Wednesday, September 21, 2016

End The Drug War Now

The time has come for some people to change their minds about the marijuana plant. It's time to admit you were lied to, so that other people could make a quick buck. You were used as a puppet to denounce this plant and anyone who uses it, and you were complicit in the imprisonment of millions of people, for nothing. If you still won't believe the truth, when at this point it's difficult to avoid it, then, I and most other people in the modern world, would prefer you just stowe it, so that the rest of the world can move forward without you.

Cower in your homes as the "marijuana addicts" finally win, and in a few years, feel incredibly stupid when nothing happens. Colorado is in the middle of an economic boom because of decriminalization, while traffic accidents and crime, across the board, have dropped. If you're still standing in the way of progress, it's not the plant that gets people bug-eyed. It's you.

You were bought, back in 1934, when William Randolph Hearst first learned that hemp made better paper than wood. You believed the racist lies he invented and lobbied congress with. You were convinced that black people smoked the "devil's weed" and raped white women. You watched the movies he funded like "The Devil Weed" and "Reefer Madness," and you believed the propaganda. You agreed that millions should be jailed like common criminals, and you helped ONE man continue his printing empire while the rest of the country descended into a drug war that stole our wealth, our children, our trust in the police, and our integrity. It was also just so ONE man could make a profit.

William Randolph Hearst

The drug war has ruined and ended more lives than the Vietnam War, Slavery, and the Civil War combined. It even rivals WWII, but nobody wants to talk about it from that angle. The numbers, when compared to things like slavery don't "feel" right to people, so they're dismissed. How many more good, innocent, people will we destroy before we stop asking "Why should we decriminalize?" and instead ask "Why should it be illegal?" and "Why was it ever made illegal in the first place?".

Once the war on drugs ends, and the only reason police have to accost and search people and enter their homes is gone, I foresee a new trust developing between the people and police. Frankly, I'm looking forward to it. I really want to trust and respect the police again, but marijuana decriminalization puts millions at odds with law enforcement because the police are required to enforce an unjust law. I can't trust the police because it's me who they're after.

It's ME who they want to lock in a cage like an animal, and all because I enjoy setting small bits of a plant on fire and inhaling the ash. That's it, that's my crime. I've picked a plant, and I've smoked it,, so that's excuse enough to kick in my door, shoot my dog, beat the shit out of me, and drag me off to jail. This, of course, is where I will spend thousands of dollars in court and lawyer fees to try and defend myself from men in suits who want to press me into modern slavery for private prison profits. This, all because I was in possession of a plant. They want hardened psychopaths to have sexual access to my body, and to thrust me into a gang-infested hole where I HAVE to join a gang just to survive. They're not arresting monsters, they're creating them.

This is the world we live in; where nature has become illegal. It, of course, quite simply does not have to be this way. All it takes is a choice.

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