Monday, August 22, 2016

Airborne Nation - "What About Haiti? Oh, That Was so Last Month."

"The American media wants to pump you full of fear." - Michael Moore

"What About Haiti? Oh, That Was so Last Month."

Chad P. Morrison, Wednesday, February 17, 2010

While it is good that the French are helping, I find it odd that Haiti has all but disappeared from our headlines. "Oh, Haiti, yeah, that was so last month." Put it this way. I had to do a search on Yahoo News this morning for a relevant article because of a PETA protest at the Westminster Dog Show. Please guys, I love dogs, but these animals are treated better than most of us, and then there was the Olympics. God knows what we need in the USA are a few more gold medals and a few less college degrees. Then, what of the rich starlet who lost millions on her home? You mean the housing crisis is actually taking someone rich for a few dollars? Finally, some good Karma. Get with it people, Haiti is nearly as bad as post-Hiroshima. We have our own political upheaval and economic crisis, and I understand that. However, when Haiti is still struggling to recover, and I wake up to Dogs in Devastation, Sports of All Sorts, and Some Rich Bitch loosing a couple of million dollars, it is very frustrating. Come on, people, this is killing me.

*Note: The article linked above is from 2015. It was chosen because the link to the 2010 article was no longer active.

"Supplemental" - Kent Allen Halliburton, Monday, August 22, 2016

The problem that Chad is making very clearly apparent here is Deflection. Essentially, the News Agencies, aka the Propaganda Machines of the Ruling Elite, have an amazingly sophisticated arsenal at their disposal. They have the television news, they have the internet, they have smart phones, they have tablets, they have newspapers, they have social media, and the list could go on forever. Through these media, they tell the public what is important and what to give their attention to. There could be a massive disaster going down, a revolutionary protest, a massive murdering spree, but if they do not want you to know about it or to cause public upheaval over it, they will flood their distribution networks with whatever it takes to take your attention away from the undesired but more news worthy occurrence. Just consider the massive series of workers strikes that have been threatening to bring the French economy to a halt. American new outlets have spent a scant amount of time covering the events, and when they do, they have always done their best to down play them as much as they can, to make them seem less serious than they really are. This happens every single day in the country. The only way that anyone can even get real news about the United States anymore is to follow the English version of foreign new agencies, like Russia Today. This is ridiculous but it is also, very clearly, being done on purpose. It is just one more of the many things that the American people have to bring to an end, but first, they have to quit listening to intentional disinformation that is being spewed by the American media. People, get your news from somewhere else. Forget the five o'clock news, they are not going to tell you the truth. Do your research. I mean really, if the French strikes were not really that big of deal, why would entire boulevards be blocked off by protesters looking for a reason to cause trouble. Just think on it, and make your own decision.

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