Thursday, September 22, 2016

Anonymous Videos

Anonymous videos. We've all seen them. The crash of suspenseful music, some crazy-cool newscast-style graphics and then the familiar masked and hooded figure sitting at a desk threatening the world with a modulated voice.

But how effective are they? To be honest, I used to watch every one of them after the Snowden incident and get excited. "Oh man, they're gonna take out Capital One!" and "Holy shit! The world government is going to fall!?". "10 MILLION people showing up for a rally? I'm there, man!" But then nothing happens. That rally? The Million Mask March? Maybe 100 people showed up at the biggest location, and what about the imminent government collapses? It doesn't take long to recover from a DDOS, and a defaced website can be loaded from backup in under a minute after it's spotted. It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that the governments of Israel, Syria, Russia, France, etc can manage to function while their websites are down. They've operated for hundreds of years without websites and email.

After almost a full year with over 100 different videos coming out threatening everything from individuals and businesses, to entire governments and often mythical entities like the Illuminati, the NWO, and even God himself, nothing of any importance has really happened. We all want to believe that the world can be changed by the hacker. The "keyboard cowboys" of the world will come riding to our rescue and put right what went wrong, but when their battlefield is limited to "a series of tubes" that the governments themselves maintain and operate, what can Anonymous really do?

For one, you can dig up information and spread it. You can reach millions of people online, if you know how to market your information correctly; and in doing so, you can cause considerable shame and embarrassment to public figures. However, how many of them actually have the ability to feel shame? They've reached the positions they have by being ruthless, and they are backed by even more powerful entities who use them for their own gain. Can you ever truly shame a puppet? I can't imagine  how piling on more shame to the most bought-and-paid-for individual would affect them at all.

So, I pass over these videos now. They can be made by one person with some video editing software and don't even have to come close to representing the general consensus. I've actually seen one video directly threaten the makers of a different video before. The whole thing is just crying wolf. When you make empty threats constantly, nobody respects them, and after a while, people just ignore them. The creators of these videos need to understand that with each new video they put out, they are taking away just a little bit of respect for the movement.

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  1. I am of the opinion that much of what we are now seeing is not even coming from Anon.I think others are making imitation videos, perhaps even with the intent of causing people to lose respect.