Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Airborne Nation - "The Economics of Everything"

"I think that the world is in the middle of a huge transition that we have to make to renewable energy. We have to transition away from fossil fuels very, very quickly." - Josh Fox

"The Economics of Everything"

Chad P. Morrison, Monday, March 31,2014

We need to wake up. Our planet is calling out to us. We are living in a time when our detachment from this planet is killing not only us, but perhaps, an entire evolutionary history. We are killing the Earth. We cannot wait for help from outside. We must take this on as our own personal responsibility. We know our "so called" leaders have an iron grip on patents for sustainable energy that could save us. Every minute we sit idly by in fear, they succeed in destroying us for the sake of profit. We know they have the capital available to make us carbon free, but are not doing anything with it. We need to evolve past them.  We can do it. We just need to stand united and quit bickering over minor differences. We might even consider taxing them into the Stone Ages. This would quickly and easily garnish the needed investment funds.

"Supplemental" - Kent Allen Halliburton, Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Chad has made a very important point here, in company with Mr. Fox. They contend that the need to convert to renewable energy is dire and needs to be taken seriously. They, further, contend that the conversion needs to be moving at a lot quicker pace than it is now. Their primary cause for arguing this is that the Earth's environment cannot perpetually sustain the amount of damage that is being done to it by modern industrial production. Chad continues, arguing that the powers that be in the world economy are holding back investment on renewable energy sources intentionally because of the profits that can be made from continued investment in fossil fuels. This is all very correct, and the fevered pitch in Chad's tone is warranted. If human pollution continues at pace, our planet could be uninhabitable, for most higher forms of life, within a century. Our generation could very well be the great grandparents of the last human generation born to this Earth. This cannot be allowed to continue. We must do something. The quickest thing we can do is help to invest in renewable energy sources, and there are many to choose from. There is Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Hydroelectric Energy, Hydrothermal Energy, Wave Energy, Hydrogen Energy, Biomass Energy and more. It is predicted that if we were to totally convert to these types of energy within in the next fifty years, not only could we reverse the adverse affects of pollution on climate change, but we could power our cities for a nearly indefinite period of time. Now, we just have to light a fire up under the kiesters of those leaders of ours who can't seem to let loose the petroleum titty. Otherwise, the damage will continue, and we will run the risk of having nothing to leave to future generations.

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