Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Death as Propaganda: Should We be Preparing for Martial Law?

"Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government." - Edward Bernays

"The propagandist's purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human." - Aldous Huxley

"Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind." - George Orwell

"Governments will use whatever technology is available to them to combat their primary enemy - their own population." - Noam Chomsky

        Of any election in my lifetime, the 2016 Presidential election has turned out to be one of the largest and most poorly played jokes that I have ever been a party to. It has been an insult to the intelligence of reasonably smart human beings, and to those that don't get it, or are just too distracted, it has been nothing more than a whole lot of useless background noise. However, for those of us that study this kind of thing, for those of us that get genuine entertainment value out of a good rigorous election cycle, and for those of us that actually take the governance of this nation very seriously, it has bordered on treasonous. Some might think that I say this because Bernie Sanders was visibly robbed of the Democratic Party's nomination, and though that would be a solid point to stand on, it is not why I am calling this particular cycle treasonous. There is another more sinister reason that I have in mind, and were it to ever be proven true, the whole of the US government could and should spend the remainder of their soul eternities in the deepest of the deepest levels of the most vicious nether regions available.
        See, I am convinced that there is a connection between the increased violence towards African Americans and the elites' politically predetermined and desired outcome in this election cycle. The Republican nomination was full of threats and bribes. The Democratic nomination was overwhelmed with legitimate claims of voter fraud and obstruction. Neither side did all that they could to hide these things because if they did, we would not have heard of them. However, the violence towards to the African American community over the past year, and the increased body count of unarmed citizen slayings at the hands of the police, mixed with these political circumstances, has me thinking. Would our government be sick enough to instruct local police forces to target a specific group of people for increased oppression, just to make a splash big enough that it might keep the rest of us from realizing what a highway robbery this election cycle has become? Further, what if the the thing being hidden is not actually the corruption of this election cycle? The outcome is already predetermined. The elites have set the stage for who they want to win. Hillary Clinton is going to be the next President, and how could she not be? Donald Trump alienates a different group of people each day. This tells me that there is something else going on here, and that our government would, in fact, be sick enough to do this because it has done so in the past, on multiple occasions.
        The government propaganda machine, and it can operate at multiple levels, that we are mixed up in, is so complex and sophisticated that it can micro target regions where increased propaganda needs to be delivered. Through the use of traditional television, radio, smart phones, and the internet, among other sources, the government has the ability to distract us from anything that they do not want us to see. This is not abnormal, as it happens all the time. Consider an example from a local radio station in Dallas/Fort Worth during the 2012 Presidential election. At a certain point, in the late summer, Barack Obama was polling very high in the region, to the point that he even made a campaign stop there. After his visit, his numbers when even higher. Almost immediately after this, a campaign to vote for DFW's hottest mom hit one of the local radio station's programming dockets. While at the same time, radio coverage of President Obama in the area dropped. For over a month, people spent more time looking at pictures of hot moms and less time worrying about the election. Then another poll was taken. The President's numbers dropped several points, while the ratings for the hottest mom competition were through the roof. Texas stayed red, and the local and state Republican Parties were kept happy.
        Admittedly, this is a bit of a goofy example. However, it is meant to point out the fact that when it needs to, the government can effect very minute details in the operation of society and the thoughts that go though our heads. So, now, back to the present. No one, unless they are very well paid, cares about Hillary Clinton as a person. She is widely believed, by both sides of the political spectrum, to be one of the worst criminal politicians in recent memory. The man that most people did want, got clearly robbed, and is now struggling to keep his political movement operational, while the Republican Party's candidate was a Democrat right up until he decided to run for President. This is visible to the intelligent, but there are many who can't or do not want to see it. They call us cracks. Now, normally, such weird circumstances would be hidden by the media, or a major event would be used to divert the people's attention from the rampant criminality that is most US elections. While I can clearly tell that a sophisticated media campaign is operating on us in rush mode, I am still not convinced that it is the primary weapon being used against us in this election cycle.
        So, here is where my thinking is going. The US government is about to drop some seriously heavy stuff on us after this ignorant election is over with. Before that, however, they want us to be aware of what is going to happen to people who question their authority, to people who challenge their rule, and to people who dare to exercise their sovereign right to resist a tyrannical government. The first thing they would need to do is militarize the police, which they have done. Then, they would need to disarm the populace, which they are trying to do. Then, they would have to target a community that is already accustomed to police violence, so that the initial response is minimal enough to prevent widespread riots. This, too, they have already done. After that, its just lather, rinse, repeat until the American people are clear on how they should behave when the government comes a calling. The real cover up is of what is coming after this election. That is what we need to be truly worried about. If this crap was not organized like this, why are their not FBI and Federal Marshal checkpoints in the African American communities with the highest rates of police spawned murders? Why is their not a massive central investigation into this problem yet? At least, that can be taken seriously? It is because the best is, unfortunately, yet to come. This comes off as seriously conspiratorial, but I am hard pressed to find anything else that makes a single bit of sense. We are being groomed to live in state of martial law, and worse, many people will not even be aware of it. Either way, good people have to stop what is going on, even if it means putting their own lives and their own liberty on the line. That is how serious this situation is, and really, always has been.

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  1. I have been viocing this for a while, and my ebook for sale on the internet: EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE, makes it quite clear. We need to get ready, and to be courageous, to get some food in our pantries, start to organize boycotts and other resistance, and be ready for extreme hardships. I have been incarcerated 11 months out of the past two years as a result of exposing much like this. Think about why things are happening- politics is the government's branch of entertainment- Frank Zappa