Thursday, August 18, 2016

Airborne Nation - "It's Okay to Question the Government"

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." - Voltaire

"It's Okay to Question the Government"

Chad P. Morrison, Wednesday, August 5, 2009

For the past century, the government has done a lot of questionable things. It seems that there is always some group that they are trying to make out to be the enemy. First it was Native Americans, then the African Americans, then the Japanese, then Communists, then African Americans again, and now, it is everyone who claims the religion of Islam. This immediately qualifies them as being a suspected terrorist. This is not unlike the Red Scare. The only difference is the people who our government has chosen to oppress. We have to ask ourselves how far have we really come as a nation. Our history is wrought with hypocrisy. Are we really ready for universal health care. Well, I hope so. You see I rag on the government a lot. I do it because our government is corrupt beyond repair. I do it to keep them in check. Socialism is working in most of the affairs of Europe, so they say. Well, imagine a camera on every corner. Imagine the rise of pure fascism. They will say that it is only until the world stabilizes. It is just until the world changes back to normal. They say these things and then create the conditions to ensure those conditions are never met. For real to change to occur, the people, themselves, have to begin to change.

"Supplemental" - Kent Allen Halliburton, Thursday, August 18, 2016

Often times people are afraid of challenging the government for fear of criminal repercussions. They fear that if they speak their mind, they will wind up in some jail cell, in who knows were, with no idea as to how long they are going to be held there without cause or warrant. Well, guess what? It is time grow up and get over your fears. This may seem like a harsh way to say it, but the point remains that if we do not question our government, our government will take that as reasoning to not only continue what they are doing now, but also, to find new and more creative ways to draw even more resources out of us, and they will continue to operate in this manner until we have nothing left. It is at that time that we will find ourselves living in a fulling armed police state, were looking the wrong direction could get a person five to ten years in the local county lock up. For over a century now, as Comrade Chad points out, the government has been practicing, perfecting its methods, and preparing for the day when they will apply their learned methods and methodological strategies against all of us. We must question the government now, we must make them answerable for their actions now, and we have to shut down bad programs now. It is our duty as citizens to make these things happens. It is our duty as citizens to protect the integrity of this nation for the enjoyment of future generations. If we do nothing, we are risking losing that which we still have left. If we act now we run the risk of changing the world. The choice is ours, and ours, alone.

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