Wednesday, November 9, 2016

This Election Came Down to Political Retribution and Political Opportunism

"I am really hoping that the 2016 Presidential Election is remembered in history as the point where the American Left Wing began to finally be taken seriously." - Kent Allen Halliburton

I did not want to vote yesterday. I did not want to interrupt my sleep. I did not want to waste my energy. I did not want to put my name on a ballot that I felt did not represent me or what I stand for. The thought actually made me a little ill. Luckily, for me, Dr. Jill Stein and the Green Party made it onto the ballot in Texas, so I was given a third option against Trump and Clinton. With this in mind, at a little after 8 A.M., I got up out of my bed, took a fresh shower, got into some nice clothes, put on my Father's old heavy leather jacket, and in the rain, walked up the street to my neighborhood polling place to cast my ballot.

Since then, Donald Trump was elected the next President of the United States. A racist, bigoted, sexist, narcissist, incompetent businessman will now be the President of the United States. Since then, I have also been accused, mostly by Clinton supporters on Facebook, of helping to make that happen. I would like to ask, "How exactly, do you figure, that I did that?" I live in Texas. A 'Liberal' Presidential Candidate has not taken Texas in a general election since Reconstruction, and that was under the threat of force from the Union Army. I could have voted for the desk clerk at the Hilton Regency in Downtown Dallas, and Donald Trump would still have taken Texas. I voted my conscience, as did many others. That is the purpose of American elections. If our consciences had allowed us to vote for Hillary Clinton, she may very well now be President-Elect. She is not. Let that fester if you must.

Here is how this was political retribution. Going into the 2016 DNC Convention, a great majority of the political momentum in the United States, which truly was running rampant, was pushing at the back of Bernie Sanders, who stood for everything that American Progressives love and dream of. This was apparently not his time, though. It was, apparently, actually the time for Hillary Clinton to rise. Even though the great majority of the Progressive Wing of her party made it clear that they did not like her and would not support her, Clinton was pushed passed Sanders. Worse, many people felt that it was done through nefarious means, intensifying their resolve to resist her candidacy. Either way, as this election has proven, Center-Right Democrats cannot win federal elections without the Progressive Wing of their party behind them. I hope they have learned this strong lesson; though, I seriously doubt it.

As for political opportunism, the reference must turn over to the Republican politicians who supposedly turned on Trump and his ignorance. This is referring to men like Senator Mitch McConnell and House Speaker, Paul Ryan, among others, like Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Jeb Bush. Trump has motivated the white vote that has remained at home in every major election since the collapse of Segregation. They crapped all over Trump while, at the very same time, they let him do what they could not manage to do themselves. Now, he has been elected, and all they have to do is rake it in, if they can manage to keep from screwing it up. The hope for all Americans should be that they screw it all up right out of the gate. Otherwise, this situation has the potential to be extremely dangerous.

The spectre of white supremacy is not something that I enjoy imagining, but that does mean that I should be required to compromise my personal ethics because the Democratic Party did not feel it necessary to listen to the Progressive Wing of their party, who had made it fairly clear that they were no longer willing to just swallow the DNC's swill. So, before anyone in the Democratic Party blames someone who made it clear as day that they were not going to vote for Hillary Clinton, for Hillary's loss, take some time to reflect on the reality that Bernie Sanders had a double digit lead on Trump, accompanied by a scandal free political record, going into the DNC Convention, and the Party Establishment forced through the candidate with barely a single digit lead and a laundry list of legal problems. This is just something to consider.....

Oh, and by the way, there is one last thing to consider. Trump was a Democrat right up until he decided to run for President as a Republican, and he was a heavy supporter of the Clintons. In other words, this could all just be a cleverly crafted scam to ensure that a secure set of social and economic policies will be enacted no matter which way the the national mood leans.

"If everyone in the world could be pleased, all at the same time, there were would be no drive to change all the horrible stuff that is going on in the world." - Craig Kent Marks

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