Sunday, October 30, 2016

Superman is Dead, Long Live Batman

"Faith cannot exist without a measurable source of trust. Essentially, the object of one's faith must be a tangible entity." - Kent Allen Halliburton

Throughout history men have endeavored to be qualified to speak for God; they have put themselves in positions of power to minister to people, to have others believe that they speak for God, better than anyone else. This has flavored the world with the chase for 'right' (chasing Right), to be educated, to be learned, to promote the idea that 'I know better than you', because i have learned, because I am in a position of authority to tell you what to do.

The internet killed this argument for authority. On the internet no one cares 'who' you are, they only care about their own truth and how they can justify it. No matter who you are, you cannot promote truth by authority, especially if truth is supposed to stand on it's own. No authority on the internet will convince others that what they say is the absolute truth simply because of who they happen to be.

Superman vs Batman

Religious people put Jesus on a pedestal, to make him 'Super', but to promote Jesus as Superman, is just wrong. Such an act causes people to become selfish, less likely to act for themselves, and more likely to simply wait for Superman to 'Save' them. They do not realize that this is the real corruption, waiting for Jesus to come along and magically save you without first acting  for yourself.

Jesus is MORE like Batman, he is human, he is comparable to Batman, we have the ability to be batman ourselves, to relate to Jesus, an example to aspire to be like. The term Christian, or Christ-ian, means to be Christ 'Like', If one compares Christ to Superman, then this possibility is eliminated because human beings do not have the ability to obtain super human status. Expecting Jesus to be such a person only diminishes human's ability to be more like Christ because such a caricature treats him as though he was never human himself, IOW we treat ourselves like shit because we can't be like Jesus,

"Without understanding there can be no compassion, without compassion there can be no love." -Jung

With Jesus as Superman, we do not focus on understanding, we focus on waiting for someone else to help us. This is a recipe for apathy, to do nothing, to wait for Superman to save us, with this waiting, and our failure to step up, we let others determine the direction of our lives, we give our authority over to someone who does not have the understanding to tell us what to do. It makes people dependent on other people's authority, who then define 'who' they are, regardless of their 'frame of reference', IOW we buy into others judgement of us, regardless of our own experiences. This is the corruption which is rampant in churches. They promote individual frames of references as objective reality. However, your experiences are different than mine. Just because God would not do 'this' in your life, does not mean God will not do 'this' in mine.

Our relationship with should God should be a personal one. God won't show you what you do not need to know, and he does not shout 'I DID THIS' when he does something. People are left with 'Faith,' and faith is not objective. Faith is subjective to the individual. Faith is confidence in God, nothing more, nothing less. A person cannot have confidence in someone else's beliefs. One MUST have faith and confidence in God on their own terms. One's own 'Faith,' is just that, their own. YOUR FAITH IS YOURS, and my faith is mine.

Jesus leads by Example, just as parents are supposed to lead by example, not by trying to justify one's beliefs or by compelling others to believe the same as they do. This is not Faith, this is an argument for authority and justification for that authority. 'If i can convince others my beliefs are true that justifies my beliefs'. 'Because i said so', has never been a valid argument. This is also known as confirmation bias, which promotes cognitive dissonance and ignorance. To ignore anything that speaks against one's own faith, as if to argue, "My faith is better than your faith", is a sign of pure ignorance, to be a person who is intolerant toward to those holding different opinions...

This is one the subtleties of religion. It can be abused. When people do not allow God to Work, but rather, use the bible as a rule book, do as you're told or suffer, they limit God. Such doctrines objectify human behavior, as if the only true believer is one that is unerring, infallible, and that 'do as they're told' is the goal, Again, such an interpretation of the bible limits God, and does not allow for testimonies outside the Bible. God did not stop working with people after that book was compiled, He still works with people,  religion as a whole, has devalued this aspect by promoting the argument for their authority putting more priority and focus on doctrine than God, essentially, what right does a piece of paper have to take priority over listening for God? This creates pharisee's, or people who are more concern for doctrine than Jesus's message.

I have argued with many Atheists in the hopes of opening them up to the possibility that there is a god. When I do so, I share that Jesus's message was to HELP others who struggle, not to condemn them, not to point fingers at them to make them 'feel' wrong. Jesus saves by encouraging us to follow his example, like Batman. We are supposed to learn how to be that Superhero for others, not wait for Superman to show up and save us. WE ARE SUPPOSE TO BE BATMAN! Not Superman. We are supposed to be the Hero's, helping others with their struggles, not waiting for someone else to save us.

Schrodinger people
searching for worth,
Schrodinger people,
both right and wrong until measured
Schrodinger people,
convinced they are wrong, conditioned by Man, to see themselves as shame,
Schrodinger people searching for worth, being taught to be superman, and failing to fly,
reinforcing our lack of worth,
Superman is Dead.
We are our own Hero,
Be Batman.

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