Sunday, August 14, 2016

Ugly Has No Meaning

“To be honest, I just think people are so genuinely beautiful. How everyone looks different and has different personalities and different little quirks and habits. It’s the differences that make us interesting. That makes us beautiful.” - Anonymous

        Ugly is something made up by people to make themselves feel better. It is an artificial construct that is designed to put some people over others. It's purpose is to separate the population into groups. Some groups you strive to be classified as a part of, and others you will do anything to stay out of, just because some person with a fancy name that lives over by the place, next to the thing, and has the stuff that goes pop, said it was ugly. However, has anyone ever just sat down and realized how truly ridiculous this really is. Ugly has no point of origin to branch off of. We can’t classify people as ugly, if there is no main source to compare the physical reference to. In other words, I can’t call someone ugly because I have nothing to compare that person’s appearance to as being the definition of ugly. It is a hollow concept. People can paint the air all they want, but at the end of the day, it’s still invisible.

"Divine Proportion" by Leonardo da Vinci
        In a lot of cases, people have tried to prove me wrong with the “Divine Proportion,” by Leonardo da Vinci. The divine proportion face is the theory of a symmetrical human face. A SYMMETRICAL FACE, not the most beautiful. He used it as a tool in some of his artwork, such as the Mona Lisa, to achieve the most proportional face possible. It cannot be used to compare someone’s face to true beauty, as it was created out of thin air as a tool for a totally mechanical purpose. As beauty is not a mechanical concept, this concept cannot be used to define what beautiful or ugly truly is. What I’m trying to get to is that the word ugly has no ground to stand on. It is often used as a filter to strain out all those that don’t fall into the category of “beautiful,” but when that filter is proven to be nonexistent, then almost anyone could fit into the category of "ugly," the opposite of what is considered acceptable. How healthy is that?

        Everyone is beautiful in their own personal way. We can’t put a label on people because everyone is unique and no person has ever existed before they existed. You be you, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Mission: Keep Your Smile is on a quest to change Society’s norms, so that they work for everyone. Keep your eyes set on your future, and help us end the hate. We are on this journey to make this world more accepting for generations to come.

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