Saturday, August 26, 2017

Refuse to Cooperate: Two Years Out

"We are not going anywhere, we are here to stay, and we will remain here until it hurts so bad you are forced to listen to us. We are taking a goal line stance for justice against fascism. This is why we are called Refuse to Cooperate." - Kent Allen Halliburton

On August 26th, 2017 the Refuse to Cooperate blog turned two years old.  It now boasts a Facebook group with over 7000 members from around the world, its blog has over 212,000 views, it has a total of over 250 articles, its Facebook fanpage has over 1,700 likes, and the brand is spread across a total of eleven different social media outlets.

Over the period of the past year, the blog has moved from a position of liberal pacifism and an upholding of the free market of ideas to embracing a Marxist-Leninist revolutionary position rejecting liberalism as the ideology of capitalism. Throughout this period, we have lost a few old members mainly of a liberal or Trotskyite persuasion, and gained some new blood, Cody Coffey, Kristoff von Eichelhardt, Curtis Gray, and Robert Caldwell. These men are also now strong leaders within RTC. Kent Allen Halliburton is; of course, still the leader of the organization.

These leaders, made up of admins of its Facebook group and writers for the blog have formed a central committee called the Bolshevik Centenary to direct the group and its development, with a stated goal of exposing people, especially disgruntled liberals looking to move Left, to authentic Left wing politics, to debunk anti-communist rhetoric, and  to defend the working class from ideologies that might lead it back into the fold of capitalism, conspiracy theories, pseudoscience, reformism, and electoralism.

So, here is it how goes. If you are a Neo-Confederate that has somehow found your way into this group, LEAVE! If you are a Neo-Nazi, who mistakenly squirmed your way into this group, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME! These are the obvious ones, the ones that can be seen clearly. Let's look more deeply, however. If you are someone that pushes the Free Speech Argument, saying that maybe they would not be violent if their voices were heard, THEN YOU TOO CAN LEAVE! They made Free Speech irrelevant the moment they used hate and violence to push their message.

Here is the hardest edge that you will walk in this group from this day moving forward. The Alt-Right, and all of its Constituent Parts, has shown to what extent it is willing take the fight to make sure that its own cause is forwarded. They, even now, have people preparing to fight it out in the streets against against whoever wants to bring it. From this day forward, it will be the open and clear policy that Refuse to Cooperate is in full support of any an all groups that are willing to hit the streets and knock heads with the Alt-Right. IF YOU, OR A GROUP YOU ARE A PART OF, DISAGREE WITH THIS POLICY, YOU TOO CAN LEAVE! PUSH THE BOUNDARIES, AND YOU WILL BE BLOCKED!!!!!

Refuse to Cooperate will not be party, in any way whatsoever, to a Fascist, Alt-Right, Neo-Nazi, Neo-Confederate, or any such triumph of any kind. This includes so called "Liberals" who are afraid to pick up a stick and fight back. If we are going to make any difference in this world, we have to be willing to take a goal line stance against evil when and where it rears its ugly face and then smash it into oblivion.

From here we aim to expand our membership base, to push it towards radical politics, toward real world activism within existing socialist organizations, and towards the building of a mass party within the imperialist core.

Finally, Refuse to Cooperate intends to use its blog as a tool to forward its purpose. Below are listed some of the top posts from the past year.

1. Jesus Christ: Socialist? by Christopher Williams

"To start: I am a Marxist-Leninist, not a Christian. With that being said, I can't help but love the figure of Jesus Christ in the Bible. In Christ, I see a fellow revolutionary, a radical community worker helping the oppressed at every point and pointing people to a new and better world. Now, I am not going to make the absurd claim that Jesus was a Marxist, as Marxism is socialism rooted in science and materialism; whereas, Christ's politics are rooted in religion and idealism. I will, however, argue that Christ's teachings are compatible with a religious based socialism utterly opposed to capitalism at every point, and thus, his followers must be also to be true Christians. Further, I will do it in Christian terms. All of the biblical quotes will be taken from the New American Standard edition of the Christian Bible for the shear literal nature of its translation." - Christopher Williams

2. Reformism: The Fair Housing Act of 1968 by Kent Allen Halliburton

“We can move in that direction as a country, in greater polarization, black people amongst blacks, and white amongst whites, filled with hatred toward one another. Or we can make an effort, as Martin Luther King did, to understand and to comprehend, and replace that violence, that stain of bloodshed that has spread across our land, with an effort to understand, compassion and love.....What we need in the United States is not division; what we need in the United States is not hatred; what we need in the United States is not violence and lawlessness, but is love and wisdom, and compassion toward one another, and a feeling of justice toward those who still suffer within our country, whether they be white or whether they be black.” - Robert F. Kennedy

3. Reformism: The Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977 by Kent Allen Halliburton

"Pollution is a serious one. Water pollution, air pollution, and then solid hazardous waste pollution. And then beyond that, we also have the resources issue. Not just water resources but other natural resources, the mining resources being consumed, and the destruction of our ecosystem." - Ma Jun

"My great-grandfather was a coal miner, who worked in Pennsylvania mines when carts were pulled by mules and mines were lit by candles. Mining was very dangerous work then." - Tim Murphy

"It seems ridiculous that the same questions keep coming up in political debates over and over again. Should we continue to use fossil fuels? Should we continue damaging the environment mining for these raw materials? When their is enough technology to answer these questions with a resounding no, why are these questions still being asked? It boggles the mind that the entire planet is not being run on wind, solar, and geothermal power, as we look up to clear, clean, pristine blue skies, and swim in and drink pure, clear, spring quality water." - Kent Allen Halliburton

4. The Amerikkkan Empire by Christopher Williams

We are taught many things growing up in the US. That we are a great country, a "city on a hill," we are taught from birth the great lie of our own basic righteousness, that Amerikkka is the "land of the free, home of the brave," that we are one nation, a "melting pot," that our troops and police are "serving their country," that whatever problems we face can be overcome with individualism, and if things are shitty, now we can always look to our glorious past to when things weren't so shitty. If only we can get back to our quintessential Amerikkkan values. Certainly conservatives and social liberals argue about what that great Amerikkkan past was, that fundamentally good Amerikkka was but they both really do want to "Make Amerikkka Great Again."

Here's the thing though: Amerikkka has never been anything but an evil expanding empire. You can't see it because you benefit from it, you and are taught that it is good and holy from birth. You say things like "we need to support those that serve our country," but calling the US a "country" is such a terribly misleading euphemism. Whenever you find yourself calling the US a country please make sure you replace all instances of country with the word empire. It is only so much more honest. Think how that changes things. Suddenly the troops are "serving our empire," doesn't sound quite so benign and easy to support when you put it that way does it?

5. A Date With the Pavement by Kent Allen Halliburton 

As the Founder of Refuse to Cooperate, I usually do my absolute very best to keep my composure when I share in this group or publish posts to this blog, no matter how controversial the post is. I say this because I have not spent twelve years in education to obtain four college degrees only to sink to a mental level that is far below that which I have become accustomed to. I have spent time establishing a particular reputation, that of a well educated but humble academic, and I would like to maintain this presentation because I believe that it is the most accurate representation of my persona. Forgive me if this sounds conceited.

Having said this, allow me to begin. This crap is one of the purest insults to my intelligence that these ignorant stink-baits could possibly make. One of two things is happening in this image here. Either they are really and truly this stupid, or they are assuming that I am this stupid. Both make being an American look bad to a world that already has too many reasons to hate this country, and both really irk my girken. This is the Twenty-First Century. Do I really have to sit back and admit that I live in a county that is this far gone? This makes makes me ill. It makes me want to vomit up every civics course that I have ever taken like I ate bad Kung Pao Chicken. It is embarrassing, and it is a stain on my conscience. Face palm.....

Listen up, Brad and Becky, from wherever you are from in the South, rich, middle class, or, poor, you lost first! Your ancestors who lived in and died for the Confederacy fought to uphold the institution of slavery, and failed miserably. Then, after Reconstruction, the period in which the Union Army kept your kind in line in the South, was put to an end by the birth of the KKK, Jim Crow was born. Well, guess what, Jim Crow died too. From the 1950s to the 1970s, it took its dying breadth as first the Supreme Court, then then the Congress, and then Social Justice Organizations like the Black Panther Party for Self Defense put it to rest. You just can't seem get your get your gear together.

As of late, it would not seem possible, but you can also toss in World War II in with this ordeal, as Neo-Nazis and the Alt-Right have begun to rise in the United States. Are you seriously bloody kidding me? Do you really want me to blow a fricking gasket? An entire world was at war from 1939 to 1945 in the fight against Adolf Hitler and his Fascist Alliance. There were registered Communists in the United States who were granted pardons for their participation in actions against the US government in exchange for their enlistment in the US military, and how did that affair turn out? That's right! The Fascists just somehow could not find a way to pull out the W. Rather, what actually happened is that they got their rear ends handed to them in a beautifully stitched basket with a nice red bow placed on it for decoration.

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