Thursday, December 1, 2016

If You Care at All For the Truth, You Will Hear: A Message to the Faithful

"Without understanding, there can be no compassion. Without compassion, there can be no Love." - Jung

This election cycle was a scary one. Supposedly, lots of people voted for Trump, but just look at the numbers. The reality is that in total, Democrats only got the support of one quarter of all registered voters. The numbers were the same for the Republicans. What this means is that one half of all registered voters either voted for someone else, or did not vote at all. Last season only one third of registered voters voted President Obama into Office. This is higher than Trump's numbers, but only a little. What will be the margin of victory in the next election, one eighth? This is a sign of a serious problem in the American electoral system. Further, for those who voted for Trump, can you not already see how quickly he is backpedaling on all of the promises that he made to you?

How is not clear that no one is getting what they voted for? Does it not scare you that no candidate got a true majority in this election? Why do I include politics in my discussions? It is because politics can show, in full clarity, how intolerant people are of other people's opinions. American politics is great at showing how some people just refuse to hear reason. It shows how they will stick to their beliefs with extreme bias, despite seeing the truth right in front of them. It shows how they will believe anything, and will accept any justification, even the accusation that an opponent is 'less than human,' despite how badly such a statement is a violation of every human's natural cognitive abilities. It shows how they will accept biased judgments over reason, even when they are clearly aware that they are being deceived.

"If Anyone's character can be attacked, then who is left to hear?" - Unknown

When you, as a Christian, attack another person's character, you are telling them it is okay to attack yours. This does NOT spread the Word of God, and it goes against the most fundamental of Jesus' teachings, which basically means that you are standing against Christ.

Lots of politicians are screaming about how people need to get involved; yet, when those very people speak up, they are shamed and met with intolerance. No one wants to hear what they have to say. These are YOUR KIDS that you have raised to stand up for their beliefs. How can you justify shaming your own kids for failures committed by your generation? These days, kids are expected to be more adult than the adults, and there are many parents that teach their kids to be bullies by not listening to them, by punishing them for having different opinions, and by shaming them for alternative behaviors, without ever actually addressing the reasoning behind whatever so called bad behavior is being attacked. Parents care more about how their kids act than they do about their emotional state of being. This has created a new generation that feels they are not worth hearing, that their emotional state of being is not worth anything, and that the person who can shame their opponent the best wins. This is, basically, actively supporting the bully mentality, which creates repression, depression, and suicidal thoughts. This is how our society gets metal detectors in schools instead of new books, and teens that have no reason to participate in society because they feel like they have no right to feel. Finally, this returns to the reality that most parents care more about their children's behavior than they do their emotional state of being.

There are many people who claim that the United States is a Christian nation, yet I see no Christians. I see only guilt ridden people ashamed to be who they are, acting as if shame is the true God and refusing to hear the message of compassion that is the true word of Jesus. They kick anyone out of their club if they have an opinion different than them, and they find their sense of worth through their own efforts and blame others for their troubles when they fail to achieve fulfillment. They fail to take responsibility for their own emotional state of being and attack anyone who makes them feel bad, as if it is possible for someone else to physically control what they think. YOUR emotions are driven by what YOU think, not what anyone else says. How you react to what others say is YOUR responsibility, not theirs. Is is YOU who must choose to how react, not them. YOU are responsible for how YOU treat others. Jesus NEVER preached "Love your neighbor, except when they hurt your feelings. Then you can hurt them back, and not forgive them."  It is extremely selfish to claim yourself a Christian and then put YOUR feelings above that of another. Jesus says "for however you treat the least of my children, you shall treat me; for however you judge them, you also will be judged." To kick everyone out of your club because they do not believe the same as you do is asking Jesus to do the same thing to you. You will not be accepted into heaven because you could not find it in yourself to show compassion to the least of his children. When someone is new to something, they expect love and compassion, not shame and condemnation.

I am new to where I live, and I have been treated with nothing but shame and condemnation since moving there. I believe in God and Jesus and the lessons that they give on compassion. I have endeavored to learn as much as I can about God and Jesus, and nothing that I have learned says that it is okay to suppress other people's opinions just because they do not agree with someone else's preset doctrine. When one refuses to understand someone else's needs, they deny themselves the opportunity to practice compassion, as it is taught by Jesus. When one refuses to understand someone else's needs, to seek a broader understanding of the world, or refuses to hear other people's opinions, they shut people out of their lives and deny themselves the opportunity to learn and grow. When a person shuts other people out of their life, they deny God the opportunity to work through them and to reach out to others who are in need of God's helping hand. To refuse to understand is against God and Jesus, and qualifies you for the hypocrite label, which does absolutely nothing to help society, Your commission as a believer is to reach out to those who struggle and to show them the love of Jesus. How does judging and shaming them spread the love of Jesus? How does kicking everyone out of your club who does not agree with your interpretation of the faith spread the love of Jesus?

You have created echo chambers in your churches. You have made it impossible to learn and grow in the love of Christ. You persecute all those who do not agree with you, as if you know the word of God better than God himself. What good does your pride serve you? All it does is turn those you have persecuted and shamed against God. You have, in effect, declared war on Christianity. There needs to be a war declared against Christian bigotry, on Christians who persecute anyone who has a different opinion that they do, and against hypocrites that spread judgement and shame. There are more Atheists and nonbelievers that show compassion and love than there are Christians showing the compassion and love that Christ teaches.

Pence promotes himself as Christian, yet he is also promoting an end to the Separation of Church and State, by repealing the Johnson act, which prevents Churches from influencing politics. It is not as if this would matter, though, as the Separation of Church and State is also guaranteed by the Constitution. It is not something that can be legally done away with just because one person does not like it. In essence, he wants to create a Christian Sharia, or a state sanctioned religion. He is also promoting taxing the churches, which is, directly, prophecy realized. This 'turning away from God' in the end times is not caused by non-believers, but by the hypocritical believers searching for their own worth, who could care less about how others feel about themselves. The end times are brought on by the reactionary attitudes they encourage from non-believers. Just like the parent who spanks their child for bad behavior, they punish all who do not agree with them. They have taught the nonbelievers to be like they are. It is their own fault for creating the very society they fear. They are so busy being afraid of everything that they have made their fears reality.

"Do Not Judge, but be merciful, just as your Father is merciful." - Luke 6:36

"Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven." - Luke 6:37

"Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you." - Luke 6:38

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  1. Amen brother..... As an atheist that's a big statement. I have christian friends and they know I do not believe but they accept me with love and grace as their christianity guides them. I bow my head and say grace with them before a meal, it does me no harm, one should be thankful for a meal and good company. My athiest friends shock me at times by their lack of tolerance and manners as it seems fellow Christians shock you
    Cheers brother Squirrel... May your tree have many nuts for the long winter.. Good on ya mate