Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Morality REQUIRES Taking Care of Others

"Without understanding there can be no compassion, without compassion there can be no love." - Jung

Morality REQUIRES taking care of others, not just those you like.

It's way past time for another Reformation, millennials are not attracted to the Church. Church is for the Old People, and without new converts and worshipers religion is dying. Long live God.

This is not a bad thing. It just means that people can now contemplate God without someone in their ear telling them that they are wrong, The church should not be a place to chase after authority. No one person knows what God wants in your life. This is between God and you. The Church is just a vehicle to share one's beliefs; it is not a place to dictate a specific way of life.

Millennials want to learn how to relate to others, They want to be responsible for their own decisions. They do not want to kiss the pastors butt to get grace and love. Where in the bible does it say to kiss the pastors butt?
The pastor is allowed to challenge us in our walk, but when we challenge him, we get censored? How does that teach others how to behave? All that does is teach people to cut anyone out of their life that does not agree with them. Jesus commissioned us to form relationships, to reach out to the 'Least' of his children, not to kick everyone out of the club that is difficult. This is how the Church is going Extinct. They do NOT want to reach out to the 'least' of us, they want an echo chamber, and anyone who does not believe the way they do, gets ostracized and made to feel bad.

How does this win Converts? "My way or the Highway" is wrong on all levels for the church. If you can't find the arguments to minister to those who disagree without shaming them, you are NOT promoting God, you are promoting your own beliefs. You can't get new believers by shaming them. Millennials are sick and tired of the Shame Mentality. Just because one can form an insult, does not make that insult True. Where does Jesus say to minister to people by shaming them? Just because Shame motivates you, does not mean shame motivates others. All it does for Millennials is piss them off, and drives them away from the Church.

I have visited like six churches in Montrose, and most all of them had more old people in them than young. This is a Red Flag that Montrose churches are doing something wrong. They are not even trying to appeal to the younger generation. It's like they do not care anymore, they just want their 'Safe Place' free of struggle and emotional challenges. They Claim the younger generation is lazy. Well, the Church is lazy because they do not want to change their ways to appeal to the younger generation. It's like they have given up, like they do not care that a whole generation is not getting ministered to. For them, it is easier to just go to church and watch the show, and to pretend to be 'Religious' by following the rituals, as if the rituals means anything. 

Then they shame anyone who has issues they want to address. When I share my disability, they try to convince me I do not have a disability. When I do not share the disability, they try to convince me how screwed up I am. Reactionary religion Does NOT make your case. Most people do not care what others have to say. If they disagree they get shamed. As is my case, no matter how I present my disability, the religious find a way to spin it to shame me. I can't help getting angry at this. It tells me that they do not reach out to others with issues, like the only ones acceptable in church are those that can hide their dysfunctions, those who pretend to be 'Perfect' without fault, without sin. What they do not realize, is that in reality, these types of religious people are called Pharisee's in the Bible, and Jesus preaches against these churches, and like Jesus, so do I!

You have shamed a whole generation and wonder why you can't attract Millennials, You have lost your way, you care more about obedience than ministry, you chase money and favors, as if that ministers to the young. The young that money Godly. The Church is supposed to build people up, not tear them down; they are supposed to teach people how to be responsible, not point out how irresponsible they are. Essentially, the church does NOT allow people to be responsible for their decisions. If their decisions do not line up with their 'doctrine' they are shamed, made to feel 'Less than Human,' made to feel like the 'Least' of them.

Jesus did NOT commissioned the church to objectify who the 'Least' of us are. You are Not commissioned to point at people and convince them how worthless and ungodly they are. To do this, only proves that you do not understand the Commission of Christ, and that you are trying to make yourself feel worthy, instead of trying to make others feel worthy. This self centeredness is obvious to the Millennials, and they can see the motivations are self centered within the church. Further, they do not buy into it. They are more educated than the previous generation and get turned off when you try to subvert that education by ignoring it to promote your own ideas of God. They understand truth better than previous generations. the Church should be open to Truth; but they are not, they do not allow themselves to hear from God if God does not present in the way that the church teaches. 

What they are failing to realize in their small world is that God is BIGGER than the church. God does not authorize the church to subvert God's work in other people's lives. God knows the heart and can work with it, even in the hearts of non-believers. So many times I have seen people be receptive to God, only to get 'turned off' from God by the pharisee's in the Church, trying to justify their own religiosity. "Look at me, i am following the ritual, God loves me for following the Ritual"....No..God Loves you when you give another a sense of Worth, not yourself. Jesus sacrificed himself for the poor and hungry, for those that need healing, he was not afraid to help others, he did not scream "I can't help you, that would take away your incentive to better yourself!"

Hypocrites, or those who call themselves Christian, will use any excuse to not help others get a sense of worth, as if they are worth more by promoting against helping others. Morality REQUIRES taking Care of others, NOT just your Friends, or those who contribute money to the church, but anyone who is need. Chasing money is against what Jesus preaches. A person's worth is NOT dependent on how much money they have, in fact Jesus preaches against chasing money and kissing the butts of the rich. Appealing to those with money is not moral, and shaming those without money is WRONG on all levels according to Jesus.

And now to present an idea.....

Every church I have ever been to, has one man trying to teach God. This is unfair to that man, as it puts the burden on only one person to be 'responsible' for others emotional state of being. They do not teach people to be responsible for their own emotional state of being so much. There is A LOT of pressure on the pastors to NOT offend anyone, as if he can control how others feel. Now this is not an idea for one man. This is an idea to get more than one man at the front of the church. A lot of pastor complaints I have heard is that the congregation is only there for the show. So OWN that, put on a show, have more than one person up on stage during service. Show that there is more than one path to God. Show people HOW to disagree, not how to persecute anyone who disagrees. At least two people on stage during service has the potential to show people how to disagree. Reinforce this with Bible Study. 

IMO Bible Study is where the Magic happens, where we have the opportunity to form relationships and teach people how to disagree. The Service should be a draw to encourage people to attend Bible Study. Bible Study is NOT supposed to be a mini service, it is BORING listening to one man as if they are supposed to know God better than anyone else in attendance, as if they are the only authority of God in the whole room. God gives us each a piece of the puzzle, We will never be able to see God, if we are fighting over who has the 'best' piece of the puzzle. God gives us each a piece, it is through sharing that we see more of God, not by persecuting those who do not believe the same, not by kicking anyone out of the church who disagrees. Working together with one another is the best way to see that in reality, we are all small pieces of a greater puzzle.

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