Saturday, June 17, 2017

Refuse to Cooperate - Destroy White Supremacy

In this video, I identify Race as an Artificial Social Construct that is used by the American Ruling Class to keep the American Working Class divided.

The White Race itself is a False Dichotomy. This is evidenced by its invention in the 1620s and formal codification in the 1640s.

Further, I address White Supremacy as a plague that can and must be destroyed. I argue that the process can begin with regular people who refuse to accept the identity.

I, for example, will forever identify as a Celt. On job applications, college applications, and anywhere else where I am asked to identify myself, I will identify myself as a Celt. I even plan to put a Celtic tribal tattoo identification on my face some time in the future. I will also be growing my hear and beard out to match.

The real kicker, however, will come in social situations. Here is a very serious warning to all pail skins who will see fit to continue identifying as white people. When you act like a racist prick in public, I will side against you. Your skin tone means nothing to me. It is your heart and soul that matter to me. So, be prepared to feel awfully alone if you feel it necessary to seek white pride allies.....

That being said, hopefully, we can all learn to get along, hopefully.....


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    1. Perhaps, if you were to rephrase your opinion on this matter in a way that was more productive, I would be more willing to discuss your opinion and less likely to delete your comment.