Thursday, August 25, 2016

Do Not Deny Us: The War On Our Ancestors

Religion is a vehicle that was used by primitive man to explain and define the natural events, course of life, and biological processes inherent in everyday life. Early man formed stories around campfires, crafted idols, and drew pictographs to explain and chronicle their lives. In those moments, humanity was ignorant of the science behind the mysteries of life and death. It was there that the tool was constructed that would be used to outright deny the deeds and accomplishments of our ancestors: religion. While these ancient religions and spiritual practices of early man are lost to us and certainly not connected in any tangible way to the modern world religions that loom over the planet and population; they do represent an element of human society and thinking: the creation of religious thinking to explain or deny things not understood. What helped our ancestors is now the weapon-of-choice for religious deniers to undertake cultural and legal warfare on their own ancestors.
Today, evolution is a dirty word that ranks up there in some groups of American society with words that we used to look up in dictionaries, that porn stars cry out, and cable television revels in using. The very idea of current human beings slowly changing over the course of four million years from an ape-like animal to us beautiful humans like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is downright repulsive and repugnant as rotten roadkill on an hot Texas summer highway. Hardline religious zealots, the non-educated, and the stupid feverishly craft their own self-image of history via the lens of their native dogmatic god and scripture.
They question the validity of Carbon-14 dating, the bones themselves, and fabricate a conspiracy worth of the attention of Mulder and Scully to cloak themselves in righteousness and praise of their fictional god. The truth, as uncomfortable as it may be, is that the human race is a product of a brutal evolution that warrants the respect and admiration of all humans living today. We should treat Lucy with the same reverence as dear old granddad and grandma. What these religious deniers are turning their back on is a beautiful, heartbreaking story of our primitive ancestors marching out of the African rift valley in waves to seek out greener opportunities which met with either success and continued survival or harsh failure via exposure, starvation, and a cold death.
When I gaze upon the maps of humans spreading out across the globe, or the bones of an human-like ancestor, or marvel at the ancient cave art; I hear the cries echo out from those relics not to deny their lives and sacrifice. While Christians, Jews, and Muslims cry and throw themselves to praise and worship their hollow fictional gods and morn (and queerly) celebrate the bloody deaths of their messiahs and holymen; they deny the sacrifice of their own ancestors that painfully marched to the lands we occupy today. Christians want to rewrite textbooks, force teachers to teach mythology that they regard as truth.
On the other side of the globe, extreme Muslim terrorists like ISIS are destroying important cultural archeological sites due to the fact that they believe it offends their fake god. But, they deny the ancestors that suffered to arrive in the land of two rivers. Every year, major religions and cultures celebrate their ancestors in events like Tet, Memorial Day, All Saints Day, Bon, and Dia de Muertos...but where is the worship and praise for Lucy or Otzi the Iceman? Don't cry and honor Jesus or Mohammad when you deny, dishonor, and outright attack the four million year old line of people that painfully brought you to this point in world history. They are who we are. We are them and they are us...bone to blood. We are all one family and it is time to not deny our lineage, but honor it, celebrate it, and teach it. This is who we are.

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