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Airborne Nation - "Real Terrorism"

"Some gave a lot, others gave it all." - Anonymous

"Real Terrorism"

Chad P. Morrison, Wednesday, June 10, 2009

On 9-11, three buildings in New York City were destroyed by a random, rogue, and isolated act of terrorism. On a daily basis, however, people are being killed south of our border in Mexico by drug cartels. Are daily, unprovoked, acts of terrorism directly across the border from us more dangerous to our nation, or is an isolated terrorist event that happened almost a decade ago more dangerous to our nation? Furthermore, Mexico is our ally, but I guess that does not matter when "terrorists" attack them. More than 80,000 civilian casualties have occurred in our so called "war on terror." Compare that with a few thousand in NYC on 9-11. Just who are the real terrorists in this situation?


Kent Allen Halliburton, Monday, August 15, 2009

Since the 9/11 attacks, the United States has been involved in the destruction of more lives than any other nation on the planet, and that includes the homefront. It is impossible to deny that. Yes, 9/11 is tragic, but so is the death of child in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and many other places, who had nothing to do with the attack. That is just collateral damage, you say? That is no excuse. Further, what of the soldier that kills himself because he cannot handle his PTSD? The number of military suicides per month is alarming. It is also true that the drug cartels in Mexico are a bigger threat to the American border region than, so called, "potential terrorists," living thousands of miles away. So, who are the real terrorists here?

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