Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Refuse to Cooperate Platform - Part 3

The Demands of Refuse to Cooperate

As Marxist-Leninists We:

1. Demand that all means of production be in the hands of the workers through a socialist state. This state should be organized into workers' councils with a centrally planned economy geared towards meeting human needs.

2. Demand an end to all systems of oppression such as white supremacy, patriarchy, as well as. discrimination faced by lgbtq people, and the disabled.

3. Defend the rights of all people to quality healthcare, housing, food, and education organized and managed by the workers through the state without economic obstacles.

4. Demand an end to the drug war, the use of prison slave labor, and police brutality.

5. Defend the rights of all nations to self determination and national liberation, including the right of secession. Accordingly, we demand an end to colonialism and the return of native lands to their rightful owners.

6. Demand an end to all imperialist wars of aggression and stand firmly with all those groups fighting against imperialism and with the working class globally rather than the working class of any one country.

7. Demand a complete end to all government spying on its citizens, public ownership of all internet bandwidth, and the creation of copyright laws that protect the individual while also protecting the free flow of information.

8. Demand total amnesty for all immigrants and an end to all aggression against immigrants.

9. Demand reparations and cancellation of debts be given to all victims of imperialism and colonialism including the families of former slaves and former and current colonies.

10. Demand aggressive action against climate change and environmental damage, as well as, The implementation of ecologically friendly forms of power generation, waste management, emission controls, and widespread public transportation.

11. Demand a rejection of liberal ideas of "free speech," as zero tolerance be given to reactionary opinions. Free speech ends where oppressive speech begins.

12. Demand the creation of a working class, mass based, internationalist socialist political party to enact these demands

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