face of God. I love Mr. Abbey, like me, an Appalachian country boy turned Desert dwelling hippie.

A man most called, "Colorado John," brought Abbey into my world. I had just finished waking up to the desert sunrise. I walked toward the nearby humble desert shack of my 85 year old friend, "Bad Bob" to shoot the shit and talk about "the way things should be, instead of the way that they are," in his words, when he introduced me to "Colorado John." John was a Nam vet, and we could relate on the common hatred of our armed forces experiences. He later passed me a copy of Desert Solitude, a book which will continue to change my life. It will do so because of the man, Edward Abbey. A man that braved the Arizona Desert because it was the last unspoiled resource in this land. He knew that coal would continue to decimate our humble Appalachia. He had to find something that "they" couldn't take. He did. I hope that everyone human is able to find their own such place. Don't give in easily, in fact don't give in at all. It ain't worth it, life is too short. If you have to go to the desert and run with the coyotes, just do whatever it takes. Don't let anyone or anything hold you back from having a life that matters, a life of substance.

"Supplemental" - Kent Allen Halliburton, Friday, August 26, 2016

What can one say to words filled with such power? The only thing I can come up with is, Bravo! The human species has become detached from itself, and many of us have found ourselves flailing about in the breeze with no idea about what do next. We feel lost and all alone in an ocean of clouded and itinerant souls. Perhaps, Edward Abbey, and Chad here, can serve as examples. Let go of all the fear that grips you, and just live life.

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Airborne Nation - "Three Cops Shoot Homeless Man Possibly Wielding a Knife."

"All oppression creates a state of war." - Simone de Beauvoir

"The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance." - Robert Kennedy

"Three Cops Shoot Homeless Man Possibly Wielding a Knife."

Chad P. Morrison, Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The police are working for the system. They are killing those who dare to exist outside of the system. This is why we must evolve. The video linked below is graphic. It depicts the shooting death of a homeless man, James Boyd, in Albuquerque, NM, on March 24, 2014. What happened to protect and serve?

"Supplemental" - Kent Allen Halliburton, Friday, August 25, 2016

The police are killing people who dare to live withing the system, too, and protect and serve was thrown out the window when the US Government was purchased by corporations like Raytheon, Wal-Mart, and News Corporation. When my Comrade, Chad, here, wrote this piece, the repeated killings of unarmed African Americans had not yet become the most frequent news of the day. It is now, and Chad's piece was very nearly the calling out of the opening salvo. On April 30, 2014, the Milwaukee PD took the life of Dontre Hamilton. He was unarmed, as were all of the following individuals. On July 17, 2014, Eric Garner lost his life in New York City.  On August 5, 2014, John Crawford III was gunned down by the Dayton PD. On August 9, 2014, Michael Brown, Jr. was killed by the Ferguson PD. On August 11, 2014, Ezell Ford was taken out by the Florence PD. On August 12, 2014, Dante Parker was eliminated by the Victorville, PD. On November 13, 2014, Tanisha Anderson was murdered in Cleveland. On November 20, 2014, Akai Gurley was slaughtered by the Brooklyn PD. On November 22, 2014, Tamir Rice was butchered back in Cleveland. On December 2, 2014, Rumain Brisbon lost his life in Phoenix. December 30, 2014 witnessed the assassination of Jerame Reid in Bridgeton. On March 6, 2015, Tony Robinson lost his life at the hands of the Madison PD. On March 31, 2015, Phillip White was a new notch scratched into the belts of the Vineland PD. Eric Harris lost his life to the Tulsa PD, on April 2, 2015. On April 4, 2015, Walter Scott was shot in the back in North Charleston. On April 19, 2015 Freddie Gray died of injuries sustained in an unprovoked beating by the Baltimore PD. On July 5, 2016, Alton Sterling was put to death by the Baton Rouge PD. On July 6, 2016, Philando Castile was snuffed out by the Minneapolis PD. 

This list is not exhaustive. It is, however, a list of some of the latest victims in the United States', now, centuries long war against African Americans, and thus, the American people as a whole. For, if but one of us must fear for our lives at the hands of the government, then, we all must. What have the American people done that is so awful that our own government treats us this way? Perhaps, we should tell them to stop.....

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Do Not Deny Us: The War On Our Ancestors

Religion is a vehicle that was used by primitive man to explain and define the natural events, course of life, and biological processes inherent in everyday life. Early man formed stories around campfires, crafted idols, and drew pictographs to explain and chronicle their lives. In those moments, humanity was ignorant of the science behind the mysteries of life and death. It was there that the tool was constructed that would be used to outright deny the deeds and accomplishments of our ancestors: religion. While these ancient religions and spiritual practices of early man are lost to us and certainly not connected in any tangible way to the modern world religions that loom over the planet and population; they do represent an element of human society and thinking: the creation of religious thinking to explain or deny things not understood. What helped our ancestors is now the weapon-of-choice for religious deniers to undertake cultural and legal warfare on their own ancestors.
Today, evolution is a dirty word that ranks up there in some groups of American society with words that we used to look up in dictionaries, that porn stars cry out, and cable television revels in using. The very idea of current human beings slowly changing over the course of four million years from an ape-like animal to us beautiful humans like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is downright repulsive and repugnant as rotten roadkill on an hot Texas summer highway. Hardline religious zealots, the non-educated, and the stupid feverishly craft their own self-image of history via the lens of their native dogmatic god and scripture.
They question the validity of Carbon-14 dating, the bones themselves, and fabricate a conspiracy worth of the attention of Mulder and Scully to cloak themselves in righteousness and praise of their fictional god. The truth, as uncomfortable as it may be, is that the human race is a product of a brutal evolution that warrants the respect and admiration of all humans living today. We should treat Lucy with the same reverence as dear old granddad and grandma. What these religious deniers are turning their back on is a beautiful, heartbreaking story of our primitive ancestors marching out of the African rift valley in waves to seek out greener opportunities which met with either success and continued survival or harsh failure via exposure, starvation, and a cold death.
When I gaze upon the maps of humans spreading out across the globe, or the bones of an human-like ancestor, or marvel at the ancient cave art; I hear the cries echo out from those relics not to deny their lives and sacrifice. While Christians, Jews, and Muslims cry and throw themselves to praise and worship their hollow fictional gods and morn (and queerly) celebrate the bloody deaths of their messiahs and holymen; they deny the sacrifice of their own ancestors that painfully marched to the lands we occupy today. Christians want to rewrite textbooks, force teachers to teach mythology that they regard as truth.
On the other side of the globe, extreme Muslim terrorists like ISIS are destroying important cultural archeological sites due to the fact that they believe it offends their fake god. But, they deny the ancestors that suffered to arrive in the land of two rivers. Every year, major religions and cultures celebrate their ancestors in events like Tet, Memorial Day, All Saints Day, Bon, and Dia de Muertos...but where is the worship and praise for Lucy or Otzi the Iceman? Don't cry and honor Jesus or Mohammad when you deny, dishonor, and outright attack the four million year old line of people that painfully brought you to this point in world history. They are who we are. We are them and they are us...bone to blood. We are all one family and it is time to not deny our lineage, but honor it, celebrate it, and teach it. This is who we are.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Death as Propaganda: Should We be Preparing for Martial Law?

"Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government." - Edward Bernays

"The propagandist's purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human." - Aldous Huxley

"Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind." - George Orwell

"Governments will use whatever technology is available to them to combat their primary enemy - their own population." - Noam Chomsky

        Of any election in my lifetime, the 2016 Presidential election has turned out to be one of the largest and most poorly played jokes that I have ever been a party to. It has been an insult to the intelligence of reasonably smart human beings, and to those that don't get it, or are just too distracted, it has been nothing more than a whole lot of useless background noise. However, for those of us that study this kind of thing, for those of us that get genuine entertainment value out of a good rigorous election cycle, and for those of us that actually take the governance of this nation very seriously, it has bordered on treasonous. Some might think that I say this because Bernie Sanders was visibly robbed of the Democratic Party's nomination, and though that would be a solid point to stand on, it is not why I am calling this particular cycle treasonous. There is another more sinister reason that I have in mind, and were it to ever be proven true, the whole of the US government could and should spend the remainder of their soul eternities in the deepest of the deepest levels of the most vicious nether regions available.
        See, I am convinced that there is a connection between the increased violence towards African Americans and the elites' politically predetermined and desired outcome in this election cycle. The Republican nomination was full of threats and bribes. The Democratic nomination was overwhelmed with legitimate claims of voter fraud and obstruction. Neither side did all that they could to hide these things because if they did, we would not have heard of them. However, the violence towards to the African American community over the past year, and the increased body count of unarmed citizen slayings at the hands of the police, mixed with these political circumstances, has me thinking. Would our government be sick enough to instruct local police forces to target a specific group of people for increased oppression, just to make a splash big enough that it might keep the rest of us from realizing what a highway robbery this election cycle has become? Further, what if the the thing being hidden is not actually the corruption of this election cycle? The outcome is already predetermined. The elites have set the stage for who they want to win. Hillary Clinton is going to be the next President, and how could she not be? Donald Trump alienates a different group of people each day. This tells me that there is something else going on here, and that our government would, in fact, be sick enough to do this because it has done so in the past, on multiple occasions.
        The government propaganda machine, and it can operate at multiple levels, that we are mixed up in, is so complex and sophisticated that it can micro target regions where increased propaganda needs to be delivered. Through the use of traditional television, radio, smart phones, and the internet, among other sources, the government has the ability to distract us from anything that they do not want us to see. This is not abnormal, as it happens all the time. Consider an example from a local radio station in Dallas/Fort Worth during the 2012 Presidential election. At a certain point, in the late summer, Barack Obama was polling very high in the region, to the point that he even made a campaign stop there. After his visit, his numbers when even higher. Almost immediately after this, a campaign to vote for DFW's hottest mom hit one of the local radio station's programming dockets. While at the same time, radio coverage of President Obama in the area dropped. For over a month, people spent more time looking at pictures of hot moms and less time worrying about the election. Then another poll was taken. The President's numbers dropped several points, while the ratings for the hottest mom competition were through the roof. Texas stayed red, and the local and state Republican Parties were kept happy.
        Admittedly, this is a bit of a goofy example. However, it is meant to point out the fact that when it needs to, the government can effect very minute details in the operation of society and the thoughts that go though our heads. So, now, back to the present. No one, unless they are very well paid, cares about Hillary Clinton as a person. She is widely believed, by both sides of the political spectrum, to be one of the worst criminal politicians in recent memory. The man that most people did want, got clearly robbed, and is now struggling to keep his political movement operational, while the Republican Party's candidate was a Democrat right up until he decided to run for President. This is visible to the intelligent, but there are many who can't or do not want to see it. They call us cracks. Now, normally, such weird circumstances would be hidden by the media, or a major event would be used to divert the people's attention from the rampant criminality that is most US elections. While I can clearly tell that a sophisticated media campaign is operating on us in rush mode, I am still not convinced that it is the primary weapon being used against us in this election cycle.
        So, here is where my thinking is going. The US government is about to drop some seriously heavy stuff on us after this ignorant election is over with. Before that, however, they want us to be aware of what is going to happen to people who question their authority, to people who challenge their rule, and to people who dare to exercise their sovereign right to resist a tyrannical government. The first thing they would need to do is militarize the police, which they have done. Then, they would need to disarm the populace, which they are trying to do. Then, they would have to target a community that is already accustomed to police violence, so that the initial response is minimal enough to prevent widespread riots. This, too, they have already done. After that, its just lather, rinse, repeat until the American people are clear on how they should behave when the government comes a calling. The real cover up is of what is coming after this election. That is what we need to be truly worried about. If this crap was not organized like this, why are their not FBI and Federal Marshal checkpoints in the African American communities with the highest rates of police spawned murders? Why is their not a massive central investigation into this problem yet? At least, that can be taken seriously? It is because the best is, unfortunately, yet to come. This comes off as seriously conspiratorial, but I am hard pressed to find anything else that makes a single bit of sense. We are being groomed to live in state of martial law, and worse, many people will not even be aware of it. Either way, good people have to stop what is going on, even if it means putting their own lives and their own liberty on the line. That is how serious this situation is, and really, always has been.

Airborne Nation - "You Can't Keep Pushing the Poor, or They Will Push Back!"

"Workers of the world unite; you have nothing to lose but your chains." - Karl Marx

"You Can't Keep Pushing the Poor, or They Will Push Back!"

Chad P. Morrison, Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I recently heard a friend, and standing member of the Airborne Nation, say that the rich should remember the French Revolution. I have had many people come up to me on the street and say similar things the past few years. I have to say, yes. "I hear the people sing, singing the song of angry men...," and "we will not be slaves again." The global economic system is based on an illusion that nature itself cannot and will not sustain. Prepare yourselves people. The slow march towards change is starting to become a slow jog, and before you know it, we will be at a sprint. Protests are picking up around the nation. Just consider the recent event in New Mexico. A police shooting protest turned violent when the cops got aggressive.

"Supplemental" - Kent Allen Halliburton, Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The sentiment here is sincere. Chad is strongly interested in the needs and welfare of the working class, or as they are coming to be called now, the working poor. What is being done is not fair. How can one be expected to escape poverty when the majority of all of the wealth in this entire country is concentrated in the hands of just under fifteen families? They can't. Further, when a person is left with nothing because one percent of this nation's population owns ninety percent of its wealth, and they have to provide for their family, what else are they to do, just allow their children to starve? Many people turn to crime to survive, which causes conflicts with the police, and then backlash with the community. This creates more conflict, and eventually, the innocent become victims. Why did Alton Stirling have to die? It is very simple. He is a member of a poor oppressed minority that the ruling class means to subjugate. He was made an example of for the rest of the African American community. His death has added more fuel to the Black Lives Matter movement, though. If police shootings of unarmed African Americans continue, the protesters may begin to get physical. In Chad's sentiment, if you push hard enough, you eventually get pushback. That may be just exactly what is needed.....

Airborne Nation - "The Economics of Everything"

"I think that the world is in the middle of a huge transition that we have to make to renewable energy. We have to transition away from fossil fuels very, very quickly." - Josh Fox

"The Economics of Everything"

Chad P. Morrison, Monday, March 31,2014

We need to wake up. Our planet is calling out to us. We are living in a time when our detachment from this planet is killing not only us, but perhaps, an entire evolutionary history. We are killing the Earth. We cannot wait for help from outside. We must take this on as our own personal responsibility. We know our "so called" leaders have an iron grip on patents for sustainable energy that could save us. Every minute we sit idly by in fear, they succeed in destroying us for the sake of profit. We know they have the capital available to make us carbon free, but are not doing anything with it. We need to evolve past them.  We can do it. We just need to stand united and quit bickering over minor differences. We might even consider taxing them into the Stone Ages. This would quickly and easily garnish the needed investment funds.

"Supplemental" - Kent Allen Halliburton, Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Chad has made a very important point here, in company with Mr. Fox. They contend that the need to convert to renewable energy is dire and needs to be taken seriously. They, further, contend that the conversion needs to be moving at a lot quicker pace than it is now. Their primary cause for arguing this is that the Earth's environment cannot perpetually sustain the amount of damage that is being done to it by modern industrial production. Chad continues, arguing that the powers that be in the world economy are holding back investment on renewable energy sources intentionally because of the profits that can be made from continued investment in fossil fuels. This is all very correct, and the fevered pitch in Chad's tone is warranted. If human pollution continues at pace, our planet could be uninhabitable, for most higher forms of life, within a century. Our generation could very well be the great grandparents of the last human generation born to this Earth. This cannot be allowed to continue. We must do something. The quickest thing we can do is help to invest in renewable energy sources, and there are many to choose from. There is Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Hydroelectric Energy, Hydrothermal Energy, Wave Energy, Hydrogen Energy, Biomass Energy and more. It is predicted that if we were to totally convert to these types of energy within in the next fifty years, not only could we reverse the adverse affects of pollution on climate change, but we could power our cities for a nearly indefinite period of time. Now, we just have to light a fire up under the kiesters of those leaders of ours who can't seem to let loose the petroleum titty. Otherwise, the damage will continue, and we will run the risk of having nothing to leave to future generations.

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