Wednesday, February 8, 2017

CNN - Most Recent News - Top on the Wire

1. Debating Obamacare's future, Cruz and Sanders detour to the past - Dan Diamond

2. Conway clashes with CNN's Jake Tapper on air - Aidan Quigley

3. CNN to Spicer: We are concerned about Conway's credibility - Madeline Conway

5. Mexican official disputes reported Trump troops threat in call with Nieto - Cristiano Lima

6. Trump vs. Obama: By the TV numbers - Alex Weprin

7. Pence: The media gave us no 'honeymoon' - Madeline Conway

8. Pelosi to Trump: 'I feel sorry for you' - Nancy Pelosi

9. White House ices out CNN - Hadas Gold

10. Trump threatens to 'send in the Feds' to Chicago - Cristiano Lima

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