Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Schooling in the United States is Not That far From Brainwashing

“When you take the free will out of education, that turns it into schooling.” - John Taylor Gatto

Don’t believe everything that is taught to you in school. Schools are tools and easy instruments to brain wash our young ones. I personally would recommend looking up both sides of a story that is taught in school. Your teachers are just puppets used by our government to get you to conform to the state's program. Textbooks are not accurate. Why should we trust an educational system that does not teach the whole truth?

Our government does not want you to know the whole truth, therefore teaches you in school that there is no more truth to be known. If our government where to teach you the truth about American history, we wouldn’t be as proud of this country as most people are. Do you ever wonder how our country got so great? What happened on the road to making our country what it is in present day? Yea, well guess what. Our government tries to hide as much of that history as possible. Why didn’t we learn about the discovery of the new world from the perspective of a Native American? Why didn’t we learn about westward expansion from the perspective of both Native Americans and Mexicans? We didn’t learn any of this because of what our government did to these people. In class, we learned about natives attacking American settlements. But did we ever learn why? It’s because the government doesn’t want you to view westward expansion or the discovery of the Americas as us coming in and stealing land from these people forcefully. Why don’t we learn about slavery from the perspective of a slave? That is because our government doesn’t want us to know how horrible we treated these slaves. Why didn’t we learn about segregation from the perspective of an African American or a Civil Rights activist? That is because our government doesn’t want us to know how unfair and violent we treated these people. Why don’t we learn about how capitalism exploits the middle class and keeps money and resources out of the hands of those who need them most? That is because this government is run by big corporations that don’t want us to know how badly they are exploiting us.

Those teachers in classrooms are simply just puppets controlled by this government to help teach you all these things. When a teacher gets a job teaching a given subject, it comes with a pre written curriculum that they must teach or risk losing their job, so they become a wooden puppet with strings attached to their arms. The puppet masters are non-other than white supremacist, the church, corporations, and wealthy people who want you to be brain washed and want to close your eyes to what is really out there.

The textbooks provided to students by the federal and state governments are not accurate. Back in 2010, there was an uproar over proposed changes to social studies standards in Texas. Religious conservatives on the State Board of Education in Texas wanted to change the name of the Atlantic Slave Trade, a hideous disgrace on American history, to the “Atlantic Triangular Trade.” There were other proposals too, such as one proposal to remove Thomas Jefferson from the Enlightenment curriculum and replace him with John Calvin. Other ideas promoted in various proposed textbooks included the notion that Moses and Solomon inspired American democracy. Another said that in the era of segregation, lesser quality African American schools were a rarity.  Another suggested that the ancient Jews viewed Jesus Christ as an important prophet in their culture.

This is not a conspiracy. It is a proven fact. When you look up a school textbook online and take a look through it, you will find so many changes that it will hurt your head. Do not be fooled, it is all just a load of meaningless propaganda. I can’t trust an education system that will teach nothing but propaganda and nonsense to me and my future children. Leave in the comments what you think I left out or what you think of this article. All constructive criticism is welcome.

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