Friday, December 16, 2016

Corporate Morality is About Sore Winners

"Right to Work laws are a joke. Corporations influenced state governments to create these laws, and they manipulated the people into believing that not having to pay Union dues would be better than the protections that Unions provide for their labor. Right to Work laws mean one simple thing, workers have the right to work for less. It is as simple as that. Right to Work laws are in force to ensure that people will be happy with working for less than what their labor is worth, to ensure that people will be happy to accept that they have no choice but to live in poverty." - Kent Allen Halliburton

Once upon a time, Morality was about helping others to survive, to care about your neighbors, and to make that sure no one in your community was hungry or lacked the means to be productive. When the nation's population was smaller and there were fewer employees to draw from, if a person showed interest in a particular vocation, companies could afford to take the time to train them. A given boss could invest themselves in their employee's time and training to teach the employee the ways of the company. The thought was that when a boss invested time into an employee, they were building company loyalty.

Then a select breed of men created the Industrial Revolution, after which the banking, steel, railroad, and oil industries took over the country. The heads of those industries acted as though they had no moral compass, and it seemed that all they cared about was making money, at any cost. Their success created the modern moral narrative. They bragged about how much money they had, and used their money to gain influence and power. They showed how money can make people sacrifice their morality and their ability to care about others, all in the simple, mindless pursuit of money.

After the Industrial Revolution had settled into history and secured it's place in the American conscience, a corporate revolution took place. Some saw the examples that industrialists used to corner the market with their products. Their mentality was to takeover smaller businesses, thus eliminating the small guy, and making it so that no one would have a choice but to buy the products produced by big business. With this focus, came the 'Win at Any Cost' mentality. This has resulted in an American business structure that over encourages competition. Whereas, before the Industrial Revolution, the norm was to train employees to be the best, so that they could produce the best products. Now we have a society where people are expected to be the best with absolutely no training, even though, 'Experience Required,' remains the hiring standard. How can a person just starting out in the workplace get experience if no one is hiring people without any experience?

Add to that, the new Corporate standard that calls for the immediate termination of a person the moment that they make a mistake; whereas, in the past the the practice was to understand that everyone makes mistakes and then to encourage people to learn from their mistakes and do better. What happened to this narrative? Now, if you make a mistake in the corporate world, you no longer have a job. If you did well at your job, but have social issues, have a handicap or disability, or the boss just does not like you, you may soon find yourself terminated with little to no real excuse given to explain why you are now unemployed. Certain laws have given someone with a disability to sue a company for disability or handicap bias; however, for those with undiagnosed or hidden disabilities, the nightmare has continued. Proof is needed to show that a person has a disability. Thus, it would seem, companies have begun to focus on perfection. If you are not perfect or if you have social problems, even if you do your job well, you are going to be a target. You cannot have any issues with your co-workers, you cannot ask too many questions, and you cannot challenge the standard, unless you want to be a target for termination, regardless of how well you perform your duties.

The narrative has changed, from what once was a focus on building up the human to contribute to the company, and has given gave way to finding people that are already built up and already trained. There is a new focus on hiring the person who is who already the 'Best' person for the job and on trying to make this kind of competition a healthy thing. The hope is that this will make individuals strive to do better within the context of corporate morality, or the 'Win at Any Cost' mentality. What this has actually done his create a nation of Sore Winners. Corporate morality does not reward losers; it fires them, and the 'winners' shame the losers as if they themselves are immune to failure. Corporate morality has changed from helping others to succeed, to not giving a care for 'losers,' which creates serious issues for people as they get into management. They are so afraid of losing their job that they, then, fire anyone who shows even the slightest potential of taking their job.

Fast forward to today's mentality, where corporations complain about a lack of skilled employees. It is quite clear that the problem is that they have forgotten how to invest in employees with training and the like, to create loyalty, and to create an environment in which their employees are actually likely to care about their jobs. Corporations have switched to asking their people to sacrifice their own morality to help the company chase money. Failure to commit to this requirement, of course, now results in immediate termination of employment.

Any millennial with half a brain can see this. They see 'Experience Required' on all of the jobs that they are looking for. They KNOW they do not have any experience and need training. They know that getting a job is not a matter of  'do it yourself.' They know that there are a lot more considerations in the new narrative of 'Getting A Job!' However, a lot of people just do not care about 'winning' all day every day. For many people, all they really want to do is just survive. You do not need to be a winner to survive. However, the corporate mentality has made it hard to simply survive because if someone fails to survive, a new opportunity opens for another person to succeed in their place. This is the case, for only a while, though because if this new person makes a mistake, they, too, can be gone just as quick as the person that they replaced. This has created an environment where employees actively seek to get each other fired, just to get ahead. The drama that this creates in the workplace is unreal, as people lie about each other to get ahead, or to just keep their job. They point out other people's mistakes, they constantly blame others for work problems, and they never learn to take responsibility for their own actions, believing that to do so would run them the risk of losing face in the eyes of their employers, which could lead to termination.

Corporate Morality has created a society where everyone is shamed for making mistakes, shamed for being 'less than' someone else, shamed for 'losing,' and shamed for trying to have a moral code that conflicts with the corporation's desire to make money. Corporate morality has made it so that no one respects anyone any more. Attacking someone's character is no longer a reason to justify firing them and turning them into a loser. It is just part of the job. No one questions the reasons a person was fired anymore, in fact, there is no focus on reason, at all. Any boss can fire anyone for any reason, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. If you were ever fired from a job unjustly, you usually had very few options available to you to secure a just outcome afterwards. Yes, you can sue for your job back; however, if you somehow manage to get your job back, there is nothing that says that your company won't find another reason to fire you down the road. They can intentionally increase your workload until you fail to meet deadlines, or create a hostile work environment such that you find it necessary to quit to save your sanity. Where does this leave you?

This has all also helped to create a society where people are afraid to stand up for what they believe to be right. This is so because doing so could hamper their ability to survive, let alone provide at least a semi comfortable life for their families. Corporate Morality has influenced the government, and helped to get laws passed that damage the average worker's ability to survive, but also make them dependent on those same jobs for what little penance they can get from them.

They have created the narrative 'if you do not have a job you are worthless.'
They have created the narrative that 'poverty is your own fault.'
They have created a 'Do as you are told' society.
They have created a society where 'failure is morally Wrong.'
They have created a society where humans are worthless.

Corporate Morality is a Lie, and it is destroying our Nation,

If you have problems seeing this, look at who our new President will soon be. He has absolutely no character, at all. He believes that his ability to make money is all that the needs to be considered a 'Moral' man. He would also seek to create a Nation where the only moral imperative that still lives is the pursuit of profit.

We will soon run the risk of losing our Humanity.
It surely seems like many people deserve Trump.

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