Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Amerikkkan Empire

 Pictured here, Dutch and English settlers unite to slaughter the Pequots on the island of Manhattan in 1637. This image was take from: Sakai, J, The Mythology of the White Proletariat from Mayflower to Modern (Kersplebedeb: New York, 2014).

"There is an old Yank who lives in a shoe
Covered all over with red, white, and blue
His family is large and still growing bigger
The result of good work in snapping the trigger."
- "Judge" Magazine, 1898

“Indians and wolves are both beasts of prey, tho’ they differ in shape.” -George Washington

“The immediate objectives are the total destruction and devastation of their settlements and the capture of as many prisoners of every age and sex as possible. It will be essential to ruin their crops in the ground and prevent their planting more.” 
- George Washington

“This unfortunate race, whom we had been taking so much pains to save and to civilize, have by their unexpected desertion and ferocious barbarities justified extermination and now await our decision on their fate.” - Thomas Jefferson

“If it be the design of Providence to extirpate these Savages in order to make room for cultivators of the Earth, it seems not improbable that rum may be the appointed means.” - Ben Franklin

We are taught many things growing up in the US. That we are a great country, a "city on a hill,"  we are taught from birth the great lie of our own basic righteousness, that Amerikkka is the "land of the free, home of the brave,"  that we are one nation, a "melting pot," that our troops and police are "serving their country," that whatever problems we face can be overcome with individualism, and if things are shitty, now we can always look to our glorious past to when things weren't so shitty. If only we can get back to our quintessential Amerikkkan values. Certainly conservatives and social liberals argue about what that great Amerikkkan past was, that fundamentally good Amerikkka was but they both really do want to "Make Amerikkka Great Again."

Here's the thing though: Amerikkka has never been anything but an evil expanding empire. You can't see it because you benefit from it, you and are taught that it is good and holy from birth.  You say things like "we need to support those that serve our country," but calling the US a "country" is such a terribly misleading euphemism. Whenever you find yourself calling the US a country please make sure you replace all instances of country with the word empire. It is only so much more honest. Think how that changes things. Suddenly the troops are "serving our empire," doesn't sound quite so benign and easy to support when you put it that way does it?

So, is Amerikkka actually an empire? Not only do I say yes, I say it has been so from day one.  Those 13 colonies were an invasion force, a conquest by the British empire. One of the reasons the Amerikkkan colonists revolted was because the British were trying to limit the invasion of colonists into even more native lands deeper into the west which caused considerable unrest.  When those colonists broke away they took the imperial spoils for themselves and began their own empire, immediately beginning the rapid invasion, genocide, and conquest of native nations, which they euphemistically entitled "Manifest Destiny." Is there any more clear definition of an empire than a nation that conquers and dominates other nations?

You might say, "oh but this is the past, we aren't perfect but we've learned from those mistakes". Oh you have? So you've given back what is stolen?  You've actually made amends? The Natives have control of their land again? The empire is over and gone? Its not even now dominating and exploiting nations around the globe?  The various indigenous and black nations within the US have been granted their right to self determination? The wealth sucked from the labor of black slaves has been given back in reparations? You didn't learn anything but to apologize in cheap and empty words. You think the rise of racism and Trump is a fluke that came suddenly out of nowhere in the otherwise beautiful US of A? You've been living in a bubble. Welcome to reality. What the rest of the world and oppressed peoples have known for ages.

Of course, its all been one unbroken line, once the conquest of the natives was complete, the US turned its gaze to other lands, interfering in one nation after another, conquering Hawaii, the Philippines, a whole host of island territories, and what it did not conquer outright was converted into neo-colonies, or puppet regimes to serve the empire fueling it with resources and cheap goods to keep its ruling classes pleased and its upper working class pacified and loyal.

And so we continue the lies, comfy euphemisms designed to hide the imperial nature of this country, we speak of settlers and pioneers when we should be saying conquerors and invaders. We call ourselves a "nation of immigrants"  when we aren't one nation but several and when almost none of us are actually immigrants at all. Natives aren't immigrants, they were already here, the black nation aren't immigrants, they are the descendants of kidnap victims,  the Europeans aren't benevolent immigrants, they are the descendants of invading colonists, and the Europeans who came after are just more white people looking to partake of the spoils of empire. The rest of the nonwhites coming here are mostly refugees displaced by the empire's policies in central and south America, the mideast, and Asia.

We can't be a melting pot when a good chunk of the nations in Amerikkka were included by force, had their cultures intentionally annihilated, and were turned into cheap toys for whites to wear as costumes.

Sorry, no we aren't all in this together. There is a reason why other countries the world over see Amerikkka as the greatest threat to world peace. Its because they know an empire when they see it. Do you?

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