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Airborne Nation - "Revolution and the Airborne Nation"

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." - Thomas Jefferson

"Revolution and the Airborne Nation"

Chad P. Morrison, Undated

Everything about your reality is a lie. The car you drive on lease, the house that you pay pay for or the apartment that you rent, even your job, which can be gone on a whim, if your employer has a bad day, are all lies. Everything you have been taught from childhood has been filtered through a rose colored glass. All you now know of history, both here and abroad, your definitions of right and wrong, and even the way you think, are lies. Once you realize you have become a lie, and are living in a nation of lies, where are you living? You are living in the Airborne Nation. You are in America. This nation is Airborne because most of its people are stuck in the clouds. When will we come back down to earth and get a glimpse at reality? When will see fit to help our fellow humans? When will we drop the lies, built up in this world of false dreams, so we can be our brother's keeper? The time is now. We must act before it is too late.

I once had a professor in college who kept a cartoon outside the door of his campus office. He kept a caption on it that read, "Welcome to America. Put your blinders on." This is true to point in every aspect of American life. We are blind to our own problems. We are blind to the problems facing our ever changing world. We are blind to our true selves. We are first and foremost, human, though we do not even really know what it means to be human. We are prideful sojourners on a hopeless quest for wealth, the mere prospect of which, does not really exist for most Americans. For our dream itself is a lie, the so called American dream. We are caught up in the propaganda of the wealthy aristocracy. They dominate our minds with false truths. It has become easy for them because most of us have forgotten that we have a self.

Through the last couple of centuries, and especially in the case of my generation, the real America has been forgotten. For, our religiosity, our hegemony, and our government have once again become our persecutors. We are at a crossroads in time, I hope. For, in due time, technology will enslave the masses. We let the government take many of our freedoms. We let them corrupt everything with their selfishness and greed. We forgot the treachery of men in power. Men in power are not like us. They are singularly driven by the prospects of wealth and more power. O' who could ascend to such a perch. Not I, for the desire to just be human is as close to being divine as a man can be whilst still in his flesh. Therefore, I desire not power, but equality, not wealth, but relationships. Such desires have substance and for me there is nothing else. We must now act for the sake of our freedom; else, all may be lost.

"Supplemental - Cult of Ignorance" - Kent Allen Halliburton, August 29,2016

As an experienced writer, one must admit that Chad's words here sound just as lofty as he accuses most Americans of being. They also come off as overly generalized; however, in the very same breath, one must also admit that there can be no deeper truth spoken about this country. Plain and simple, he is right on the money. His sentiment is exact, and there is a legitimate reason for why this is. It is the development of the American 'Cult of Ignorance.' Since the very first contested Presidential election, and in multitudes of local and national elections, before and since, American democracy has promoted the ascendance of the common man. While this, in its self, is not necessarily a bad thing, it has not existed alone. Traveling in stride with this 'Rise of the Common Man' political culture, has been a very intense culture of Anti-Intellectualism. From very early on in this country's history, common farmers equated education, 'high speak,' and measured deliberation with the elites that they sought to displace with their grass roots movements.

Andrew Jackson's presidency was an example of this rise. He was the first non college educated President, he was born to poor working class immigrants from Northern Ireland, and their wealth was found on the frontier, not on the eastern seaboard. Interestingly enough, his eight years in office were marked by rash decisions, 'common' judgment, and frontier justice. This mentality has not left our culture. It is still here; in fact, it has embedded itself deep into American political culture; so deeply so that people with high IQs and a lot of education sometimes find themselves culturally marginalized and accused of lacking 'common' sense. This 'Cult of Ignorance' has taken on a new role, however. No longer is it about the rise of the common man. Now, it is about controlling the common man. It is from this deception that the American people must awake. However, this time, it needs to be accompanied with an intense thirst for knowledge; otherwise, the cycle will only repeat itself. We certainly have a lot of work to do, and the time to get started on this work was yesterday.

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